March 24, 2020 — Houston, TX – 24, Mar-2020 – The intent of parties is enhancing day by day, and people are looking for new ideas for the celebration. Houston is a party destination, and there is no doubt about it. Today, it is bringing a new revolution with the introduction of Party Buses. Party Bus Houston Lux is rolling with a valid space and arrangement for various parties that one can plan in the bus.

Features making it best in Houston for parties

Strict with policies – Though the facilities are high and intricate, at the same time, efforts are being made in favour of safety. No passenger will get alcohol or smoke cigarettes. As it is a party bus, the team doesn’t restrict anyone from drinking alcohol in case they are making arrangements all by themselves. It is for the safety of the passengers and making them feel comfortable. Plus, it is an initiative for creating an amicable party spot all over Houston.

Options are open – The meaning of party is different for all, and this is the reason it is essential to meet the needs of everyone too. Yet, Lux is offering options in terms of party buses that one can choose as per their need and desire. Here is a close idea of the variation that one can pick –

First – The buses hold the capacity of 12-15 passenger and will charge around 600$ for 3 hours in total. But, it will further include a restaurant voucher and a free family vacation or Houston city party bus tours.
Second – here the bus has the capacity to bear 15-20 passengers with 700$ for 3 hours along with 200$ free voucher. At the same time, in addition, one can enjoy a restaurant voucher and a family vacation too.
Third – with 25-35 passengers on board, it will only cost 725$ for 3 hours accompanied by restaurant and 200$ voucher and family holidays for free.

On the other hand, the rental is included with major fees like rentals, service tax and drivers tip of 30$. It means the customer has no burden of paying an extra tip to the driver or any of the team members. On a supplementary note, once the booking is made, the fees will not come back to the mode as it is non-refundable in case of cancellation.

In all these options, the customer will get an opportunity to enjoy 10% off on any of the upcoming bookings.

How does Lux work?

It is imperative for all the passengers to know the working process of Lux before they start making the bookings. This Party Bus Houston are not the owners of the buses; instead, their work is to connect the customers looking for deals. The main objective behind the business is to let people celebrate their special days within Houston without falling into any kind of trouble. Furthermore, it offers a seamless booking structure for cheap party bus rentals in Houston that can be done through a call only. The team of Lux works as a partner with many other travel agencies all over Houston to offer the right deals with all kinds of arrangements.

Additional benefits offered with the bookings

Those who are booking for the first time they will get extra off as it has been discussed earlier. Added to this, will be a three to seven days full holidays with the help of the travel agency partner.

Areas of application

The HoustonTexas party bus of Lux work all over Houston, and here are the major locations that have instant access.

Las Vegas
Nuevo Vallarta
Puerto Penasco

Nevertheless, the list is not enough as there are many more plus the company is working in making more additions for the coming days.

Parties for which the buses can be booked – When the term party comes in, a lot of confusion can penetrate. Therefore, to clear the doubts, these buses can be used for girl’s night, boy’s night, homecoming, prom, birthdays or any other special days.

Houston Texans party buses are the new concept and are succeeding in luring people of all ages. However, Party Bus Houston Lux offers easy booking with many ravishing deals for all kinds of parties and celebrations.