From Slackers To Overachievers Alike, Easy Scholarships Level The Playing Field

Being able to decrease the amount taken out in loans is surely the goal of many without knowing what the job market will be like in four to five years. A year after the recession steam-rolled the economy in 2008 (official start date in Dec. of ’07), companies looking to hire college graduates decreased from 79 percent in 2007 to 49 percent in 2009 according to a survey conducted on CareerBuilder. A lot can change while earning a degree so it’s a wise move to save money in as many ways available.

LVS appoints ex- Ladbrokes veteran

Simon Ordish LVS CEO said, “LVS are expanding at a rapid rate as we continue to win new clients and we needed an industry heavyweight who could operate at a very senior level and also manage all aspects of our development. Nick’s played a major part in defining and implementing Ladbrokes IT strategy in retail, e-gaming and Internationally. His experience speaks for its self and I am delighted to have him on board.” 

Newest Advances In Cosmetic Surgery: Seminar in Edmonton, Canada March 24, 2012 - Announcing No Registration Fee

In addition to sharing highlights from his recent lectures in Cairo, Dr. Lycka will be speaking on the new Cellulaze cellulite treatment. “For the first time cellulite can be removed for up to 2 years with a 93% satisfaction rate,” says Dr. Lycka. “Never has such a breakthrough in technology been demonstrated.” This technology has been featured on The Doctors and Dr. Lycka is amongst the first in the world to offer it.

Park Inn Al Khobar ranked second worldwide amongst Park Inn by Radisson hotels

The nominations are based on a mix of outstanding results with various areas of hotel operations taken into consideration, including quality of customer service and guest experience, financial achievements as well as a climate analysis and quality performance review.  

Scuba Diving Centre Leads the Campaign Calling for a Shark Fin Ban in Montreal

Action Scuba recently launched an online petition calling on the city of Montreal to introduce legislation banning the trade of shark fin products, similar to that which is coming into effect in MIssissauga and Toronto later in 2012. The dive centre has built up support within the scuba diving community and now hopes to get Montrealers at large on board.

&This Week in Gambling& Teases Potential Viewers

"It’s obviously a publicity stunt", said J Todd, host of the new video series, when asked about the various and vague promotions. "Naturally, we want people to be curious about ’This Week in Gambling’ and we want to cause a buzz" he continued, "but these ’teasers’ are also a glimpse into the spirit and style of what the show wants to be: Entertaining, different, and concise"

Earth N Sound Media Announces New Book Release

"Make Money from Home”, by Art Saborio, explores new ways to create the multiple online income streams that generate money quickly and can be managed through a home business. Further, it offers tips on how to start an online business and takes the reader by the hand to show them how to manage and organize for  a successful outcome.

Improving Internet Hiring Opportunities Through Trust Seals

The Small Business Bible incorporates what they call the A to Z for successful small business.  They recommend getting a site seal as a business for your website in order to gain the trust of potential employees.  As a business looking to hire people that are willing to work online from the convenience of their home it is essential to put forth credibility. “Today the most common worry…is the fact that their identity or personal information might be stolen and used for illegal purposes.”  The Small Business Bible also emphasizes, “ 65% of Americans feel that they do not get a sense of security when they (are making decisions) online.”  The Small Business Bible submits that a good way for small business to deal with this problem is to assure the credibility of the job offers through a current website trust seal of security.

Rottenstein Law Group Very Upset, But Not Surprised, by News That Johnson & Johnson Marketed Vaginal Mesh Without FDA Approval

Bloomberg broke the news in an article by David Voreacos and Alex Nussbaum. According to the piece, Johnson & Johnson marketed the Gynecare Prolift vaginal mesh device in March 2005, touting its benefits in an annual report. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it learned of the Prolift in 2007,” the Bloomberg article goes on to explain, “when J&J sought approval for a related product. The FDA cleared both devices in May 2008.”

Renowned Child Anxiety Program Receives Award

The program is a comprehensive set of books and audio material developed by Presta together with a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Presta, a noted self-help author who specializes in helping individuals overcome anxiety, has had his work on major networks such as Discovery, MSNBC and CNN and respected publications such as Psychology Today and Natural Health magazines.

“Do You Suffer From Thinning Hair?” – Seminar with Dr Lycka, March 24, Edmonton

On March 24 2012, Phoenix Renewal Centre & Spa, in Edmonton, will be hosting Dr Lycka, as he presents ‘The Newest Advances in Cosmetic Surgery’. The seminar will take place at the Courtyard by Marriott Edmonton West, 10011-184 St at 1:30pm prompt.

SmallWood 2012 Conference: Forest Restoration for a New Economy

The SmallWood 2012 conference being held May 1-3, 2012, in Flagstaff, Arizona, is about finding technical and economical solutions to the everyday challenges in your woody biomass operation.

Laurenzana Press Launches eBook on Stress Management

Thus said Lucas McCain in his latest installment on personal development, “Stress Management: 101 Best Ways to Relieve Stress and Really Live Life”, now an eBook released by Laurenzana Press.

Palliative Care Has Much to Bring to Geriatric Psychiatry Notes Special Issue of Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

This special issue highlights the important similarities and relationships between geriatric psychiatry and palliative care. In an editorial summarizing the issues, Irwin points out that the overarching goal of both palliative care and geriatric psychiatry is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. This goal is accomplished by treating the whole patient, not just their diagnoses or symptoms, and focusing on common psychiatric syndromes that geriatric and hospice populations often face, such as depression and delirium.

Sky reveals NOW TV brand for new internet TV service

Launching later this year, NOW TV will provide instant access to some of Sky’s most popular content, including hundreds of films from Sky Movies. With a distinctive look and identity, it will stand out from the existing Sky TV service and offer even more choice and flexibility to customers.

Auto Brands Must Play by New Rules to Win Over Chinese Consumers

The Automotive Path to Purchase Study (TAPPS) is the world’s first real-time analysis of the car-buying process, which tracks every influence affecting consumer decision-making.

Siemens to supply integrated solution for process and wastewater treatment in Colombian refinery

Water is required for a number of steps in the refining process. Siemens will supply a multi-component solution for treating the process water in the Reficar refinery. These include contact basins for softening the water and a J-Press filter press for thickening the accumulated primary sludge. Siemens will also provide plants for desalinating the boiler feed water and treating waste lye. The condensate is to be cleaned with granular, active charcoal filters.

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