Freedomsoft is a Real Estate Investing Software that is designed to help investors grow and operate a successful real estate investing business with the click of a button.

Wholesaling Houses Info, a blog that specializes in Real Estate Wholesaling, has released several pinpoints of Freedomsoft review. Freedomsoft is a Real Estate Investing Software that focuses on real estate wholesaling. Real Estate Wholesaling is a short-term strategy in the real estate business to make a profit. With this method of short-term selling property, the investor can gain profit without owning the property. A wholesaler makes a contract with the seller then he makes a profit by finding a buyer willing to pay cash for the property at a higher price.

Freedomsoft real estate software, at present is one of the real estate investment software that is widely discussed by real estate investors. According to Wholesaling Houses Info, Freedomsoft software offers rich features and turnkey solutions for all levels of real estate investors. The following features are included in Freedomsoft CRM software:

  • Website builder – Website builder, allowing the user to create a real estate website to attract customers.

  • Daily seller leads – This feature allows users to get access to daily leads of people who are looking to sell their properties to investors.

  • Complete email marketing system – Email marketing system is a timesaver feature to send pre-made emails to thousands of email addresses.

  • Automatic property valuation software – The software will provide reliable current market value of the property.

  • Easy to use REI contract generator- Freedomsoft includes an REI contract generating system.

  • Social media integration- Freedomsoft is integrated with social media sites to post a message.

  • And many more.

It’s said on the FreedomSoft review that this software is not only good for wholesaling types of investors, but it’s also suitable for other types of property investors; including realtors, fix’n flip investors, and buy and hold investors.

After reviewing the features and discussing the types of investors who are suitable for this real estate software, J.R. Medrano, the founder of Wholesaling Houses Info, also discusses the PROS and CONS of Freedomsoft. After using Freedomsoft, J.R. Medrano has underlined some good points such as this is a friendly software, anybody can use it without difficulty because it includes step-by-step tutorials. The Freedomsoft real estate software is an all-in-one solution to succeed in the property business. The software comes with a 30-days-warranty, giving the users peace of mind before purchasing this remarkable software.

After discussing the PROS of the software, J.R. Medrano also discusses the CONS and Conclusion.

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