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The regular wash cycle can also give you some nasty surprises. We wholesale laundry show you the most important tricks with which nothing should go wrong.

Who does not know it? The T-shirt is suddenly far too short and the favorite blouse discolored. With regular laundry, washing can happen so a few mishaps. But do not worry – you do not have to be a perfect housewife to get it. It only takes a few small tricks.

Sorting is about tasting:

No experiments. The golden rule of laundry washing is: Sort your laundry by color. Black, colored and white laundry must by no means together in the drum. Also, must be sorted by washing temperature, so that nothing is received.

What is there to consider in terms of detergent?

With the detergent, it depends on the correct dosage – not too much, not too little. Be sure to pay attention to the dosage specifications on the packaging. Here, the hardness of the tap water should be considered. A full and a mild detergent should be at home. The effect of colored laundry, however, is rather controversial.

Heavy-duty detergent should be used more for insensitive laundry. Also, it contains bleach, which acts only from 60 degrees. For delicate laundry is recommended rather a mild detergent.

Just do not overdo it:

Proper loading achieves good wash results. During a normal cycle, the machine may be fully loaded, but the washing drum should never be stuffed full so that things still fit easily into the machine. For delicates and easy-care laundry, only half of the washing drum should be filled.

Do not feel like hand washing?

Simply do without handwashing on sensitive parts – the handwashing program of the washing machine is much gentler.

How to dry the laundry best?

Laundry may always be left to air dry. For silk laundry and wool, however, the first moisture should first be absorbed. This works best by wrapping the garments in a bath towel. Then let the silky and wooly garments dry as flat as possible.

Delicate laundry does not belong in the dryer. For safety’s sake, it’s best to check the label for a dryer symbol.

As suggested by wholesale laundry, make sure wet laundry is not left in the drum or laundry basket too long, and do not put it in the closet until dry.