NFC Tagify Offers Programmable NFC Tags, Chips and Stickers

NFC Tagify, a leading supplier of custom NFC products and services like encoding & programming offers programmable NFC tags, chips and stickers for customised, personal and office uses.

NFC Tagify is a leading supplier of NFC tags, Stickers, Chips and custom designed NFC products in United Kingdom. NFC Tagify offers programming/encoding of the NFC tags in bulk to businesses/individuals who buy hundreds or thousands of these tags. These small NFC tags are used to store and transfer vivid pieces of information vaguely.

NFC tags are orderly passive devices, these micro devices don’t have their own power supply and hence are reliant on the active device to come into range before they are activated. These programmable NFC tags are inclusive of information such as a web address, short lines of text, or contact details etc which can be embedded in the NFC chip to be read by the receiver.

The simplest way to program/encode an NFC tag is to download an NFC encoding app from play store on your NFC enabled phone. There are plenty of free and easy to use apps present out there, like NXP tag writer; some of them enable one to read the tag technical details like NXP tag information which allows one to read tag UID.

This is the perfect way if anyone wants to encode a few tags with simple data, but if one is looking to encode a larger number of tags then it becomes a time-consuming process with a room full of errors. So, if anyone wants to encode variable data to each tag or if the one is using some complex programming techniques, then the user will have to opt for a different encoding solution. NFC Tagify offers just that, with their state-of-the-art encoding machines and expertise in this area.

NFC Tagify also offers encoding at small levels, as of today the one who is an iPhone user can’t program these tags; so, the user will either need to do this using an Android phone or will have to get all the tags pre-programmed beforehand.

When the one encodes their data with NFC Tagify, they will have an option to lock the data so it can’t be altered by anyone or leave it open/unlocked just in case the user wants to reprogram it at his end at a later stage which suites his further needs.

NFC tags, stickers and chips can be programmed easily in bulk which results in ease for multicasting variable information. These chips, tags or stickers when programmed according to the user, can be used as staff IDs, URL to the user’s landing page or product specific page, tokens or serial numbers ready to be used in offices and any other working enterprise or either way can be used as a small customised tag for the personal use.

NFC Tagify offers variable programming like a serial number or character IDs or any other data as the customer asks. NFC tags are affordable and effective, that’s what makes them so innovative and popular.

It is a quick and efficient way to quickly push information to any phone. For orders or information about programming/encoding NFC tags, visit or call them at Tel: +44 1600 800 080. Their customer support team is always happy to help their clients with any queries.

About the Company:
NFC Tagify is one of the leading NFC Products and services providers in UK. NFC Tagify offers contactless NFC tags, PVC business cards, Ntag stickers, chips, anti-metal/on metal and a number of customised NFC products. NFC Tagify manufactures products to comply with NFC forum specifications. NFC Tagify also offers NFC tag encoding in bulk.