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Eight Stellantis technical women business leaders received honors for their career, technical and community achievements at the Women of Color STEM DTX Conference in Detroit, October 6-8. – – The Women of Color STEM Conference honors the significant achievements of women in STEM and ensures that the accomplishments of outstanding women in technical fields are highly visible to industry professionals…

The Talent Connect and Tobias Truvillion Invite You to BET’s Tales’ “C.R.E.A.M.” Watch Party

Plus, an interview with lead actor Tobias Truvillion and episode writer Larry ‘Legend’ Spivey.

The Talent Connect & Tobias Cream Watch Party

The Talent Connect & Tobias Cream Watch Party

NEW YORKSept. 2, 2022PRLogThe Talent Connect, a talent management company, and Tobias Truvillion, an award-winning actor, will host a private screening of the “C.R.E.A.M.” episode of BET’s Tales on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, from 8:30 p.m. to midnight at a private location in Manhattan. There will be a Q&A with the episode’s star, Tobias Truvillion, and the episode’s writer, Larry ‘Legend’ Spivey. It will be moderated by Ronald “Wink” Woodall, CEO & Founder of The Talent Connect.

This episode is a fast-paced drama about how far one desperate parent would go to save his daughter. Reformed criminal “Wise” Evans has less than 24-hours to get the money for his daughter’s life-saving operation. Drawn back into the life of crime by a seemingly chance encounter, all he has to do is pull one last impossible caper.  This episode will premiere on BET Networks on September 6, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. EST.

Ronald “Wink” Woodall will lead a Q&A with Tobias Truvillion and Larry “Legend” Spivey after the show airs.

This event is open to the press. Tobias Truvillion (actor), Ronald ‘Wink’ Woodall (Founder & CEO of The Talent Connect), Larry ‘Legend’ Spivey (writer of BET’s Tales”http://www.prlog.org/”C.R.E.A.M.’ episode), and other special guests will be available for one-on-one interviews with the media. Media can RSVP here (https://thetalentconnect.com/press-rsvp-9-6-22/). All RSVP’s must be received by 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. You can reach Empress Lanice at empresslanice@elpragency.net with any inquiries.

About The Talent Connect

The Talent Connect (TTC) is known for Talent Management. We represent entertainment’s creative talent. We offer career/mindset counseling, packaging, and opportunities for acting community growth. We motivate actors of all levels to reach their full acting potential.

TTC is a member of the National Talent Manager’s Association and Breakdown Services NY/LA member.

Our online shop offers motivational apparel to help customers be their best.

We released “The Pocketbook of Quotes: An Actor’s Guide to Motivation” to help actors navigate the entertainment industry.  Available on  Thetalentconnect.com.

About Tobias Truvillion

Tobias Truvillion is an Award-Winning Actor from Queens, New York.  He started his career in entertainment as a Ford model.  He soon after ventured into the theater and soap opera worlds, where he has garnered an NAACP Image Award nomination for “Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.”  Throughout his career, he earned over 60 credits, including 18 guest star roles (7 recurring), 10 feature film lead roles, and a 3-year contract role. He’s known for being “The Love Interest” of the 21st century having starred opposite mega stars: Jill Scott, Tika Sumpter, Aunjanue Ellis, Melissa De Sousa, Fantasia Burrino, to name a few.


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Sage Talent Partners with Pyramid Analytics for Best-In-Class Analytics

 Sage Talent, Inc., a leading Bay Area-based sourcing and recruiting firm, is now partnering with Pyramid Analytics to provide highly optimized analytics for its Sage SaaS offering, built exclusively on the Pyramid Analytics platform.

Pyramid Analytics will empower Sage with the strongest analytics to calibrate searches, find the weak points in hiring strategies, and make sure hiring goals and needs are aligned realistically with the talent pools available. With this caliber of analytics, searches can be automated to eliminate pain points, and free up hiring teams to focus on the key aspects of their jobs. Already deployed by companies including Boston Scientific, Realtor.com and Blink Charging, Sage’s software is the first recruitment platform using AI and machine learning to deliver a data-driven alternative to optimize candidate search.

“This is a major gamechanger for us to up-level our searches and business. Pyramid Analytics is at the forefront of today’s data and technology needs for organizations everywhere,” said Paul Grewal, CEO of Sage Talent. “When we conduct a search, we need to be able to identify and resolve any potential issues and road bumps immediately to help our clients hire the best talent out there. Pyramid Analytics helps us do this quickly and seamlessly in a user-friendly way to obtain the best results across all our searches.”

“Sage Talent is leading the charge with the use of analytics to drive better decisions in a competitive sourcing and recruiting environment,” says Omri Kohl, CEO of Pyramid Analytics. “We are committed to helping organizations like theirs use data to drive the best decisions possible, on a platform that is customized for their unique business challenges.”

Pyramid Analytics is a globally recognized innovator in business analytics. Pyramid Analytics has uniquely combined the best of self-service analytics and legacy BI systems. The result is a modern enterprise analytics platform that enables innovative companies, like Sage Talent, to make better, faster decisions based on the same trusted information.

About Sage Talent, Inc.

Sage Talent, Inc., based in Palo Alto, California, is a leading technical sourcing, recruiting and analytics firm serving clients across the U.S. and globally in industries including high-tech, healthcare, e-commerce, biotechnology & big pharma, among others. Sage Talent provides organizations with a qualified candidate pipeline, and is the first to offer data-driven sourcing software providing immediate real-time insight and access to recruitment efforts through its proprietary Sage Talent Dashboard.

To learn more about Sage Talent visit www.sagetalent.com.

About Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid is the Trusted Analytics Platform™ that connects your teams, drives confident decisions, and produces winning results. As a complete web-based platform combining self-service analytics with centralized governance, Pyramid demonstrates measurable utility, fosters genuine collaboration, and simplifies complex analysis. Pyramid delivers best-in-class analytic functionality for organizations – on-premises or in the cloud. Pyramid Analytics’ teams are based in operational centers across the globe. To learn more, visit https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/, follow us on Twitter @PyramidAnalytic, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Sage Talent, Inc.

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Zwart Talent Foundation Launches to Train Young Africans in Relevant ICT Skills to Enable Them Compete in the Global IT Marketplace

 Zwart Talent Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that bridges the growing tech talent gap, has launched to train young Africans in relevant Information Technology skills to enable them to participate in the global workforce.

Technology jobs in the United States outnumbered qualified workers by about 3 million as of 2016, according to a report by Randstad NV, a Netherlands-based human resources consulting firm.

By 2030, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, representing $8.5 trillion in lost annual revenue, according to Korn Ferry.

The Korn Ferry report projected that among the economies expected to be hit hardest are Brazil, Indonesia and Japan, which could face shortages of up to 18 million workers. The United States and Russia are expected to be short of 6 million workers each, while China could face a deficit of 12 million. There is a serious shortage of tech talents across the world.

Zwart Talent Foundation, an initiative of ZwartTech, in partnership with TBEC Group of Companies, and International Sustainable Education Foundation (ISEF) plans to close this gap by training more than 2,000 young Africans in ICT skills in the next 5 years and connect them to jobs in international companies. The Foundation will deliver on these objectives via Zwart Academy, Zwart Recruit and Zwart Hub.

The Zwart Academy will train youths in Cybersecurity and Javascript for six months for free. Upon completion of the training program, students go through a one-year internship with Zwart Tech. Future courses will include PYTHON, Microsoft .NET, PHP/LARAVEL, Graphics Design, UI, and UX Design.

As an edtech cum social impact startup, 70% of admissions into the Academy will be reserved for girls. Meanwhile, applications to join the Academy will open in September and classes start in October.

Zwart Recruit will match top-notch tech experts with international opportunities. The startup has a pool of highly skilled and well-trained IT experts who have completed the rigorous recruitment process and are ready to provide world-class tech services. If you are a senior IT expert, you can apply to join Zwart Recruit.

Zwart Hub is a tech business incubator that aims to support entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their business to a world-class level.

The Chairman of Zwart Talent Foundation, Nelson Tosin Ajulo said, “We launched the Zwart Talent Foundation to help Africans quickly combat poverty by giving them the chance to acquire tech skills as well as connecting them to international job opportunities. This will enable them to earn more and boost their economic status.

“We have also realised that the quality of ICT education in Africa is inadequate. Considering this, students who join the Foundation will become Junior Developers in less than 3 years compared to attending a university and spending four or five years on the same course.

“Our approach is not only innovative, but it also saves time and will help tackle inequality faster, bridging gaps between social classes. The Academy training program involves a lot of practicals and it is free.”

Zwart Talent Foundation

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