How to Select the Right Load Movement System

 AeroGo, manufacturer of innovative load moving equipment, launched a new seven-episode podcast, called, “Select the Right Load Movement System.” The podcast, available wherever podcasts are available, addresses critical questions to consider when determining the best method to move heavy objects in industrial settings. Each episode covers a specific question used to narrow down the choices available to the listener’s situation. Potential solutions may include a crane, conveyor, air cushion vehicle, forklift or other industrial truck, transfer cart, drag chain, rail system or other systems.

Each move system has different strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes the need for flexibility will override cost as a consideration. Other times, the sheer weight of the load might drive the decision over any other requirement. Situational factors, the facility or environment, or other needs can all affect the decision. Beyond raw cost and logistical feasibility, the floor condition, time to implement, safety risks, and cost can affect the decision.

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Founded in 1967, AeroGo manufactures innovative load moving equipment, utilizing wheels and hovercraft technology, to move heavy, awkward, or delicate loads in industrial settings. We collaborate with our customers to find a load moving solution that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

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NOLA on Tap Returns; Yeah You Right Events Tabbed to Bring Back Louisiana’s Largest Beer Festival

 NOLA on Tap, the beloved New Orleans beer festival in support of the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LASPCA), will return to the festival calendar in 2023.

Yeah You Right Events, a new partnership between Top Taco and Food Fight producer Shane Finkelstein and restaurateur and Cinco de Mayo Fest producer Oscar Chimal, will take charge of the popular homebrew and craft beer festival. While some changes will be in store for NOLA on Tap, the LASPCA will remain sole beneficiary of the event.

“Top Taco and Food Fight have become can’t-miss food festivals in the city. Yeah You Right Events aims to make NOLA on Tap look more like those events while still retaining many of the features that made it one of the largest beer festivals in the country,” said event producer Shane Finkelstein.

Homebrewers will still battle it out for coveted awards and top-notch live musical acts will still grace the stages, but NOLA on Tap will now be a 21 and over ticketed event, and move from City Park on the fall calendar to Lafreniere Park on March 18th, 2023 from 2pm-7pm.

“We really wanted to take NOLA on Tap out of hurricane season,” said event producer Shane Finkelstein. “We love Lafreniere Park for the type of events that we do and its proximity to the city. It really is the perfect venue for medium-sized festivals.”

Other changes will include an all-inclusive ticket package for beer-lovers and a VIP Experience that will include a crawfish boil, open bar, signature beers, lounge seating, private restrooms, and additional food and entertainment.

Early bird tickets will start at $10 for “Designated Drivers” and $35 for unlimited beer samples, while all-inclusive VIP tickets will start at $95 and end up at $125 at the gate.

“We are so excited to have Yeah You Right Events bring back NOLA on Tap,” says CEO of the LASPCA, Ana Zorrilla. “We couldn’t have asked for a better group to bring it back after a 3 year-long hiatus.”

When NOLA on Tap was conceived back in 2009, Abita Brewing was the only brewery in Louisiana. Today, there are over 40 breweries in the state and dozens more around the Gulf Coast. The goal of Yeah You Right Events is to have every local and regional brewery represented at this year’s festival.

“From Gnarly Barley and Urban South to NOLA Brewing Company and Bayou Teche, we now have some of the best breweries in the country right in our backyard,” said Oscar Chimal.

A craft beer competition will be added to NOLA on Tap so festival-goers and celebrity judges can vote for their favorite Pilsners, Lagers, Porters, Sours, and Stouts.

Another feature added to the festival will be the Doggie Drag Show presented by Petcetera. Come out and watch our lovable pups strut their stuff on the runway and sign up to be a foster for those waiting to be adopted.

The goal is to raise $100,000 for the LASPCA so they can continue to do the important work they do in our community.

Tickets will go on sale on December 15.

For more information, visit their website at

About the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:
The Louisiana SPCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promote, protect and advance the well-being of Louisiana’s companion animals. As the oldest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the state, the Louisiana SPCA impacts more than 73,000 homeless and companion animals annually. For more than 130 years, the Louisiana SPCA has been committed to serving the needs of the people and animals in the community and across the region as a 4-Star Charity Navigator rated nonprofit ranking in the top 1% nationally and a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. For more information, call 504.368.5191 or visit

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Step right up to Circus Electrique, Zen Studios’ steampunk-circus RPG coming September 6

Zen Studios’ lead writer explains what makes it different and how it all came to be


Sometime in late 2019, a small team of creative minds within Zen Studios pitched an idea to the rest of us: “Let’s make an RPG set in a steampunk version of London where all your playable heroes are circus performers.” Pretty much everyone who read the pitch—myself included—reacted in a manner that I hope you share upon hearing such a premise: “What a crazy idea… I love it!” Just a few weeks away from the September 6 release of  Circus Electrique, allow me to reflect on how it all came to be—and other ways the game differentiates itself from other RPGs, as well…

Making a game we ourselves want to play

The idea for a project first referred to as “Circus Scandal” came about when team members fresh off other Zen Studios RPGs like the first-person dungeon-crawler Operencia: The Stolen Sun, tactical roguelite Dread Nautical, and 4X genre mishmash CastleStorm II all expressed our desire to bring another RPG to life. At Zen, it’s important that we make the kinds of games we ourselves want to play…and it just so happened that in recent years, a certain relatively new subgenre of RPGs had particularly enthralled many of us, best exemplified by Darkest Dungeon. And amidst that darkness, a lightbulb went off: “We enjoy this kind of a game. Let’s make our own.”

Steampunk offers a unique aesthetic

But what exactly was the best way to make a game like Darkest Dungeon “our own”? We realized early on, the first step was to present a unique aesthetic. High fantasy is cool and all, but what if we took things someplace else? What if we didn’t even have any knights or mages or orcs or elves or dragons? (Not even a single dungeon, poorly lit or otherwise!) What if we…went steampunk? 

That was designer Andras “Babar” Klujber’s idea, to which pretty much all of us said, “Steampunk is great! We love steampunk! Why aren’t there more steampunk games? Let’s change that.” Before we knew it, we found ourselves researching the era…which led to finding awesome circus posters like these…

So that got us thinking…circus performers have their own unique special abilities, don’t they? What if they used them to fight? What if it were up to these circus folk to save a late-Victorian steampunk London from common citizens gone mad? What if the electrical innovations of the day from the likes of Tesla, Edison and Westinghouse were really amped up (pun absolutely intended)? Not a whole lot of games with a premise like that out there.

Driven by story

Now we had our basic idea—a steampunk RPG where you fight as circus performers against everyday people gone “barmy.” But how do we make that make sense? That’s where another one of our key differentiators came in: a greater emphasis on story. Something more narrative driven—maybe even more influenced by JRPGs.

To summarize things simply, the world of Circus Electrique was identical to our own until 1873, when a great innovation revolutionized electricity, sending the timeline in a more steampunk direction. Our story takes place 26 years later, after a terrible event known as the Maddening has caused everyday people to attack innocents, seemingly beyond their own will. Mysteriously immune to the Maddening, performers in the Circus Electrique join our protagonist Amelia on a quest to find out how this all happened, and how to stop it.

Accessible difficulty and atypical RPG heroes

Circus Electrique’s uniqueness doesn’t stop at aesthetics and story. For one thing, we know that a lot of players find this particular RPG subgenre to be overly punishing. Though not without challenge, Circus Electrique aims to be a game you’ll not only want to complete…but actually will! We’re easier…but not too easy.

It’s also worth another mention that these aren’t your typical RPG heroes. Character classes like Strongmen, Knife Throwers, Human Cannonballs and even Robot Bears—15 all together—are a welcome change of pace from more fantasy-focused archetypes.

Circus planning

And finally, because everyone knows the show must go on, there comes Circus Electrique’s “tycoon-like” aspect—planning a circus. This takes the form of an intricate, almost-puzzle-gaming experience where placing the best roster of characters based on their likes and dislikes directly relates to the show’s success. It’s the kind of thing that can take you a minute or an hour, depending on how much you want to think about it.

On behalf of the team, we couldn’t be more excited to present our unique vision to you very soon. Please let us know what you think once Circus Electrique hits your PlayStation of choice on September 6.

CEFC Financial was Granted the Exclusive Right of Use of the Intellectual Property Right of Animated Characters by Chengdu Dreamtoys

CEFC Hong Kong Financial Investment Company Limited (“CEFC Financial”, together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”; stock code: 1520.HK) is pleased to announce that the Group has entered into a licensing agreement (the “Licensing Agreement”) with Chengdu Dreamtoys Cultural Creativity Company Limited (“Chengdu Dreamtoys”) pursuant to which Chengdu Dreamtoys grants the exclusive right of use of the intellectual property right of four animated characters (the “IP Characters”) worldwide to a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group for the development, production and sales of apparel of the IP Characters for the period from 19 January 2022 to 18 January 2023. Furthermore, the Group has the right to sublicense the IP Characters to third parties upon obtaining consent from Chengdu Dreamtoys.

Chengdu Dreamtoys is principally engaged in the research and development, operation and promotion of trendy cultural products. It has combined blockchain technology, near-field sensing technology, digital interaction and other new digital modules to create a meta-universe IP ecosystem that communicates with digital content. The IP Characters developed by Chengdu Dreamtoys could be used in the production of toys and figures, apparels and virtual images in games. The use of IP Characters in the development of apparel not only increases the variety of the Group’s products, but also helps create apparel products that appeal to the younger generation, enabling the Group to explore the younger generation’s market and accelerate the expansion in the design, manufacturing and trading of its apparel business. At the same time, the Group is proactively seeking more potential intellectual property rights for the production of apparel with the aim to develop new products, and to achieve the purpose of optimising its product portfolio, thereby laying a solid foundation and enhancing growth momentum for the Group.

The Group is committed to diversifying from its current focus of manufacturing private label women apparels and tap into the men and young adults’ markets, with a view to strategically transform itself from women’s apparel manufacturer to an all-rounded trendy apparel product manufacturer. The Group has previously announced its proposed change of company name to “Virtual Mind Holding Company Limited” to better align with the Group’s business development strategies. Meanwhile, the Group has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Qingdao Weiding Sports Supplies Company Limited (“Qingdao Weiding”) in trendy apparel markets earlier on and appointed Dr. Zhou Yibing, senior designer of global luxury goods company LVMH Group, as Chief Creativity Officer, to create unique fashion apparel products and accelerate trendy apparels business of the Group through multiple channels.

The management of the Group believes that the grant of exclusive right to use the intellectual property rights of animated characters is in line with the Group’s overall strategic development blueprint, enabling it to expand its business in the trendy apparel market and enhance its core competitiveness. Looking ahead, the Group is poised to seize the huge opportunities in the global trendy apparel market as it further diversifies its product portfolio in trendy apparel and related products, and bring better investment returns to its shareholders.

About CEFC Hong Kong Financial Investment Company Limited
CEFC Hong Kong Financial Investment Company Limited (1520.HK) is principally engaged in (i) design, manufacturing and trading of apparel; and (ii) provision of money-lending business. The Group’s apparel operation is classified into two categories, namely, private label products and own brand products. Private label products are those designed and manufactured under the private labels owned or specified by the Group’s customers, while own brand products are those designed and manufactured under the Group’s proprietary labels. The Group’s production plant is located in Jiaxing in the PRC with most apparel products exported to the U.S. The U.S. market is the principal market for Group’s apparel operation.

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