Winter Olympics-bound Md Arif Khan included in Target Olympic Podium Scheme

The Sports Ministry’s Mission Olympic Cell (MOC) has approved the inclusion of Alpine Skiing athlete Md Arif Khan in the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) Core group, until the Winter Olympics, scheduled this February in Beijing, China.

Khan will take part in the Winter Olympics in the Slalom and Giant Slalom events. He has also been approved an amount of Rs 17.46 Lakh under TOPS towards training in Europe and procurement of equipment, ahead of the grand event in China. Khan’s current training base is in Austria, where he is accompanied by his coach and physio.

The MOC approved the European training camp for Khan for a total of 35 days, which started since his qualification for the Winter Olympics. He won the quota in giant slalom in a competition in Montenegro in December last year. A month prior, he earned the quota place for the Slalom event. The feat earned Khan the unique distinction of becoming the first Indian to win direct quota spots in two different Winter Olympics events, besides being the first athlete from the country to seal a berth at the Winter Olympic games 2022.

The Gulmarg-based athlete had won two gold medals, in the Slalom and Giant Slalom events, at the 2011 South Asian Winter Games, held in Uttarakhand.



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Winter Garden, FL Author Publishes Spiritual Self-Help Book

The Birth of Empress Rose: I Want to Live Again, a new book by Erica Ruffin Marshall, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

The Birth of Empress Rose: I Want to Live Again is your guide to changing your mindset for the better. Discover the tools needed to train your thoughts for the better and become inspired to move forward and create a new reality for yourself by exploring your passions and embracing self-love!

After the death of her husband, Erica Ruffin Marshall found herself in a state of depression, which was compounded by fear, caring for elderly parents, a high-pressure job and impending retirement, and many other stressors we all face throughout our lives. But through the grace of God, Ruffin Marshall was able to change her mindset and transition from despair to a life of positive thinking, health, joy, success, prosperity, and self-love. Now she’s sharing her process with you.

About the Author
Erica Ruffin Marshall is a businesswoman, author, and the second Black American police sergeant in the history of the Miami Beach Police Department in Florida. A daughter of God and proud mother, she worked as a police officer for 18 years with before retiring.

Ruffin Marshall loves to travel to different countries and explore new experiences. She is also very active in community services and homeless outreach, and strives to Erica give, teach, uplift, and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to reach their goals. When she is home, she enjoys gardening.

The Birth of Empress Rose: I Want to Live Again is a 72-page paperback with a retail price of $21.00 (eBook $16.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6366-1176-1. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to buy the book visit our online bookstore at

Winter Finance Launches Cryptocurrency $WINTER Tied to a New AI-Driven Trading Protocol on the Binance Smart Chain

 The Winter Finance team is dedicated to advancing new wealth generation opportunities for mainstream investors in the emerging Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Winter Finance is creating artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithms designed to perform and generate peak returns in volatile markets. After multiple years of research, the Winter team has developed a cutting-edge reinforcement learning AI model to find the best cryptocurrency investments that yield profits with a diverse risk portfolio, taking advantage of volatility in the overall markets. Their token, $WINTER, launched on July 31, 2021 through a “fair launch” event on the Binance Smart Chain and is now available for trading on the Pancakeswap DEX.

Accessibility to quantitative and AI-driven trading for mainstream investors

The team at Winter Finance strives to make it possible for regular investors to unlock the power of proprietary trading algorithms usually only accessible to large funds, enterprise businesses or high networth individuals. Winter Token is made to be easily accessible as anyone who buys the $WINTER token will be rewarded automatically through AI generated buybacks, continuous burns & reflections.

AI-driven trading powered by $WINTER

The Winter Finance developer team has a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet that sells and buys back tokens using gains generated from algorithmic trading powered by AI learning models. Returns get shared with the community on a continuous basis. Reflection size increases with the amount of tokens held.

What makes Winter Finance unique is its novel approach building the Winter AI Trading Algorithm. Winter Token uses a neural net – specifically, a model called Deep Q-Learning. There are two of these models in a single environment, using real trading data as training data. Using a GAN, these models compete against each other to maximize returns. The end result is a fast fine-tuning of the deep Q learning agent, which can be thought of as a generalized utility function that starts with an “exploration” phase to avoid staying within a local optimum, in order to find the global optimum, which helps optimize returns regardless of current market conditions by capitalizing on volatility (known as “gamma”).

Major milestones on the Winter Finance roadmap include launching full AI trading protocols by the end of August 2021, influencer and mainstream media campaigns, as well as the development of their merchandise store. They are set to expand their workforce rapidly.

The Founder

Hungry Wolf is an MIT postdoc who specializes in optimizing reinforcement learning models with GANs and ephemeral environment design.

A global Community and Dedication to Transparency

The Winter team is dedicated to building a global community, and empowering individuals to reach financial freedom. The team is six members strong, and all token sales are immediately reinvested to improve the AI learning models and to assist the growth of the $WINTER ecosystem. $WINTER’s developers have trained at MIT, Sloan Business School and the University of Brisbane. They are scheduled to unveil their full identities once initial milestones have been completed.

For more information, visit and the Telegram group

Winter Finance

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