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 ReadyWise products are available on You can find a wide variety of ReadyWise products, including emergency food kits, water filters, camping meals, and everyday snacks. red in the event of an emergency.

Here are some of the ReadyWise products that are available on

Emergency food kits: ReadyWise emergency food kits are a great way to ensure that you have enough food to last for several days in the event of an emergency. These kits come with a variety of shelf-stable foods, including pasta, rice, beans, and canned goods.
Water filters: ReadyWise water filters are a great way to ensure that you have access to clean drinking water in the event of an emergency. These filters can remove harmful bacteria and contaminants from water, making it safe to drink.
Survival gear: ReadyWise survival gear includes a variety of items that can help you stay safe and comfortable in the event of an emergency.
ReadyWise Outdoor Camping Meals
ReadyWise Simple Kitchen Delicious Soups and Snacks

ReadyWise products are a great option. You can find a wide variety of ReadyWise products on

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Sue Matinkah’s Simple Children’s Guide to the Water Cycle Exhibited at the L.A. Times Festival of Books 2023

Reading is an important part of childrens education, whether they are reading about science, mathematics, fairy tales, or even just about how to behave well. That is why Sue Matinkah has been recently publishing her own childrens books to help the next generation understand natural science. Her simple guide to the water cycle had even been exhibited at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

San Diego, CA – WEBWIRE

Whether it is the simple facts of mathematics, history, or science, children need to practice reading in order to understand very important knowledge about the world they live in. That is why the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2023 featured plenty of new authors who carry on the work of teaching basic knowledge to a new generation of readers.

It is why Sue Matinkah, a grandmother and recently published childrens book author, has begun releasing her own series of books that teach simple lessons about the natural world.

One of these books is called Splish Splash Water, a story that talks about the water cycle and the importance of water to all life on Earth. With the help of ReadersMagnet, a book marketing and self-publishing company, Matinkahs work was among those exhibited at the literary festival.

Splish Splash Water covers all the basics of how water changes into different states of matter (between solid, liquid, and gas). Young readers also get to know fun facts, such as how much water there is on the planet. Lastly, it invites readers to think about the benefits they enjoy from water and why it is so important for life.

Matinkah has a deep, personal fondness for nature and the environment that contributed much to her writing her series. By teaching them about the importance of preserving nature through her books, she hopes to leave a lasting impact that guides them to preserve the future of the planet.

Get a copy of Splish Splash Water by Sue Ann Matinkhah on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ReadersMagnet Bookstore. For updates on new books in Susan Matinkahs nature series, please visit her website at

Splish Splash Water
Author | Sue Ann Matinkhah
Published date | September 28, 2022
Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC
Genre | Childrens Book

Author Bio
Sue Matinkhah has lived in Saginaw Michigan most of her life. She has three grown children that live in Michigan with their families. She has six grandchildren four girls and two boys. Sue decided to write environmental childrens books because nature and our environment are very important to her personally and for the Earth and the younger the children learn about it the more impact it will have on them the better and the World will be for them.

Elevating a ‘Simple’ Shopping Cart Security Lock with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

In a new ‘twist’ on the traditional “Coin-Operated Trolley Lock”, used by supermarkets around the globe, Tracxpoint has now developed the T-Loc(R), an Intelligent Locking Device for standard shopping trolleys, that is more secure and 100% connected to supermarket data systems.
“With the rollout of our Daivi(R) Smart Cart and CHECXiN(R) Cart Management products, we received many inquiries from budget-conscious grocers about the possibility of ‘getting their feet wet’ with a less robust solution. Several retailers were already using coin-operated locks, so our Engineers decided to ‘re-imagine’ this type of security device to connect with our AI-Driven ecosystem.” said, Gidon Moshkovitz, Chief Strategy Officer of Tracxpoint. “T-Loc(R) may appear as a simple chain-locking mechanism, but the data and insight it provides to store operators is exceptionally valuable and unmatched.”

The T-Loc(R) can be unlocked by scanning a QR Code printed on the main housing using the stores’ Rewards/Loyalty mobile app, or by the traditional use of inserting a coin for guest shoppers. Once unlocked, the device begins sending data to store servers; such as the location of the trolley, and duration of a shoppers’ visit, which combines to generate daily store Heat Maps, providing managers with great insight into customer movement and store layout analytics.

With the ability for T-Loc(R) to broadcast its coordinates, locating abandoned trolleys outside of the store or retrieving a ‘remote count’ of trolleys in-or-near a return kiosk is as easy as turning on the Television. Aside from the built-in WAY(R) Indoor Positioning System, T-Loc(R) also broadcasts a unique signal to area CHECXiN(R) terminals, to not only identify its proximity, but via daisy-chain connectivity, the proximity of other trolleys that may be too far away to directly connect with the CHECXiN(R) terminal; effectively reducing theft or loss.

Anti-theft and General Analytics are not the only features of the T-Loc(R). Like the Daivi(R) Smart Cart, shoppers using a stores’ mobile app may earn rewards for safely returning and re-locking the trolley, while also receiving personalized and location-based coupons during their shopping journey. Coupons may be accessed within the store’s mobile app itself and scanned at checkout. No personally identifiable data is ever collected or shared.

With less required infrastructure and easy installation, Tracxpoint’s T-Loc(R) intelligent locking device provides grocery retailers with a solid foundation to begin generating customer data and insights to refine operation, while securing the fleet, at minimal cost.

Tracxpoint is set to deploy the AI-Driven T-Loc(R) units, in Q4, 2022.

Additional details may be found on the Tracxpoint website

About Tracxpoint

Tracxpoint is a leading global provider of next-generation grocery and retail self-checkout solutions, and the inventor of the Daivi(R) Artificial Intelligent Shopping companion, which is the world’s first, and only, AI-Computer Vision smart cart that can see and recognize products as well as the human eye. Established in 2016, Tracxpoint is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, USA with R&D/Sales Offices in Haifa, Israel. For more information about the company, leadership, and products, please visit

scott ilg
Marketing & Communications
+1 (786) 383-2553

ImpactWayv™ – The Simple Social Media Solution For Our Time

ImpactWayv, Inc., a social impact media and technology company consisting of thought leaders and doers from across the business, nonprofit and technology sectors, announced today that its recently-launched Social [Impact] Media Platform is the simple social media solution for our time.

A pioneering, purpose-built social media network and digital ecosystem focused entirely on social impact and social good, ImpactWayv unites, connects and empowers all of its users – people, businesses and nonprofits – to achieve greater collective impact.

Now, more than ever, social media users (especially Gen-Z and Millenials) need a transformative and dynamic social media network that has positive social impact at its very core – where users can interact and engage with each other in a healthier and more meaningful way. 

Dan Rubino, ImpactWayv’s Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, said: “ImpactWayv focuses the conversation and interaction on making the world a better place.  Let’s restore our social fabric and bring back a truly civil society by embracing technology and a new social media platform.”

Learn more about ImpactWayv’s groundbreaking platform by visiting the company’s official website at and by downloading it here.

About ImpactWayv, Inc.

ImpactWayv, Inc. is a social impact media and technology company, consisting of thought leaders and doers from across the business, nonprofit and technology sectors. ImpactWayv was created to disrupt and transform the worlds of business and philanthropy through technology – to advance universal social good. For more information, please visit:


Contact Information
Samuel Amsterdam
Marketing & Communications

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3 Simple Steps to Generate Passive Rewards Of Up To 50% APY by Staking GLQ On GraphLinq App

PARIS, FRANCE, 3 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, GraphLinq is a no-code protocol for building on blockchain which helps you automate & perform over hundreds of actions based on events triggered on-chain & off-chain. Build, visualize and automate tasks without requiring any coding skills at all. 

GLQ is the native token for the GraphLinq ecosystem built on top of Ethereum (ERC20). It is used to run a graph on the platform’s mainnet to execute different processes over the blockchain to automate tasks, triggering events, and much more. GLQ will be used as the payment method in GraphLinq Marketplace where templates will be bought and sold peer-to-peer.

Established at the beginning of 2021, GraphLinq brings users in the crypto sphere a new model of integrating blockchain automation on any blockchain-related task. Simply put, GraphLinq Protocol contains unique tools such as an engine and an integrated development environment (IDE) to provide automated services while leveraging centralized data streams and several blockchains. 

The goal of GraphLinq is to provide a way to interface the blockchain with any connected system as effortlessly as possible and without requiring any technical skills or coding background. Setting up bots, or basic scripted logic, arbitrages on DEX or trading on a centralized exchange, they build the tools that help the decentralization adoption, every business has a logic that can be automated, they make it possible through monitoring and execution over multi-blockchains data. 

All You Need To Know About GLQ Staking which allows you to earn Passive Rewards of Up To 50% APY

GraphLinq has finally announced the much-awaited GLQ staking launch on the GraphLinq App, incentivizing the holders of GLQ to earn passive rewards. Upon staking, GLQ holders can earn as much as 50% APY in rewards depending on the unique tier mechanism aimed at incentivizing long-term holders. 

Initially, tier rankings are allotted in a decentralized nature as following:

-> First 15% stakers of total stakers will be in Tier 1 and get 50% APY

-> Next 40% stakers will be in Tier 2 and get 25% APY

-> The rest stakers will be in Tier 3 and enjoy a 12.5% APY

Tiers Utility Token  Annualized Interest Rate (APY) Staking Rewards Distribution Time
Tier 1 $GLQ 50% APY  Real-Time
Tier 2 $GLQ 25% APY Real-Time
Tier 3 $GLQ  12.5% APY Real-Time

The current APY is for a limited period only and would be updated in the near future.

When someone stakes for the first time, they’ll be in Tier 3 first and then make it onto the higher tiers by holding for longer durations, as the number of stakers increases one can end up in the first 15% or next 40% stakers, increasing his/her tier rank. Also, stakers in the higher tiers could drop to subsequent lower tiers upon withdrawing their staked GLQ, ultimately rewarding the long-term holders.

To put it simply, the longer you hold, the more your rank is likely to get to the next tier with higher APY. At each withdrawal you will lose your tier advantages, incentivizing the holders the most.

The first withdrawal decreases APY by half (if you’re not on tier 3), and the second will take the staker back to the last tier with the least APY. However, claiming yielded GLQ does not affect tier ranks or rewards.

Stake GLQ in 3 Easy steps

A step-by-step guide to stake GLQ:

Step 1

Make Sure You Have $GLQ!

If you’re still looking for a way to get $GLQ, here is how you can get them:

  • You can get GLQ on using fiat. For this method, you’ll need to verify your KYC and enter your ERC20 wallet address to receive GLQ.
  • Swap your ETH/ERC20 for GLQ on Uniswap, 1inch, Metamask wallet.
  • You can also get GLQ on any of these centralized exchanges (CEXs): Kucoin, MXC,

Video Tutorial on How To Get GLQ: 

Step 2

  • Connect Your ERC20 Wallet like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc. to GraphLinq App by selecting your desired wallet.
  • Then Approve the connection by clicking on “Sign”

Step 3

  • Go to the Staking Interface by clicking on “Stake your GLQ” on the top bar or “Staking Interface” on the sidebar. 
  • Once you are on the Staking Interface, “Total Staked GLQ”, “My Staked GLQ”, “My Claimable Rewards” and your current Tier Ranking can be seen. 
  • Within the staking interface, you can find the option to “Withdraw” your staked GLQ and an option to “Claim Rewards.”
  • But first, we need to stake some GLQ. To do that, enter your desired GLQ amount to stake in the “Stake Your GLQ” field. After entering the desired figure, click on “Stake now” and approve the contract on your connected wallet. Then after the approval from your wallet, click on “Stake now” again and confirm on your connected wallet in order to complete the staking process.

After this, your GLQ will be staked successfully! 

Video Tutorial On How To Stake GLQ: