Weddings in India are characterized by much pomp and glitter and are celebrated with the fervour that rivals that of the biggest festivals, in terms of numbers, preparations and the zest surrounding the events. While bling is certainly in and on top of the list when we talk of desi weddings, bridal flowers are another quintessential aspect of the decorations, ceremonies and the wedding trousseau that deserve no less attention.

The wedding garland or the varmala is an integral part of the marriage rituals in what is known as jaimal. The exchanging of flower garland between the marrying couple is symbolic of the acceptance of the relationship and each other for the rest of their lives. The fun and frolic that ensues on both sides of the families in making the seemingly simple task a challenge for the bride and groom is another thing that guests look forward to.

Indian wedding garlands, though a tradition, have evolved in meaning and appearance over time to accommodate the tastes and priorities of the bride and groom. The trends in mammoth settlements like Bangalore take into account the preferences of the modern couple, the availability according to the season and the couple’s desire to keep it simple or flamboyant.

Exotic flowers are always in demand in metropolitans with the orchid garland definitely taking the cake for popularity. Lightweight and available in various colors, orchids make for fabulous festoons that can be coordinated with the outfits of the bride and groom and the theme of the décor. Increasingly creative and eclectic alternatives are also being sought to stand out from the crowd, which makes couples look for Thai garlands and additions of greens, succulents and other eye-catching florals.

Some trends, however, have solidified their position as classics and never disappoint. Garlands made of roses, jasmine and marigolds that have been favorites for years are combined with baby’s breath, lotus and other light and elegant blooms. A grand and fabulous-looking marriage garland is well-suited for a big fat Indian wedding but in recent years there has been an inclination towards subtler monochromes and softer tones, following the likes of celebrities. A floral garland designed entirely out of a single variety of flowers or even made wholly of greens is the choice of those who wish for something unique yet not over the top. Another contemporary trend to take note of is the ombre or gradient garland- it can either be spray painted or made from blossoms of the same kind in different hues.

Flowers like tuberoses, lilies and carnations, with their enrapturing textures and mesmerizing colors have also found a way into the flower varmala. Couples nowadays also seek to have garlands designed by including flowers as symbolic elements to denote some special meaning and make the ritual even more significant to them personally.

The rich spectrum provided nowadays provides for experimenting and stepping up to the occasion without compromising in comfort or personal style. Make your garland exchanging ceremony truly meaningful and enjoyable by choosing a wedding garland that translates your personality and desires in its assortment of flowers.

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