Samsung Unveils New Three-Part Docu-Series Celebrating the Skateboarding, Breaking and Surfing Communities on the Road to Paris 2024

The short documentaries explore each sports iconic subcultures and their shared belief in openness


Samsung Electronics, a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, launched a new documentary series designed to spotlight skateboarding, breaking and surfing on the Road to Paris 2024. The series, produced in collaboration with the Street League Skateboarding (SLS), Pro Breaking Tour (PBT) and World Surf League (WSL), will feature three short docu-series: Concrete Dreams, Breaking Boundaries and The Next Wave.

The first in the series, Concrete Dreams, which spotlights the skateboarding communitys journey to the Olympics, is now live on Samsungs YouTube Channel and will be screened for fans at the SLS San Diego championship tour event on April 20. The breaking and surfing series will be released on April 25 and May 21, respectively, and premiere at PBTs Atlanta event and WSLs event in Tahiti.

Starring sport legends Shaun Tomson, Eric Koston and David Kid David Shreibman alongside Olympic athletes Johanne Defay (Surfing, France), Sky Brown (Skateboarding, Great Britain), Grace Sunny Choi (Breaking, U.S.) and many more, the project celebrates the communities that lie at the heart of each sport as they get set to open themselves to the world this summer.

This new project is a key part of Samsungs Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 campaign, Open always wins, which claims that with an open mind, anything is possible a motto these communities live by every day. Produced in collaboration with the SLS, PBT and WSL, the docu-series explores the iconic subcultures of each sport, their shared belief in openness and the impact that being part of the Olympic Games has on their communities past, present and future.

The synopsis of the skateboarding documentary unveiled today is as follows:

Concrete Dreams: From the birth of street skateboarding in the 1980s to its consecration at the Olympic Games Paris 2024, this is the story of a community built on one unspoken rulerespect. It encourages you to see the world in a different way, to go create and always get back up, no matter how often you fall.

The synopses of the next documentaries in the series are as follows:

Breaking Boundaries: As breakers get ready for their Olympic Games Paris 2024 debut, this is the story of a global community born from the streets and shooting for the stars. It is a celebration of breaking as an explosion of energy and soul that gives you a sense of expression and belonging and encourages you to do something weve never seen before.

The Next Wave: Surf legends and icons in the making share their story as they embark on their journey to Paris 2024. It is the ultimate love story between them and the ocean as they prepare to take that leap and a celebration of surf as a way of life, passed down to generations, and a culture that has not only survived but gotten stronger.

Samsung is excited to support the skateboarding, breaking and surfing communities on their incredible journey to Paris 2024, said Stephanie Choi, EVP & Head of Marketing of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. Were honored to tell their stories and help shine light on these communities to wider audiences through this docu-series. We hope they inspire many to push boundaries, support each other and always stay open.

We were really excited to partner with Samsung on this docu-series and share our story and our culture with the whole world, said Tim Greenberg, WSL EVP, Content Strategy and Production. Surfing is unlike any other sport on the planet. This is such an amazing opportunity to open up our community and celebrate what brings us all together.

This is a big year for us and our sport. The future of women surfers is really bright, and the Olympic Games give us that long-term vision, said Johanne Defay (Surfing, France). They are a chance for us to really show the world what surfing is all about. Not only our skill on the waves but what we stand for as a community committed to giving back to our sport and our planet and The Next Wave truly honors that.

Everyone looks out for each other, thats the special thing about having this small community, said John John Florence (Surfing, U.S.). Its exciting to be able to open our community to the world with this documentary.

Finding skateboarding was like falling in love for the first time, said Rayssa Leal (Skateboarding, Brazil). Im so excited to share our story with this documentary and show young girls what skateboarding is all about.

Skateboarding is a chance for people to show 100% of themselves and really push their own limits, said Jagger Eaton (Skateboarding, U.S.). What if youre one morning away from making all your dreams come true? You never know how close you are to success. Hope you guys love the documentary as much as I did! Im stoked to share our journey with you.

Skateboarding is all about freedom, you can just pick up your board and go anywhere. Its like becoming a kid again, said Aurelien Giraud (Skateboarding, France). I hope our story inspires you to pick up that skateboard and enjoy the ride.

Breaking is special. When Im dancing, its like nothing matters in the world except for me just being me, said Grace Sunny Choi (Breaking, U.S.). Theres going to be a lot of great opportunities coming out of the Olympic Games from the added awareness and hopefully also more parents wanting to put their kids into breaking. I hope this documentary makes you as excited as we are to share this culture with the world.

This was such an exciting project to be a part of, said American skateboarding icon and entrepreneur, Eric Koston, who lent his perspective to Concrete Dreams. Our sport has such a deep connection to film. To see these voices come together to celebrate our sport, our journey and our heritage is huge.

In addition to the screenings at SLS, PBT and WSL events, the docu-series will go live on Samsungs YouTube channel. Visit hereto watch Concrete Dreamsand check out the trailers for upcoming documentaries.

Samsung x Paris 2024: Open always wins – Concrete Dreams

About Samsungs Involvement in the Olympic Games
Samsung has been a Worldwide Olympic Partner since the Olympic Winter Games Nagano 1998. For over 25 years, athletes and fans have trusted Samsungs transformative mobile technology to share the Olympic spirit globally and continue to shape the digital future of the Olympic Games for Paris 2024 and beyond. The companys commitment to the Olympic Movement soon faces its fourth decade of partnership and extends through Los Angeles 2028. Samsungs purposeful innovations in the wireless communications and computing equipment category, including equipment that features artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and 5G will change the way the world experiences the Olympic Games.

About Samsungs Involvement in the Paralympic Games
Samsung is a Worldwide Partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in the wireless communications and computing equipment category. Starting from Paralympic Winter Games Torino 2006, the company has proudly supported the Paralympic Movement and enabled athletes and fans around the world to share the excitement and inspiration of the Games through Samsungs transformative mobile technology. Samsungs commitment to the Paralympic Games will extend through to Los Angeles 2028 and be celebrated through innovative mobile and computing experiences powered by purposeful innovations in the wireless communications and computing equipment category, including equipment that features artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and 5G.

About World Surf League
The World Surf League (WSL) is the global home of competitive surfing, crowning World Champions since 1976 and showcasing the worlds best surfing. The WSL oversees surfings global competitive landscape and sets the standard for elite performance in the most dynamic playing field in all of sports. With a firm commitment to its values, the WSL prioritizes the protection of the ocean, equality, and the sports rich heritage, while championing progression and innovation. For more information, visit

About Street League Skateboarding
Since its inception in 2010, Street League Skateboarding (SLS) has propelled street skateboarding from a collection of independent standalone events to a renowned global series. As pioneers of street skateboardings premium qualification system and competition format, SLS offers an amateur-to-professional pathway and creates thrilling live events across the globe. The SLS Championship Tour is recognized as the worlds premier professional street skateboarding competition. Events take place on custom-built, one-of-a-kind, SLS-certified plazas in major cities around the world, with the best in the sport competing for the highest stakes. For more information,

About Pro Breaking Tour
The Pro Breaking Tour stands at the forefront of elevating Breaking, hosting premier competitive events that celebrate the dance forms artistry, athleticism, and cultural heritage. Through our meticulously organized competitions, we aim to provide a dynamic platform for breakers to showcase their talents, while fostering a community rooted in respect, unity, and creative expression. Our mission is to spotlight the vibrancy of breaking on a global stage, encouraging growth and appreciation for this dynamic element of hip-hop culture. For more information, visit


Full Cast

Concrete Dreams
Sky Brown (Skateboarding, Great Britain), Team Samsung Galaxy
Jagger Eaton (Skateboarding, U.S.), Team Samsung Galaxy
Aurelien Giraud (Skateboarding, France), Team Samsung Galaxy
Rayssa Leal (Skateboarding, Brazil), Team Samsung Galaxy
Chris Cote, Journalist
Eric Koston, Professional skateboarder

Breaking Boundaries
Sunny Choi (Breaking, U.S.), Team Samsung Galaxy
Karam Singh (Breaking, Great Britain), Team Samsung Galaxy
David Kid David Shreibman, B-Boy
Ken Swift, B-Boy
ROOKIE, FlowXL, Breaking crew
Wonyoung Baek, Breaking legend
Cheoljong Jeong, Breaking legend
Chris CrosOne Wright, Breaking legend

The Next Wave
Johanne Defay (Surfing, France), Team Samsung Galaxy
John John Florence (Surfing, U.S.), Team Samsung Galaxy
Jack Robinson (Surfing, Australia), Team Samsung Galaxy
Shaun Tomson, Surf legend
Moana Jones Wong, Professional surfer
Leah Dawson, Surfer
Ashton Goggans, Journalist

Samsung Electronics Takes Gaming Experiences To The Next Level with Global Launch of Odyssey Ark

With unrivaled picture quality and cinematic surround sound, Odyssey Ark represents a new frontier in gaming


Samsung Electronics today announced the global launch of Odyssey Ark, the world’s first 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen, adding a completely new form factor to the industry-leading Odyssey lineup. The huge display delivers a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time (GtG),1 plus an all new Cockpit Mode and an exclusive controller, the Ark Dial — offering the ultimate window into the world of gaming with unparalleled immersion.

“We are excited to unveil this totally unique, next-generation gaming screen, the Odyssey Ark. This 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen brings together premium, cinematic picture quality, immersive surround sound and an incredibly flexible interface which gamers increasingly demand,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The gaming community craves new experiences and Odyssey Ark delivers access to a new world of gaming that will raise standards across the entire industry.”

The groundbreaking Odyssey Ark is built to deliver incredible cinematic experiences, superior gaming performance and an interface that offers completely optimized flexibility. Originally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, the Odyssey Ark was recognized as a CES Innovation Award Honoree.

A New Cinematic Experience That Appeal to The Senses

The large 55-inch screen wraps around the user’s field of view thanks to its 1000R curvature, filling their peripheral vision. This is further emphasized by Cockpit Mode, which enables the screen to rotate with HAS (Height Adjustable Stand), tilt and pivot functionality for an optimal screen environment that creates a new sense of world-blending immersion.

The Odyssey Ark brings Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology to bear, using Quantum Mini LEDs, which enable ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs. With newly added 14-bit processing, a sophisticated lighting control technology, gamers see both dark and bright scenes, including 16,384 black levels for ultra-realistic graphics.

A million-to-one static contrast ratio brings out even the most subtle details with perfect clarity. Plus, the Neural Quantum Processor Ultra takes content quality to new heights by using data generated from 20 neural networks to enhance every visual detail, upscaling content to up to 4K resolution.

For supreme cinematic experience, the Odyssey Ark leverages Samsung’s Matte Display and Sound Dome Technology. The Matte Display provides both anti-glare and anti-reflection protection, minimizing distractions and keeps users focused on the content in front of them. The Odyssey Ark introduces magnificent sound with ‘Sound Dome Tech’ featuring AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos to enhance the surround sound experience. Four speakers, one at each corner, and two central woofers result in realistic and rich sound thanks to a 60W 2.2.2 channel with the lowest 45Hz notes of any gaming screen or gaming soundbar.

Superior Gaming Performance Optimized for Players

Along with the 165Hz refresh rate, the Odyssey Ark brings together a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution featuring 1ms response time (GtG) with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, maximizing on-screen accuracy and giving gamers a competitive edge in fast-moving environments. The Odyssey Ark also delivers powerful gaming performance and enables gamers to experience the best of gaming in one place with Samsung Gaming Hub.2 Samsung Gaming Hub is an all-in-one game streaming discovery platform, where players can discover and enjoy games they love from partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik and Amazon Luna.

Samsung Gaming Hub allows instant access to top streaming services, as well as popular console and PC games. With no downloads or storage space requirements, users can explore every corner of the gaming world without limitations.

Flexible Interface To Find The Perfect Settings for Victory

Gamers increasingly expect personalized and customizable gaming experiences. The Odyssey Ark provides a range of innovative features that let gamers adjust screen size, position and even ratio for an optimal gaming setup. First, the solar-powered Ark Dial — the exclusive controller for the Odyssey Ark — can quickly and simply control a variety of settings, including Flex Move Screen, Multi View, Quick Settings and Game Bar.

Flex Move Screen allows users to adjust screen size between 55- and 27-inches, change the screen position and even switch the screen ratio between 16:9, 21:9 and 32:9 — all with just one touch of Ark Dial. This freedom is not only horizontal but also vertical position, giving users even more control of the viewing experience. Multi View allows users to use the large screen to its full potential by displaying up to four screens all at once while horizontal, or three while in Cockpit Mode. This eliminates the need for multi-monitor setups, so gamers can enjoy a clutter-free environment.

Game Bar3 is a powerful tool enabling gamers to quickly and easily view their gaming status and control important settings without ever needing to leave the game screen. From checking FPS (Frames Per Second), HDR (High Dynamic Range) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), to adjusting settings such as screen ratio, response time and Game Picture mode, Game Bar puts the player in control and on the road to victory.

As well as being equipped with a solar panel, the Ark Dial can also be charged by a USB Type-C connection, eliminating the need for any disposable batteries.

Preorder for Samsung’s Odyssey Ark will be available from August 15, 2022.4 For more information, please visit:


Spec Table

      Model      –      G97NB


Screen Size         55”

Flat / Curved      1000R Curved

Aspect Ratio       16:9

Processor            Neural Quantum Processor Ultra

Matte Display    Yes

Back Light Unit  Quantum Mini LED(Local Dimming)

HDR(High Dynamic Range)           Quantum HDR 2000

Contrast Ratio Static       1,000,000 : 1

Resolution          3,840 x 2,160

Response Time 1ms (GTG)

Refresh Rate      Max 165Hz

Gaming Features:

VRR        FreeSync Premium Pro

Samsung Gaming Hub    Yes

Others  Ark Dial, Flex Move Screen, Multi View, Game Bar, Game Mode

General Features:

Auto Source Switch +      Yes

Eye Saver Mode     Yes

Flicker Free         Yes

Adaptive Picture       Yes

Off Timer Plus    Yes


Sound Output    60W

Channel               2.2.2ch (4 speakers and 2 woofers)

Frequency Response      45Hz ~ 20KHz

Dolby Atmos      Yes


HDMI        HDMI 2.1 (4EA), HDMI-CEC

Lan Port       RJ45 (1EA)


Color     Black

Stand Type          Height Adjustable Stand (HAS)

Tilt          Yes

Pivot      Yes (Cockpit Mode)

Wall Mount        Yes (200×200, 300×300, 400×400)


1 Gray to Gray. A unit of measurement of pixel speed. Used to measure the response time of gaming monitors.

2 Samsung Gaming Hub is available in the following countries/regions: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Korea and Brazil. Service availability for partners may vary by region. 

[i]3 Game Bar supports PC & console gaming but does not support the Samsung Gaming Hub.[/i]

4 Preorder may vary by region or country

Samsung Electronics Extends 2022 ViewFinity Lineup To Empower Creative Professionals To Achieve More

Samsung sets a new benchmark for high resolution monitors with World’s First UL verified Glare Free ’Matte Display’


Samsung Electronics today announced the global launch of ViewFinity S8 (Model Name: S80PB), a high resolution monitor specialized for creative professionals including content creators, graphic designers and more. ViewFinity, a portmanteau of “View” and “Infinity” is the new name for Samsung’s high resolution monitor lineup, meaning ‘The Value of Infinite Viewing Experience’, and showcases Samsung’s ambition to establish a new benchmark for high resolution monitors.

“ViewFinity is the summation of Samsung’s goal to deliver the most precise and functional monitors to businesses who require pinpoint accuracy and consistency throughout their work,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are proud to offer this monitor to designers, artists and professionals who will use our technology to create new ideas and experiences that realize their full potential.”

The Samsung ViewFinity S8 is available in 32” and 27” models to give high performance in the most popular screen sizes. Pro-grade UHD resolution is combined with a wide color gamut up to 98% of DCI-P3 and Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR™ 6001 for more range, accuracy and nuance. Professional factory calibration ensures up to one billion colors are projected in crystal clarity on the IPS panel, which creates vibrant color reproduction and contrast while working on the most complex visual and design projects.

Moreover, Samsung ViewFinity S8 received the ‘PANTONE Validated’2 recognition in display from PANTONE3 — meaning the models authentically reproduce more than 2,000 colors as well as the newly added 110 skin tone shades which can be found in the PANTONE SkinTone Guide.

As the world’s first UL4 verified Glare Free monitor, Matte Display is applied on the top of the panel, reducing light reflection even when not using a monitor hood to provide a distraction-free working environment. This is enhanced by the wide viewing angle allowing users to see images clearly from any angle. Plus, ViewFinity S8 earned the CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree in the Computer Peripherals & Accessories category in recognition of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to deliver considerable benefits to its customers.

Samsung has developed and applied a new material, made with repurposed ocean-bound plastics, to the ViewFinity S8 to reduce marine waste and minimize the environmental footprint while using more recycled plastics to produce its display products than it did in 2021. Samsung’s Eco Savings Plus technology also reduces pixel brightness in sections of an image with black pixels for up to a 10% reduction in power consumption. In fact, ViewFinity S8 is TCO Certified5 for its product design based on specific social and environmental responsibility requirements, as its product lifecycle also contributes to the circular economy.

The ViewFinity S8 offers increased functionality to create efficient workflows. It can be used as an all-in-one dock for desktops or laptops for simplified workstations at home or the office. Also, users can connect the monitor with a single USB Type-C cable enables display signals, 10Gbps data transfers, fast internet speeds via an Ethernet6 connection and fast charging with up to 90W power. The VESA-compatible design maximizes space efficiency, allowing users to adjust, tilt, swivel and pivot the monitor into the perfect ergonomic position. Furthermore, the ViewFinity S8 offers certification from TÜV Rheinland for Intelligent Eye Care, Adaptive Picture for optimized quality in any viewing environment, Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology.

The ViewFinity monitors include the newly released models and nine other products with QHD or higher resolution — 2022 models (S80PB, S61B) and 2021 models (S95UA, S80UA, S80A, S70A, S65UA, S60UA, S60A).

Samsung’s new high resolution monitor, ViewFinity S8, will be available globally from the end of June, with launch schedules varying by region.

For more information, including local market availability, please visit: Samsung ViewFinity.


                      Model :   S80PB

Display        Screen Size :  32”, 27’’

                     Resolution:  3,840 x 2,160 (UHD)

                     Panel type:   IPS

                     Color Gamut (DCI Coverage) :   DCI-P3 98%

                     HDR : 32’’ – HDR600, 27’’ – HDR400

                     Peak Brightness (Typical) :  32’’ – 600 cd/㎡, 27’’ – 400 cd/㎡

                     Response Time :  5ms (GtG)

                     Contrast Ratio :  1,000:1 (Typ.)

                     Viewing Angle :  178° (Horizontal) / 178° (Vertical)

                     Color Support (16.7M/1B) :  Max 1.07B

Features      Intelligent Eye care:   Adaptive Picture / Eye Saver Mode / Flicker Free

                     Picture-In-Picture:  Yes

                     Picture-By-Picture :  Yes

                     Stand Type:  HAS (Height Adjustable Stand)

                     Tilt / Swivel / Pivot :   Yes

                     Wall Mount :  100×100

Interface     Connectivity: 1 Display Port / 1 HDMI / 1 USB-C / USB Hub 3.0 (3 Dn) *USB-C Charging Power: Max 90W

                    Ethernet(LAN):  1 EA

Recognitions  UL-verified Glare Free:  Yes

                         PANTONE-validated:  Yes (PANTONE™ Validated, PANTONE™ SkinTone™ Validated)

                         TUV-certified:  Yes (GS / Low Blue Light / Flicker free)

                         TCO 9.0-certified:  Yes

                         EPEAT-certified:  Yes

                         Energy Star-certified:  Yes


1 VESA Display HDR 600 available on the 32-inch version. 27-inch model supports VESA Display HDR 400.

2 PANTONE™ Validated and PANTONE™ SkinTone™ Validated.

3 PANTONE is the global authority on color and creator of the PANTONE Matching System (PMS) and PANTONE SkinTone colors.

4 UL, LLC is a global safety certification company operating the standards for safety, security, sustainability.

5 TCO Certified, generation 9. TCO Certified is a global sustainability certification for IT products, available for computers, mobile devices, display products and data center products. Criteria cover both social and environmental sustainability and enable circular solutions. Compliance with criteria is independently verified. TCO Certified is a third-party certification in accordance with ISO 14024.

6 Requires ViewFinity to be plugged into internet modem via a LAN cable. Internet speeds vary by provider and region.

Samsung Ads Offers Nielsen’s Advanced TV Measurement for Samsung TV Plus Connected TV Inventory

Samsung Ads, the advertising arm of Samsung Electronics and the global leader in advanced TV, announced today that advanced TV measurement from Nielsen is available for purchasing inventory on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s popular free ad-supported TV (FAST) service. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) will enable advertisers to more easily buy and optimize Samsung TV Plus inventory.

“Nielsen’s advanced TV measurement is a critical currency, and we believe this integration will support the continued growth of Samsung TV Plus, providing consistent ways for advertisers to measure and plan campaigns for the service,” said Tom Fochetta, SVP, Samsung Ads. “As a pioneer in advanced and connected TV products and inventory, we know it’s essential to remove barriers to entry and simplify the ad buying and campaign management process. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings does just that. It provides a consistent way to decision, measure and validate advertisers’ audiences.”

“With connected TV video advertising skyrocketing, the need for verified, third-party metrics is critical to simplify the buying process and unlock additional value and growth,” said Ameneh Atai, GM, Digital and Advance TV Commercial Strategy, Nielsen. “By expanding our advanced TV measurement to include Samsung Ads, we are keeping our commitment to provide comprehensive coverage of the CTV marketplace. And as the industry continues to evolve, we want to provide brands the cross-media metrics needed to confidently activate campaigns and transact across platform.”

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings will be available to advertisers that purchase media via Direct I/O or through Samsung’s Private Marketplace (PMP). As both a hardware company with exclusive deterministic viewership data and a CTV platform, Samsung Ads is uniquely positioned as the bridge transitioning advertisers from a linear past to a CTV future.

“The ability to use Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings for Samsung TV Plus inventory has provided us with the confidence and information we needed to be able to expand our campaigns via Programmatic pipes,” said Sara Sorce, AVP of Paid Media, at Nationwide and a select alpha partner for Nielsen measurement on Samsung TV Plus. “The Samsung Ads Private Marketplace has enabled us to purchase inventory in a way that works best for our needs, and the combination of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings allows us to standardize how we measure Samsung TV Plus, along with all the other CTV and linear we buy.”

Samsung TV Plus is the leading FAST service on Samsung smart TVs. The service has grown 84% in monthly active users year-over-year. When it comes to AVOD apps specifically, Samsung TV Plus is the No. 2 most watched app on Samsung TVs. More than half of Samsung TV Plus viewers are cord cutters or cord nevers, and 90% of Samsung TV Plus viewers do not use any connected streaming media devices and instead stream directly from their Samsung smart TVs.

This announcement is the first step in the Samsung Ads and Nielsen relationship. Samsung Ads will be included in Nielsen ONE, scheduled for release in late 2022, which aims to provide complete standardization for demographic buying within the fragmented ad marketplace.

 About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE: NLSN) is a leading global data and analytics company that provides a holistic and objective understanding of the media industry. With offerings spanning audience measurement, audience outcomes and content, Nielsen offers its clients and partners simple solutions to complex questions and optimizes the value of their investments and growth strategies. It is the only company that can offer de-duplicated cross-media audience measurement. Audience is EverythingTM to Nielsen and its clients, and Nielsen is committed to ensuring that every voice counts.

An S&P 500 company, Nielsen offers measurement and analytics service in nearly 60 countries. Learn more at or and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

About Samsung Ads

Samsung Ads is an advertising ecosystem spanning hundreds of millions of devices across smart TV, mobile, and desktop. Our brand-safe inventory, fueled by exclusive Samsung data and insights, provides advertisers with unmatched power to engage consumers across the Samsung household as they discover new content, new products, and new experiences. With Samsung Ads, advertisers can achieve reach, scale, and precision in every connected moment.

For more information about Samsung Ads visit:

Samsung Canada extends partnership with Holland Bloorview in support of autism research and programming

In support of World Autism Month, Samsung Canada is donating Galaxy Watch Actives and Galaxy tablets to the Autism Research Centre at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to help support ongoing research and programming for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The devices will be used to support children in a variety of treatment, research, and everyday settings.

Watches and tablets will be used in a study examining the effectiveness of virtual reality (V/R) technology in reducing anxiety related to visiting the dentist. Study participants will receive a Samsung tablet pre-loaded with a V/R simulation of a dental office, to determine if engaging with the video helps to lessen the anxiety felt during their visit. In another study, devices will also be used to help track the efficacy of a medication being studied for anxiety management.

In school and treatment settings, watches and tablets will be used to support children with ASD with emotion regulation. Additionally, the devices will support the delivery of virtual programming for children and their families. These include a virtual anxiety management program for children living in northern Indigenous communities, and a virtual early intervention program for toddlers with social communication challenges and their caregivers.

“Technology has tremendous potential to help support children with ASD and their families,” says Dr. Azadeh Kushki, Senior Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute. “With the device donation from Samsung, we’re able to realize some of this potential by developing and evaluating innovative technology-based supports and interventions.”

Samsung has partnered with Holland Bloorview in the past to deliver innovative technology solutions in support of ASD, including a research study conducted by the institute aimed at learning more about how children and youth with ASD use technology. Samsung has also donated wearables in support of Holland Bloorview’s Anxiety Meter project, a project centred on the use of technology to detect children’s anxiety levels, to help them better manage symptoms and improve health outcomes.

“Technology is a powerful driver of change, and for years, Samsung devices have been helping to deliver better outcomes in our communities,” said Jennifer Groh, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing and Citizenship,  Samsung Canada. “Our partnership with Holland Bloorview is an example of how far that impact goes, with our devices supporting new treatments and an enhanced quality of care for children with autism.”

Since 2015, Samsung has donated over 5,000 devices to families with autism and autism service organizations to raise awareness of the positive impact technology can make in the lives of children and youth with ASD.

To learn more about how Samsung Canada is giving back to citizens and the community, visit