Junk Bear, a junk removal company in Southington, CT, picks up junk and disposes of unwanted junk for its customers. Loading up the truck is just another day of the week for their crew. However, what one might not expect is that Junk Bear has branched out from junk removal and has stumbled into the realm of animal welfare, as well.

During a junk removal job, Junk Bear employees were surprised to find not just garbage, but an abandoned litter of kittens. What had once been a normal appointment suddenly became a kitten rescue operation. The kittens were brought back to Junk Bear’s headquarters, where they were fed, warmed up, and given a comfortable place to sleep. Junk Bear was also kind enough to find homes for each of them, too.

From the owner, Robert Paradis:

“We were in our capitol city of Hartford, CT doing a job for a property manager. The pile of junk was outside near abandoned cars. The team members were startled a bit and immediately worried about the baby kittens that weren’t more than 2-3 weeks old. The mother was not in the area as we tried looking for her. The day we found them it was very windy, in the 40s, and it was going to rain later on in the evening. We put them in a crate with padding, put them in the cab of the truck, finished the job, and in between dumping and the next job, dropped them off at my house, where my wife and mother-in-law could look after them until we had a plan. We are weighing them every week to make sure they are gaining weight while we nourish them. We have two Junk Bear employees who will adopt 2 of the 4, my daughter may adopt 1, and I already have dozens of requests on Facebook for the 4th. We plan to take care of them for about 8 weeks until they are stronger.”

“Thank you for taking care of these precious fur babies,” a commenter on Junk Bear’s Facebook account said. Others chimed in, laying their claims on kittens to adopt.

Junk Bear has taken on dog rescue, too. One of their customers brought on the crew to help them clean out junk before moving out of their house. During this appointment, Junk Bear learned that the customer could not bring their dog, Mihlo, along for the move. To spare the dog a stay at the animal shelter, a pet-friendly Junk Bear employee, Nick was happy to adopt Mihlo and give him a home.

Junk Bear has even done some wildlife rescue. When cleaning the junk out of an old shed, company staff found a mother raccoon with her two infants. Even though they were startled, the Junk Bear crew was able to relocate the raccoons and keep them safe during the shed clean out process.

Thanks to the efforts of Junk Bear and the community, these animal rescue stories all ended happily. It just goes to show that even when living through day-to-day life, anyone has a chance to make a positive impact.

Junk Bear

Robert Paradis

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Mihlo the Dog

Mihlo the Dog

Mihlo the adopted dog in the cabin of a Junk Bear truck.



A Junk Bear employee holding a crate of abandoned kittens in Hartford, CT.

Kittens Close-up

Kittens Alt

Kittens Alt

The rescued kittens under a heat lamp in the home of Junk Bear owner, Robert Paradis.



Baby raccoons that were discovered during a shed clean out and safely relocated.


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