School of Rock Students Are Ready to Take the Stage with Frank Zummo at 26 Degree Brewery

 School of Rock students from Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties, will participate and perform at 26 Degree Brewery with special guest, Sum 41 drummer, Frank Zummo. The public event will take place at 2600 Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach at 12:00pm on April 29, 2023. The event will include a drumming workshop with Frank Zummo, performances by School of Rock students and a Meet & Greet with Mr. Zummo.

Admission to the event is $15, and should be purchased in advance online at Proceeds from this event will benefit School of Rock’s longtime partner, The Society For The Prevention of Teen Suicide.

“Our students are excited to take the stage with renowned drummer Frank Zummo,” said Craig Zim, owner of the four School of Rock locations in Broward County. “Music has always been a powerful tool for unity and profoundly shape lives. It’s incredible to witness these young musicians embrace this remarkable opportunity to showcase their acquired knowledge and skill.”

School of Rock’s approach to music education is unique. Whereas traditional music education approaches focus on teaching music only through one-on-one lessons, School of Rock’s patented Method combines one-on-one instruction with group rehearsals and live performances, starting students on their musical journey by playing songs that inspire them. The integrated SongFirst approach teaches students techniques and theory while also helping them apply those skills when performing with other musicians. This results in remarkable musical proficiency.

“At School of Rock, our mission is to provide opportunities for our students to thrive, learn, and make meaningful connections,” said Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock. “We are thrilled to partner with Frank Zummo and the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS), to offer this event that brings the community together to share ideas and support one another. Music has the power to lift spirits, spark conversations and ignite passions.”

School of Rock provides students of all ages an exciting and engaging music lesson experience, which includes, bass lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, singing lessons and piano lessons. Frawing from all styles of Rock and Roll, School of Rock students learn theory and techniques via songs from legendary artists such as, Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz and Led Zeppelin. Thanks to the school’s performance-based approach, students around the world have gained superior musical proficiency, with some moving on to record deals, and larger platforms such as, American Idol, The Voice and Broadway.

School of Rock
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Four High School Students Tread the Path to Greatness in Richard Nichols’ “Epic Stars of Long Ago”

Discover the story that turns gifted students into archangels and watch as they learn for themselves the necessary lessons that are required to achieve greatness.

Holbrook, AZ – WEBWIRE

Readers will surely hold on tight as they read through the pages of Nichols’ “Epic Stars of Long Ago.”

Richard Nichols captures the hearts of young adult readers and adults alike with his charming religious tale, “Epic Stars of Long Ago.” The story centers around four young prodigies beset on the path to achieving great things. In the spirit of competition between the students, they will learn that to achieve greatness, some people will do everything.

In the accelerated class at a Christian Divinity School, the four gifted students compete with each other as they work hard to achieve top honors. The instructor, who is a renowned former student of the school, determines which among the four will win the prestigious award of “Archangel.” The Archangel is tasked to remain in the school to become a teacher-in-training, eventually achieving greatness akin to what their instructor has achieved.

Things take a turn for the worse when one of the students begins to question the methods employed by their instructor. Their methods for evaluation are deliberated by the student. When the student gets support from other students, the situation becomes volatile, disgracing the reputation of the school and threatening its closure.

The instructor, along with his superior, the headmaster of the school, must now do everything in their power to ensure that the school would maintain its glory. Together, they must ally themselves with all that is necessary to save the school and its reputation.

Grab a copy of the book, available at Amazon.

“Epic Stars of Long Ago”

Author | Richard Nichols

Published date | August 23, 2022


Book retail price | $24.99

Author Bio

Now a retired high school English teacher, Richard Nichols worked as an operator in a cryogenics plant, as a member of a management team in the lumber industry, as a part owner-operator at a trading post on the Navajo Indian Reservation, and as a Business Manager for a 175,000-acre ranch in northeastern Arizona. He and his wife, Sylvia, have raised seven children, all of which have graduated from Holbrook High school in Holbrook Arizona. After retirement, he also served on the local school board and has been active as an ordained bishop of a local Christian church. Beside fiction works, he also enjoys writing poetry.

Half of Gen Z Students Question Whether College is a Worthwhile Investment According to New Research from Modern Campus and Ruffalo Noel Levitz

 While more than eight out of ten high school students say they are committed to finishing college, half of them wonder if college is worth the investment. This is according to Serving the Virtual Consumer: Exceeding High School Student Expectations in 2022, a study developed by Modern Campus and based on research conducted in partnership with Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL).

It explores the expectations, questions and doubts high school students across the United States face when preparing for college—and how these factors influence their decision to choose a college.

What’s clear is that Gen Z students prioritize return on their investment when exploring college or university pathways. Two thirds of survey respondents said they expect to be ready for the job market upon graduation, and almost half expect to have a job offer as soon as they graduate.

The report also explores how early high school students start thinking about college, and how far they’re willing to travel for higher education. The study found that college and university websites are students’ primary sources for research.

“This is a generation of true digital natives; they think and live online,” said Brian Kibby, chief executive officer at Modern Campus. “Understanding the factors that drive their decision-making—job outcomes, access to co-curricular activities, cost and program quality—can help colleges and universities tailor their marketing and communications mix to be responsive to learner and parent expectations.”

This report provides insight into what high school students expect from colleges, and sheds light on how colleges and universities can help prospective students see the value of enrolling at their institutions.

Additional Key Findings

· 61% of respondents say they started college planning before they start 10th grade.

· Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening is when students are most actively looking for information to plan their postsecondary journey.

· 63% of high school students are considering out-of-state institutions.

· High-ability students with GPAs over 3.6 are very likely to consider out-of-state institutions.

· 46% of high school students confirm that they have participated in virtual college tours.

· 66% reported having signed up for the virtual tour via the college website and 71% expressed satisfaction with the virtual tour.

· The top three important topics for high school students when looking for college or university are academics, cost and financial aid.

While academics and cost remain the most important priorities regardless of age, 9th graders are particularly interested in community life, activities and athletics. Similarly, 10th graders are more interested in college rankings than any other age group.

To explore Serving the Virtual Consumer: Exceeding High School Student Expectations in 2022 in greater detail, visit:

Report Methodology/Respondent Profile

Between the middle of January to the end of February of 2022, high school students from all over the U.S. were invited to participate by PLEXUSS. 1,025 completed responses were received.

Almost half of the respondents were in 12th grade, more than three fourth were from public schools and one third were from southeast. 72% respondents were female and 65% first-generation students.

About Modern Campus

Modern Campus is obsessed with empowering its 1,800+ higher education customers to thrive when radical transformation is required to respond to lower student enrollments and revenue, rising costs, crushing student debt, and administrative complexity.

The Modern Campus engagement platform powers solutions for non-traditional student management, web content management, catalog and curriculum management, student engagement and development, conversational text messaging, career pathways, and campus maps and virtual tours. The result: innovative institutions can create a learner-to-earner lifecycle that engages modern learners for life, while providing modern administrators with the tools needed to streamline workflows and drive high efficiency.

Learn how Modern Campus is leading the modern learner engagement movement at and follow us on LinkedIn.

About RNL

RNL is the leading provider of higher education enrollment, student success, and fundraising solutions. The firm serves more than 1,900 colleges and universities through data-driven solutions focused on the entire lifecycle of enrollment and fundraising, assuring students find the right program, graduate on time, secure their first job in their chosen field, and give back to support the next generation. With a deep knowledge of the industry, RNL provides institutions the ability to scale their efforts by tapping into a community of support and resources. Visit

Modern Campus

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50 students from Odisha visit Maharashtra under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Student Exchange Program

50 students from Odisha completed their 5-day visit to Maharashtra recently under the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Student Exchange Program. The students reached Mumbai on 29th June as part of the Exchange Program. The exchange programme was facilitated by AICTE and Ministry of Education.

The batch of 50 students from Odisha were hosted by the Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai and provided them an opportunity to learn about Maharashtra’s language, culture, traditions, music, food etc.

The team from Odisha were warmly welcomed and served with the Maharashtra’s favourite cuisine including puran poli, kothimbir, vadi, misal pav and kande poha. Apart from this, LIVE cake making workshop was demonstrated by the pastry chefs from the Thakur Institute of Hotel management which evoked much interest among the students.

As part of the tour, the students explored various places of historical and cultural significance. They visited the famous Gateway of India, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, and the National Gallery of Modern Art. Formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum, the Vastu Sangrahalaya houses a host of relics, artworks and artefacts from the Mughal empire era, Indus Valley Civilization, and displays of Mumbai’s trade relations with other continents.

To experience the flora and fauna of the state, the students visited the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which has the unique distinction of being the largest tropical forest anywhere in the world to be completely surrounded by urban sprawl. At the park, the students also got a chance to visit the Kanheri Caves which has around 100 caves that demonstrate unique Buddhist style of art and architecture.

Mumbai, which is the entertainment capital of India and the centre of Bollywood, the students visited the National Museum of Indian Cinema in Mahalakshmi. Students also explored Nehru Science Centre in Worli and the Girgaon Viewing Deck. Earlier, students visited the Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology to experience AR VR technology and Thakur Institute of Hotel Management.

On the last day of their visit, the students from Odisha along with the volunteers of TCET visited Global Vipassana Pagoda in Borivali. A valedictory function was held, that was marked by cultural performances like Odissi and Bharatanatyam dance by students.


During the stay, students from both the states had a chance to exchange views on traditions, culture, lifestyle, education, etc. They engaged in indoor and outdoor activities, fun games and friendly matches.

Student’s learning flight controls using a mock up at Thakur Institute of Aviation engineering.

Students participating in the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Student Exchange Program were full of interest and enthusiasm at their visit. GIET University Gunupur student Ananya Rai said that only after the visit we realised that Mumbai is an impeccable blend of the old and modern civilisation, the city seems to be growing every second but they still managed to protect their invaluable history beautifully. I would say this five-day programme was a complete success. Another student Ashutosh Biswal said the trip included 5 days of tour in which we get knowledge about its history, tradition, cloth, food, heritage, culture, language etc. It was the foremost experience to me, to get knowledge about the Maharashtra in nut shell. The best part is to have made new friends here, he added.

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat programme aims to enhance interaction & promote mutual understanding between people of different states/UTs through the concept of state/UT pairing. The states carry out activities to promote a sustained and structured cultural connect in the areas of language learning, culture, traditions & music, tourism & cuisine, sports and sharing of best practices, etc.



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NFB gives students a one-of-a-kind tool to tell their story—Media School. New online filmmaking program ready today for teachers across Canada.

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

Halifax – WEBWIRE

Starting May 16, Canadian educators will have a brand new online workshop to teach students ages 13 to 18 how to use photos, voiceover and music to create engaging short digital stories. Media School is an online program that teaches students the fundamental and technical skills of digital storytelling—and it’s coming to the National Film Board of Canada’s education portal, CAMPUS, just in time for the new school year.

Collaboratively developed by teachers from across the country, media education experts, filmmaker Paul Tom, and the NFB Education team, Media School is available for all educators to use now in preparation for their 2022–23 lesson plans.

Media School is an innovative example of how education experts have taken NFB’s 80 years of leadership in audiovisual storytelling and educational resources to bring a robust media-skills program to Canadian youth. This new online workshop is an extension of the in-person filmmaking workshops the NFB used to provide students.

Key features of Media School

  • Offers step-by-step videos and interactive activities that take students through the stages of media production;
  • Provides hands-on workshops on a platform that works on desktop and laptop computers;
  • Breaks down lessons into bite-size activities that students can complete individually or grouped together, so educators can teach at their own pace and spend a period, a week, a month or a whole year with their students in Media School;
  • Teaches students the fundamentals of digital storytelling, including photography, editing, research, writing narration, online ethics, copyright and distribution.

Interesting facts about Media School

  • Media School will help students express their personal stories and experiences and explore the issues that matter to them and their communities, just like NFB’s award-winning filmmakers;
  • The workshop was designed to fit within the Canadian curricula for Social Studies, English or French studies, and Media Arts as well as the Digital Action Plans of most provinces;
  • Media School will help students build media-literacy skills and encourage digital citizenship.

About the NFB

For more than 80 years, the NFB has been an essential and trusted resource for educators in Canada. It has developed longstanding relationships with Canadian teachers and others in the field of education. The NFB is developing online, media-based and interactive thematic learning programs founded on productions that foster deep learning, creativity and student action. The NFB’s new education offer is a learning destination designed to cultivate engagement and inspire creativity through and around storytelling innovation and media arts.