SIG SYSTEMS started their journey in 1987 with First P.C known as PC XT which was one of the first personal computer launched in 1980’s. Since then, there was no looking back and now the company has an inventory of 10,000+ units and through its partners, they have covered 20 nos. of tier-I and tier II cities.
Now the company has young workforce with second generation entrepreneurs guided by first generation entrepreneurs and so for, they have catered almost 7000 organizations including 500 fortune companies, government enterprises, NGO’s, and startups. They have easy documentation process, no security deposits, on-site delivery and maintenance’ no lock period*, pro data billing* and two dedicated service centers.
When Naresh Garg, the founder, lent his computer to his friends for a month, who knew it would be an “Aha” moment for him. He saw the prospect of lending and established the rental firm with the green concept in his mind. As e-waste swims in ocean depth, Renting can be the solid solution to curb the menace. Renting is eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly. Rent more, save more!