Ranjna Oohri : Vaastu & Numerology Consultant

Ranjna gained a good education over the years with Master’s Degree in Commerce and a Professional Degree in Teaching. She excelled in teaching profession with a vast experience of more than 15 years. Being governed by number 1 and 3, she has always been keenly interested in this divine science and all over the years since young age she strongly felt her intuitive state of mind guiding her and working for her. Her interest turned into a passion giving her a chance to practice this magical science under the guidance of world renowned Gurus in occult field. She took a plunge into the world of occult pursuing Vastu Shastra and Numerology professionally. She has made a mark as being a proficient consultant who is facilitating the lives of a number of people in a constructive manner through positive targeted results with balanced living space, compatible names and powerful remedies.

Ranjna Oohri, being an ardent lover of dynamic, bustling and active lifestyle, loves engaging herself in active leisure to feel refreshed and fulfilled. Being a true yoga lover, she enjoys her regular practice of yogic Asanas and Pranayams to strengthen her meditative and spiritual connect. She loves to spend her free time sketching cartoons, doodling and watching reality shows. She loves travelling to new places to explore, experience and learn about new cultures keeps her in high spirit.


To make a mark as being a Proficient Consultant, setting the course of people’s life in complete harmony with intuitive solutions and powerful yet simple remedies.


To facilitate the lives of people in a constructive manner by bringing joys and harmony in their lives with precise personalized solutions for personal, professional and emotional issues.