Snap Junk Removal Now Offers Dumpster Bag Removal for Any Waste Bag in Houston

 After getting repeated requests for dumpster bag pick up, Cody Conner of Snap Junk Removal seized the opportunity and bought an I-beam lift truck dedicated to specifically this purpose. Some of the problems ordinarily encountered with larger waste management companies who sell these bags is that they don’t provide quick service as far as ability to get on their schedule for a pick up, and they also have a different lift system and larger truck, which prevents them from picking up the bag from anywhere but curbside. In that regard, they’ve gotten too big for their own good, and customer service suffers as a result. By using a smaller truck with an I-beam rail with a winch at the end that can roll up and down the rail beam, Snap Junk Removal is able to get up their customers driveways further into their property behind gates going to the backyard.

Sometimes customers buy a major brand dumpster bag and fill it with their junk only to find that they’re having trouble getting the supplier to pick it up due to where they put it on their property, or having trouble getting it picked up within reasonable time frame. Snap Junk Removal has wound up picking up several of these other companies waste bags a month, sometimes 3 or on one single property. Now they have a special I-beam lift truck that allow them to access locations from within customers’ properties that other companies can’t, so the dumpster bag does not have to be curbside. Snap Junk Removal is also a more customer friendly dumpster company than some of the larger competitors and can get to customers to pick up the waste bag quicker than they can.

Customers can reach Snap Junk Removal at 281-610-6682 to get their dumpster bag hauled off today. Yes, it can be up a ways on the driveway, or anywhere else a truck can be backed up to. Many customer choose these waste dumpster bags for convenience purposes and not having to deal with waiting on roll-off dumpster deliveries, and also sidestep rental fees associated with renting dumpsters past the number of days included in the up front price. They also help avoid cracked driveways from large dumpster delivery trucks. The trouble customers run into is when its time to get their bag picked up it often takes longer than is reasonable, and they also run into trouble about how picky the service providers are about where the bag (which is now full and pretty much impossible to move without heavy equipment) is put on their property.

The I-beam lift winch can also be used to pick up other larger and heavier items like golf carts, BBQ pits, small trailers, and and more.

Snap Junk Removal
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Hong Kong – DCS views removal of abandoned signboards (with photos/video)

DCS views removal of abandoned signboards (with photos/video)


     The Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Cheuk Wing-hing, accompanied by the Director of Buildings, Ms Clarice Yu, went to Mong Kok this morning (November 15) to see signboard removal works to learn more about the work of the Buildings Department (BD) in handling dangerous and abandoned signboards.


     Following up on a public report received earlier, the BD issued Dangerous Structure Removal Notices (DSRNs) to the signboard owners of four abandoned signboards attached to the external wall of a building at Sai Yeung Choi Street South. Since the DSRNs were not complied with upon expiry, the BD arranged for removal of the signboards today. The removal works were carried out at 8.30am to avoid disruption to traffic or inconvenience to the shops nearby and pedestrians as far as possible.


     Apart from acting on public reports, the BD has stepped up its enforcement action against dangerous and abandoned signboards in recent years by conducting Planned Sign Surveys (PSS) in districts with high pedestrian and vehicular flows. It will focus its effort on removing these signboards in the districts selected to ensure public safety.


     The department has just completed a PSS in Sham Shui Po in late October with about 300 DSRNs issued, and over 700 dangerous or abandoned signboards removed or repaired. The PSS in Tsuen Wan is ongoing and it is anticipated that about 140 DSRNs will be issued, involving some 200 dangerous or abandoned signboards.


     The BD stressed that if a signboard is abandoned or has become dangerous, irrespective of whether it is legal or not, a DSRN under the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap. 132) will be issued to the signboard owner concerned. If the DSRN is not complied with, the BD will arrange for removing the signboard and recover the costs from the signboard owner.


     The department estimates that there will be no less than 1 700 dangerous/abandoned signboards removed/repaired this year and at least 1 800 next year.

Southington, CT Junk Removal Company Saves Local Animals

 Junk Bear, a junk removal company in Southington, CT, picks up junk and disposes of unwanted junk for its customers. Loading up the truck is just another day of the week for their crew. However, what one might not expect is that Junk Bear has branched out from junk removal and has stumbled into the realm of animal welfare, as well.

During a junk removal job, Junk Bear employees were surprised to find not just garbage, but an abandoned litter of kittens. What had once been a normal appointment suddenly became a kitten rescue operation. The kittens were brought back to Junk Bear’s headquarters, where they were fed, warmed up, and given a comfortable place to sleep. Junk Bear was also kind enough to find homes for each of them, too.

From the owner, Robert Paradis:

“We were in our capitol city of Hartford, CT doing a job for a property manager. The pile of junk was outside near abandoned cars. The team members were startled a bit and immediately worried about the baby kittens that weren’t more than 2-3 weeks old. The mother was not in the area as we tried looking for her. The day we found them it was very windy, in the 40s, and it was going to rain later on in the evening. We put them in a crate with padding, put them in the cab of the truck, finished the job, and in between dumping and the next job, dropped them off at my house, where my wife and mother-in-law could look after them until we had a plan. We are weighing them every week to make sure they are gaining weight while we nourish them. We have two Junk Bear employees who will adopt 2 of the 4, my daughter may adopt 1, and I already have dozens of requests on Facebook for the 4th. We plan to take care of them for about 8 weeks until they are stronger.”

“Thank you for taking care of these precious fur babies,” a commenter on Junk Bear’s Facebook account said. Others chimed in, laying their claims on kittens to adopt.

Junk Bear has taken on dog rescue, too. One of their customers brought on the crew to help them clean out junk before moving out of their house. During this appointment, Junk Bear learned that the customer could not bring their dog, Mihlo, along for the move. To spare the dog a stay at the animal shelter, a pet-friendly Junk Bear employee, Nick was happy to adopt Mihlo and give him a home.

Junk Bear has even done some wildlife rescue. When cleaning the junk out of an old shed, company staff found a mother raccoon with her two infants. Even though they were startled, the Junk Bear crew was able to relocate the raccoons and keep them safe during the shed clean out process.

Thanks to the efforts of Junk Bear and the community, these animal rescue stories all ended happily. It just goes to show that even when living through day-to-day life, anyone has a chance to make a positive impact.

Junk Bear

Robert Paradis

(860) 517-9872


Mihlo the Dog

Mihlo the Dog

Mihlo the adopted dog in the cabin of a Junk Bear truck.



A Junk Bear employee holding a crate of abandoned kittens in Hartford, CT.

Kittens Close-up

Kittens Alt

Kittens Alt

The rescued kittens under a heat lamp in the home of Junk Bear owner, Robert Paradis.



Baby raccoons that were discovered during a shed clean out and safely relocated.


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Junk Boss Junk Removal is Supporting Local Charity

 Junk Boss Junk Removal, a professional and insured junk removal company, is committed to give back to the West Palm Beach community and the surrounding areas. They are doing so by partnering with Reboot Charity through donating a portion of their profits during the month of April.

Reboot Charity, established in 2012, supports volunteers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) by providing technology, tools, and logistics to amplify the impact of their work. Without external aid, many organizations would be highly limited in their ability to assist the community. Junk Boss Junk Removal is asking you to help invest in the community by using their services in the month of April.

When using Junk Boss Junk Removal, you are receiving top quality services at affordable rates. Their services include offerings such as general junk removal, appliance removal, construction debris removal, electronics removal, furniture removal, mattress, removal, and more.

As a full-service junk removal company, Junk Boss Junk Removal can remove junk from any property with just a call or a click.

From the owner, Brian Burke:

“Junk Boss is happy to contribute part of our profits to Reboot Charity. We have seen firsthand the work that they do in providing disaster relief to those that need help. We’ve even worked along with Reboot Charity volunteering with their missions and value the assistance they provide.”

Junk Boss Junk Removal looks forward to doing business with residents and businesses alike in the West Palm Beach area. Their website is Learn more about Reboot Charity here:

Social media and other links:

For more information, please contact Brian Burke at (561) 802-0020

Junk Removal Authority

Brian Burke

(561) 802-0020



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Removal of Inverted Tax Structure on MMF Textiles Value chain and uniformity of rates brings relief to Textiles sector;

The Government has notified uniform goods and services tax rate at 12 % on MMF, MMF yarn, MMF fabrics and apparel that has addressed the inverted tax structure in the MMF textile value chain. The changed rates will come into effect from 1st January, 2022. This will help the MMF segment grow and emerge as a big job provider in the country.

The Textiles & Apparel (T&A) industry was having long pending (first under sales tax then, under VAT and finally under GST regime) demand for removal of inverted tax structure on manmade fibre (MMF) value chain. The GST on MMF, MMF Yarn and MMF Fabrics were 18%, 12% and 5% respectively. The taxation of inputs at higher rates than finished products created build up of credits and cascading costs. It further led to accumulation of taxes at various stages of MMF value chain and blockage of crucial working capital for the industry.

Though there is a provision in GST law to claim the unutilised Input Tax Credit (ITC) as a refund, but there were other complications and resulted more compliance burden. The inverted tax structure caused effective increase in rate of taxation of the sector. The world textiles trade has been moving towards MMF but India was not able to take advantage of the trend as its MMF segment was throttled by inverted tax regime.

This 12% uniform GST rate is likely to contribute positively to the growth of the sector in the following ways:

i) The uniform rate of 12% for entire value chain of MMF textiles sector will be benefiting and save lot of working capital. It will reduce the compliance burden of the industry players. This is a welcome step by the Government with no inversion.

ii) The uniformity of GST rates will be helpful to resolve the ITC residues that accumulated due to the inverted tax structure earlier.

iii) The uniformity in the GST rates shall 12% GST on job work related to dying and printing services will benefit the industry to absorb and recover unutilised ITC.

iv)The significant portion of MMF products (output) is expected to be exported, it will lend a better scope for encashing the untilised ITC. Also since tax on input will get refunded, on output (export) which will be zero rated, it would not add to cost and make exports competitive.

v) Uniform 12% GST will help the industry having huge portion of piled up opening ITC by enabling them to encash the same progressively

Differential rates for garment creates problem in compliance of tax regime. MMF garment cannot be identified easily and cannot be taxed differently, hence there is need for uniform rate. Uniform rate makes it simple and since there is so much high potential of value addition in garment segment that the increase in rate is likely to be absorbed in value addition.   It will provide clarity to the industry and settle, once and for all, the issues caused by inverted tax structure.



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