Swimming pool heating: which solution to choose?

To heat your above ground or inground pool, there are different types of pool heaters. Solar, electric, or heat pump which solution should you choose to take advantage of your pool as often as possible?

Types of pool heaters:

To keep the pool temperature around 28 ° C from spring to fall, there is no miracle, heating the water is the only solution. Yes, but which heating system should I choose for my swimming pool? Heat pump, exchanger, solar? Don’t panic, here is everything you need to know to choose your pool heating and enjoy your pool all year round.

The various heating systems like Raypak electronic heater, whatever they are, must be adapted to the climate of your region for optimal efficiency. It is also possible to heat your pool for reasonable costs while respecting the environment.

Choose the most suitable type of pool heating:

Having a private pool is lucky, but are you often frustrated with having to wait until the water temperature is optimal to enjoy it? Are you tired of depending on the climate to enjoy your pool? You can no longer count the number of times you have been disappointed not to be able to enter the water because it was too cold? It even happened to you in the middle of August, because of a few days of thunderstorms that made the water temperature drop!

What if you decide to opt for a water heating system? There are solutions, to finally bathe from the first beautiful days of spring, and until the mild evenings that the Indian summer offers.

No more soaking a hesitant and chilly foot to feel the water temperature, it will now be adjustable to your liking and you can finally swim for hours, whenever you want.

How to choose a suitable heating system for your pool?

Almost all energies are possible for heating the water in a swimming pool, but there are currently the following swimming pool heaters:

– The electric heater: simple to install but expensive to use. The simplest solution to implement. Consequently, the installation is inexpensive, but its use is quite expensive.

– The pool heat pump like Raypak pool heater: the most economical energy production

A system that pumps heat from the air, increases it, and transmits it to the pool water. No doubt more expensive to buy, it is nonetheless also more economical to use because it produces on average 4 times more energy than it consumes.

The most efficient pool exchanger:

The heat from the hot water in your domestic installation is transferred to the pool water. It is the most efficient system today, but it represents a significant investment. It should, however, be noted that the swimming pool should not be too far from the place of residence and the pool should not be too large. Saltwater pool heater is also one of the best heaters.