AeroGo, manufacturer of innovative load moving equipment, launched a new seven-episode podcast, called, “Select the Right Load Movement System.” The podcast, available wherever podcasts are available, addresses critical questions to consider when determining the best method to move heavy objects in industrial settings. Each episode covers a specific question used to narrow down the choices available to the listener’s situation. Potential solutions may include a crane, conveyor, air cushion vehicle, forklift or other industrial truck, transfer cart, drag chain, rail system or other systems.

Each move system has different strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes the need for flexibility will override cost as a consideration. Other times, the sheer weight of the load might drive the decision over any other requirement. Situational factors, the facility or environment, or other needs can all affect the decision. Beyond raw cost and logistical feasibility, the floor condition, time to implement, safety risks, and cost can affect the decision.

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Founded in 1967, AeroGo manufactures innovative load moving equipment, utilizing wheels and hovercraft technology, to move heavy, awkward, or delicate loads in industrial settings. We collaborate with our customers to find a load moving solution that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

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