Avaada Group

AVAADA group has closed down its major offices. It has allowed employees to work from home and all its premises have been sanitized and disinfected. The company has installed Thermal scanners at entry points and visitors movements are being monitored. Detailed guidelines have been issued enabling employees to understand the gravity of the scenario and precautions to be taken. A dedicated helpline to support employees has also been set up.

Thermax Limited

Thermax Limited has been continuously taking steps to protect its employees from being exposed to any threats. The company has ceased all foreign travel and has introduced a 24×7 HR Assistance mobile number to address any queries or assistance pertaining to the Corona virus situation. The company has imposed a mandatory quarantine for 14 days for all the employees returning from international travel and has advised employees to work from home. Non- Contact Infrared Body Thermometers have been made available at all locations and the frequency of sanitizing all office floors, door handles, elevator buttons and other frequently touched objects has been increased. Canteen timings have been staggered to avoid crowds and have designed a different leave policy in lieu of the situation.

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL)

The company has taken various preventive counter measures including suspension of its manufacturing operation at the Chennai facility. Under Hyundai Care Program, HMIL has undertaken various initiatives aimed at promoting safety and welfare of all stakeholders like 24×7 roadside assistance to customers in case of emergency, 1000 doorstep advantage bikes/ emergency road service cars to provide any assistance and extended support of 2 months to the customers who are unable to avail vehicle warranty/ extended warranty/ free services due to health emergency or dealership shutdown.

VE Commercial Vehicles

The company has issued a detailed work from home advisory to its staff in order to ensure social distancing and minimal external interface to enhance employee and extended family’s safety. The company has also advised its staff to avoid travelling / attending any gatherings as well as crowded places etc.

JM Financial Limited

JM Financial Limited has been issuing regular updates clarifying all queries and concerns for personal safety along with clear quarantine guidelines. The company has commenced work from home, imposed restrictions on the use of public transport by the staff and ceased all domestic and international travel. Remote Business Continuity Planning (BCP) sites have been activated to ensure business and client support continuity. It has formed a Strategic Committee which is reviewing the situation on a real time basis and providing daily guidance.

MyBox Technologies Private Limited

The company has issued detailed advisory to its employees and has advised them to avoid public transport, meetings involving more than 5 people to use digital platform, minimize printing of documents to avoid touching the exposed surface, use of sanitizers and gargle every 2 hours. The company has also halted finger punching in the biometric machine and has circulated various documents and presentations on the spread and how to prevent / control the coronavirus, symptoms of the coronavirus and State-wise helpline numbers.

Pinnacle Industries Limited

The company is working 24×7 to assess the potential gaps between demand and supply of various medical equipments and consumable including masks, sanitizers, ventilators and Personal Protective Equipments for healthcare workers. A group has been created comprising of all the leading hospitals in Pune and a complete assessment has been done to map their requirements. The company is also proactively working on the development of ventilators.

Torsa Machines Limited

Owing to the Worldwide outbreak of COVID – 19 and to support the all-round well being of all employees, the company has taken various measures for safety and good heath. The company has advised employees to work from home to maintain social distancing.