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Starting May 16, Canadian educators will have a brand new online workshop to teach students ages 13 to 18 how to use photos, voiceover and music to create engaging short digital stories. Media School is an online program that teaches students the fundamental and technical skills of digital storytelling—and it’s coming to the National Film Board of Canada’s education portal, CAMPUS, just in time for the new school year.

Collaboratively developed by teachers from across the country, media education experts, filmmaker Paul Tom, and the NFB Education team, Media School is available for all educators to use now in preparation for their 2022–23 lesson plans.

Media School is an innovative example of how education experts have taken NFB’s 80 years of leadership in audiovisual storytelling and educational resources to bring a robust media-skills program to Canadian youth. This new online workshop is an extension of the in-person filmmaking workshops the NFB used to provide students.

Key features of Media School

  • Offers step-by-step videos and interactive activities that take students through the stages of media production;
  • Provides hands-on workshops on a platform that works on desktop and laptop computers;
  • Breaks down lessons into bite-size activities that students can complete individually or grouped together, so educators can teach at their own pace and spend a period, a week, a month or a whole year with their students in Media School;
  • Teaches students the fundamentals of digital storytelling, including photography, editing, research, writing narration, online ethics, copyright and distribution.

Interesting facts about Media School

  • Media School will help students express their personal stories and experiences and explore the issues that matter to them and their communities, just like NFB’s award-winning filmmakers;
  • The workshop was designed to fit within the Canadian curricula for Social Studies, English or French studies, and Media Arts as well as the Digital Action Plans of most provinces;
  • Media School will help students build media-literacy skills and encourage digital citizenship.

About the NFB

For more than 80 years, the NFB has been an essential and trusted resource for educators in Canada. It has developed longstanding relationships with Canadian teachers and others in the field of education. The NFB is developing online, media-based and interactive thematic learning programs founded on productions that foster deep learning, creativity and student action. The NFB’s new education offer is a learning destination designed to cultivate engagement and inspire creativity through and around storytelling innovation and media arts.