The science of poetry

But University of Manchester science and engineering students, usually preoccupied with more prosaic matters, have been showing their poetic sides by turning their hands to verse.

Passover treasure launches on iBookstore

The Rylands Haggadah, currently a centrepiece at a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition in New York, is now available as a narrated facsimile thanks to the Rylands’ digitisation team.

Suicide risk for older people who self-harm

Researchers from The University of Manchester studied 1,177 people over the age of 60 who presented to six general hospitals in Oxford, Manchester and Derby after self-harming.

Breast cancer risk can be seen years before it develops

The research, which is published today in Cancer Research, involved 640 women with breast cancer and 741 controls who enrolled in three previous studies, the earliest of which began in 1992. The researchers analysed blood samples that the women donated on average three years before being diagnosed with breast cancer to find out whether the alteration of single genes by a process called methylation can predict whether women have an increased breast cancer risk.

A taste of Japan in Universities Week

The Japan theme is in celebration of Imperial hosting members of the Japanese Olympic team, with Sanka meaning “participation”.¡ The visiting primary schoolchildren on Thursday will be given the opportunity to learn basic Japanese, sample some judo and traditional dancing as well as having a bash at Taiko drums. For many of the young visitors the trip is also their first time on a university campus

Imperial prepares for its first public festival

**Festival open on 11 and 12 May**

The science of surgery goes hands-on

People strolling through the Museum shortly before the doors opened to the public might have been forgiven for thinking they were actually in a hospital. The long fluorescent-lit corridors - more usually crowded with overexcited school parties - were instead filled with staff in scrubs, putting the finishing touches to their interactive displays and performances for an evening of workshops, surgical simulations and public events about the science of surgery.

VIA Announces Latest Computer-on-Module Solution, the VIA COMe-8X91

Measuring 84mm x 55mm, the VIA COMe-8X91 is based on the industry standard Computer-on-Module ( COM ) Express Mini form factor with type 10 pin-outs. The VIA COMe-8X91 module combines an 800MHz VIA Eden™ X2 dual core processor and the VIA VX900 media system processor ( MSP ) providing a ruggedized, ultra compact solution targeted at industrial PC and large OEM customers focused on dynamic application segments, including medical, advanced gaming, test and measurement, industrial ( machine vision system ) and military applications.

VIA Announces April Sales Results

This sales revenue represents a 27.83 % month-on-month decrease over revenues of NT$ 356.73 million ( US$ 12.24 million ) in March 2012.

National addictions conference comes to Wales for first time

In his opening speech, Dr Jewell will say: "Addictions are a serious issue for Wales. They damage individuals, families and communities and present a threat to the health of the population. I am pleased to have been invited to address the Annual Meeting of the Faculty of Addictions. I look forward to meeting colleagues who use their skills and commitment to improve the lives of people with addictions."

Specialist assessment and care needed for older people who self-harm

Researchers from the University of Manchester studied 1,177 people over the age of 60 who were admitted to six general hospitals in Oxford, Manchester and Derby after self-harming. The most common method of self-harm was self-poisoning ( 88% ) followed by self injury including cutting ( 9% ) and violent methods such as hanging or asphyxiation ( 3% ).

Europe approves billion euro mission to explore icy worlds of Jupiter

Today at a meeting in Paris, ESA’s Science Program Committee voted to go ahead with the project, the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer ( JUICE ), the first European-led mission to the outer solar system, and the first spacecraft destined to orbit an icy moon. The JUICE spacecraft is scheduled to launch in 2022, arriving in the Jupiter system in 2030.

Find The Best Auto Insurance Coverage On Offer with Cheap Auto Insurance Co.

¡ Along with the bodily injury liability coverage, people are also required to purchase insurance of $20,000 per crash. The Florida state law also requires its drivers to carry property damage liability coverage with a minimum coverage level of $10,000. This type of insurance protection is known as 10/20/10. Purchasing this insurance has its own sets of benefits. The first, being the obvious one, of an economic advantage. Individuals who do not possess cheap auto insurance Florida will be required to pay the financial expenses making adding to their burden. In addition to this, they will also be penalized under the state laws for not owning insurance.

Buying and selling of Windsor real estate made easy with The Sasha Miletic Home Selling System.

¡ Buying a home in Windsor can be a wonderful experience if the right property is chosen. Home buyers always have their own preferences on styles of homes and Windsor Realty has plenty to offer. The proximity to schools, shopping centers, parks and transport systems play an important role in determining the property prices. Single family homes can be a good choice from the point of view of investment. The low interest rates and a bright future for rentals make these homes a good option for all the investors.

Hair and Compounds is Introducing Two Color Blends in Hair Extensions

The ability to buy one bundle of hair extensions in two color blends will give stylists more color options and savings. The new collection is planned to start as a limited release, however, it will develop overtime according to the stylists needs. “The ability to buy two tones in one bundle makes this not only more affordable for the stylists, but also to the customers who want two tone hair extensions”, Anna Lopez, stylist.

New Version of Excel Stock Cut Optimizer 1DCutX Got Minimization of Cutting Layouts and VBA Automation

Denis Smirnov, from Optimalon explains: "When 1DCutX calculates how to cut linear stocks with minimal material waste, it generates a list of cutting layouts. Several stocks can be cut simultaneously instead of one by one. The fewer layouts produced during the calculation, the less time cutting operators spend loading stocks".

Love your Lips!

 Love your Lips!

Make your lips look sensational with the new range of Hydrarich Lipsticks from Tips &Toes.

On the occasion of Mothers Day!

On the occasion of Mothers Day!

Valentine Loungewear, a leading brand of trendy loungewear, launches a brand new collection of fashionable yet comfortable loungewear.

BIOGAS plant set up by students at Canadian International School

BIOGAS plant set up by students at Canadian International School

Students at the Canadian International School, Bangalore have taken the initiative to set up a biogas plant in the school.

The City of Brussels and the Region of Brussels Capital launch the second phase of the NEO project

The NEO project is going ahead at the initiative of the Region and the City of Brussels.

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