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As the spread of COVID-19 is still on the rise, there is a massive demand for VTM kits to gather and transport viruses from one location to another in the medical industries and hospitals. Most importantly, the sudden rise of cases has increased the demand for testing kits more than ever. 


Catering to the Need for VTM Kits


The accurate diagnosis of COVID-19 viral infection mainly depends on the collection of adequate specimens and proper care to safeguard the virus from being spread into the surrounding restrain its activity. In the view of the current pandemic of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and unmatched growing demand for SARS-CoV-2 testing in India, Pathkits strive to tackle the shortage of approved specimen collection device like VTM Kits for respiratory viral testing in diagnostic labs. 


Pathkits is one of the leading VTM kit manufacturers in India that has successfully delivered more than 1.2 CR Kits to Karnataka. With time, they understood the severity of the situation and tried to contribute by manufacturing good-quality and affordable VTM kits and enabling the safe transfer of virus for diagnostic reasons. Having advanced technologies and a huge crew of medical professionals, the company aims to deliver top-notch quality testing kits to help perform safe testing in the entire country.


Quality VTM Kits Available For Safe Testing


It’s a known fact that Viral Transport Medium Kits (VTM Kits) are peculiarly formulated device mediums to help collect and transport viruses, assuring that the prime viability of the sample is well-maintained. Pathkits ensures to follow all the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines and norms on the quality control of Kits. They have ensured that the collection devices are meeting all the quality standards to deliver accurate results without any errors. 


The quality and performance of their collection swab and VTM Kits are tested and approved clinically for utilization of specimen collection from COVID-19 patients. They are well-designed with an objective to control microbial contamination and absorb for the efficient control of pH. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Pathkits aim to adopt a flexible and streamlined approach towards delivering and maintaining sufficient VTM Kits, RNA isolation kits and RT-PCR kits for safe and effective diagnostic testing. With superior quality products, they will continue to contribute to tackling COVID-19 cases across the country.