Financial illiteracy leads to poor financial choices and investment mistakes, which could result in difficult situations for poor households. To provide financial stability to a larger audience, The Government of India had introduced Jan Dhan Yojna, a scheme aimed to tie every Indian in the rural or urban sector to the mainstream banking system by providing at least one bank account for every household. To promote the initiative, Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation conducted a Jan Dhan Drive in Chunabhatti on 20th February 2021 to help the economically weaker sections of the society and instructed people about the most significant benefits that Jan Dhan Yojna offers to the citizens of India.

The drive started with a short talk by Ms. Sufia Khan who serves as the Director for Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation, she walked the audience through the benefits of Jan Dhan Yojna and encouraged them to open a bank account under the scheme. She spoke about how people have very little or no knowledge in managing their personal finance, which may become a cause of poor investment decisions. Our Director also spoke about various benefits to open a Jan Dhan account and encouraged people to avail benefit from various initiatives, insurance schemes, loans & advances provided by The Government Of India.

“Our key mission is to ensure people from all segments of the society can access the beneficial scheme provided by The Government Of India. Opening Jan Dhan accounts is one such step in helping people in need.”
– Ashwin Malik Meshram, Chairman, AMM Foundation.

As part of the programme, the volunteers assisted 200+ people in attendance in filling up the required documents and consulted on the issues faced by the people who do not have adequate documents to open a bank account. Attendees of the drive were also informed about the government investment schemes that people can benefit from and how to smartly invest in those avenues.

Sanjeevani Jagdale, an attendee of our drive comments, “We live in a society where importance to financial literacy is given the least importance and therefore, we make poor investment decisions. AMM Foundation is playing a vital role in order to come together with us and helping us to gain financial knowledge and get benefited from various government schemes & initiatives.”

About Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation

Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission of creating a brighter future for everyone in society with a key focus in the sectors of Education, Employment, and Healthcare. At Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation, we believe in working towards a brighter future. We work at the grassroots level to help improve educational facilities for the children and youth, assist them by facilitating job opportunities and provide them access to quality medical treatment and facilities. We are a group of highly motivated and compassionate individuals dedicated to working towards providing the underprivileged with a chance at education, employment, and quality healthcare.