In support of World Autism Month, Samsung Canada is donating Galaxy Watch Actives and Galaxy tablets to the Autism Research Centre at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to help support ongoing research and programming for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The devices will be used to support children in a variety of treatment, research, and everyday settings.

Watches and tablets will be used in a study examining the effectiveness of virtual reality (V/R) technology in reducing anxiety related to visiting the dentist. Study participants will receive a Samsung tablet pre-loaded with a V/R simulation of a dental office, to determine if engaging with the video helps to lessen the anxiety felt during their visit. In another study, devices will also be used to help track the efficacy of a medication being studied for anxiety management.

In school and treatment settings, watches and tablets will be used to support children with ASD with emotion regulation. Additionally, the devices will support the delivery of virtual programming for children and their families. These include a virtual anxiety management program for children living in northern Indigenous communities, and a virtual early intervention program for toddlers with social communication challenges and their caregivers.

“Technology has tremendous potential to help support children with ASD and their families,” says Dr. Azadeh Kushki, Senior Scientist, Bloorview Research Institute. “With the device donation from Samsung, we’re able to realize some of this potential by developing and evaluating innovative technology-based supports and interventions.”

Samsung has partnered with Holland Bloorview in the past to deliver innovative technology solutions in support of ASD, including a research study conducted by the institute aimed at learning more about how children and youth with ASD use technology. Samsung has also donated wearables in support of Holland Bloorview’s Anxiety Meter project, a project centred on the use of technology to detect children’s anxiety levels, to help them better manage symptoms and improve health outcomes.

“Technology is a powerful driver of change, and for years, Samsung devices have been helping to deliver better outcomes in our communities,” said Jennifer Groh, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing and Citizenship,  Samsung Canada. “Our partnership with Holland Bloorview is an example of how far that impact goes, with our devices supporting new treatments and an enhanced quality of care for children with autism.”

Since 2015, Samsung has donated over 5,000 devices to families with autism and autism service organizations to raise awareness of the positive impact technology can make in the lives of children and youth with ASD.

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