The free online tool allows users to create PPT online to present the ideas to people all across the globe and no longer be limited by compatibility issues with the audience’s operating systems or devices.

Presentation creators waste countless hours preparing slides that look good on different operating systems or devices but still can’t be sure that the receiver will not have any compatibility or formatting errors. Viewing presentation files can also be difficult for users who don’t have access to PPT or other proprietary software. Using specialized platforms like SlideHTML5, however, prolific presenters can share their ideas publicly while maintaining formatting integrity by creating an HTML5 based PPT online.

SlideHTML5 is a revolutionary online presentation maker—it lets users create and edit PPT online without downloading any software and then instantly publish them to the web, share it via email or share it on social media. The platform also offers customized solutions that allow users to present their content to global audiences online.

“When you prepare a presentation, you want to share it with the world — and why shouldn’t you? SlideHTML5 makes it simple to present ideas in an interactive way that can be viewed on any device. It’s perfect for teachers, marketers, and advertisers: whether you’re creating a PPT online for classroom use, collaborating with others on a project, or sharing product ideas with the world on its cloud hosting platform. You can always be sure that they’ll see the same presentation without any errors,” says Winston Zhang, the CEO of SlideHTML5.

Ease of use is a crucial factor when it comes to tools like these. People know that using a new tool often requires some technical skills—but that’s not the case with this platform, which lets users get started in few simple steps: Simply upload a PPT, allow the platform to convert into PPT online, pick a category and search keyword terms and publish it on the platform. The standard PPT file will not be shareable via a single link and QR code.

The conversion process of PPT online is flawless, and no unwanted changes like missing animations, font changes, decreased picture resolution happens to it. The platform’s targeting and interest-based features like the inclusion of keywords to boost its SEO friendliness allow users to reach the right audience with the presentation.

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About SlideHTML5

SlideHTML5 offers state-of-art digital publishing solutions that convert PPT to HMTL5 online presentation easily. A free online presentation maker for an exceptional way of presenting content. Make interactive online presentations that impress, inspire, and connect.