Non-profit Organization United We Art Launches in Palm Coast

PALM COAST, Fla.Nov. 8, 2023PRLog — A new non-profit organization, United We Art, has launched in Palm Coast with a purpose; bring together the City of Palm Coast, the arts community, and residents by establishing an arts district in Town Center.

Town Center, a mixed-use cityscape of businesses, entertainment, housing, and entertainment is the ideal place to host performances, displays, creative expressions, and more.

The groundwork for this movement was set by the Palm Coast Arts Foundation (PCAF). “Our mission echoes the sentiments of unity and creativity. We aim to foster economic vitality and offer unparalleled cultural experiences through a harmonious blend of art, education, and commerce,” remarks Lisa Love, President and CEO of United We Art. This initiative resonates with the City of Palm Coast’s 2022 Strategic Plan, which emphasizes a resilient local economy.

“Though we’re passionate about elevating Palm Coast’s art scene, our role is one of planning and vision. The actual event coordination will be overseen by the city,” says Ms. Love. The city envisions a diverse palette of visual and performing arts events.

As Palm Coast flourishes, Ms. Love believes the artistic blueprint must evolve accordingly. “Our growth should be complemented by a rich tapestry of art that caters to all sections of the community,” she adds.

Ms. Love’s expertise spans over three decades in the insurance sector, where she championed transformational strategies, operations management, and efficient processes. Her seasoned perspective promises to guide United We Art through Palm Coast and Flagler County’s artistic evolution.

PCAF, over the past two decades, has been a beacon of artistic endeavors. From hosting the Jacksonville Symphony, curating the Palm Coast Arts Festival, to pioneering Shakespeare in the Park and Violectric, its legacy is well-established.

Some notable milestones from PCAF include the Creative Bazaar Arts & Crafts market, 17 Turtle dedications, and a plethora of family-centric musical events.

In collaboration with the city and The Arts District Advisory Group, United We Art has charted a phased strategic blueprint. Initially, the focus will be on amplifying the existing PCAF infrastructure, transitioning it into a city venue, complete with a permanent roofing solution and an expansive parking area.

Ms. Love assures that while immediate plans are set, the long-term vision remains adaptive, always pivoting to the community’s evolving needs.

Member of the Board of Directors include:

Walker Douglas – Douglas Property and Development, Inc.
Amelia Fulmer – Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center at Flagler Auditorium
Awilda Hamilton – Emerita Professor, Higher Education Administration
Chelsea Herbert – 4C’s Trucking and Excavating
Howard Holley – TouchPoint Innovative Solutions
Nick Klufas – AWS Certified Solution Architect, specializing in long term consulting and implementation contracts.
Lisa Love –  LovE Creative Designs. LLC
Sam Perkovich – Parkside Reality Group

United We Art can be reached via Those interested are encouraged to subscribe to United We Art’s newsletter on the website.

Promotions and Organization Inside Myth Mart

 It was announced this morning that Myth Mart Stores’ General Manager, L. Alan Russo Jr., has stepped down from his management role to focus his attention on the newly formed Advisory Committee and commits to begin Chief Business Officer of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC.

It was decided by the owner of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC., to merge Myth Mart: West and Myth Mart Stores. In doing so, Gary Falls Jr. was promoted to the new General Manager of Myth Mart Store. He will move the main headquarters and Warehouse to Apple Valley, California.

The warehouse in Arkansas will also remain operational, as Veronica Russo has been promoted to Southeast Regional Manager for Myth Mart. She will be responsible for facilitating consumer purchases in her territory, which is Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Kentucky.

“Strategically, this is the best option, for not only Mister Russo, but for Myth Mart as well,” said David K. Montoya, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Publisher, The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC. “As we begin to divide regions for Myth Mart, this opens the door to advance further our goals for larger global presents, not only for this particular division but for the entire company as a whole.”

About Myth Mart Stores

Myth Mart Stores is an independent online retailer offering books, comics, graphic novels, lithographs, clothing, and accessories at affordable prices. Our purpose is to build a worldwide network for independent creators can sell their items and not be cheated. The Company operates online with a warehouse in Nashville, Arkansas. For more information, please visit

About The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company

The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC., is an independent global media and entertainment company that creates and distributes the world’s most diverse content and brands across literature, online, and streaming podcasts. The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC is available in most countries and territories. With a straightforward goal to entertain audiences worldwide through its unique brands and products, including Dark Myth Publications, Dark Myth Comics, JayZoModcast, and others. For more information, please visit

Forward-Looking Statements: This news release contains forward-looking statements subject to various risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include the conditions of the markets for the Internet, entertainment, and licensed merchandise, acceptance of the Company’s subsidiaries, media, and merchandise within those markets, and other risks and factors identified in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Accordingly, actual results could differ materially from those currently anticipated.

The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC.

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New Organization, Student LunchBox Formed in Los Angeles to Fight Food Insecurity Among Low-Income College Students

 With estimates that nearly half of students attending colleges and universities do not have the financial means to afford balanced meals, a new organization, Student LunchBox (SLB), was formed to deliver meals and boarding essentials to low-income college students to reduce the hardships of hunger.

The startup Los Angeles-based Student LunchBox, a 501(c) approved nonprofit charity, is currently seeking grants. “We aim to build a one-of-a-kind organization that specifically serves the low-income college population,” the founder, Karlen Nurijanyan, reported.

“Too often, students are forced to skip meals, take hunger naps, sleep in their cars, or find themselves in a state of virtual poverty and homelessness, all ‘in the name of Higher Education,'” Nurijanyan said. “Recent studies show that nearly half of the college students do not know where their next meal will come from, leading to hunger insecurity which directly impacts student graduation rates. SLB was created for this reason to respond quickly with one of the most critical resources students need: food. Campus hunger has been rooted in our communities for over a decade, and unfortunately, this problem remains unspoken. We believe that college students are the forgotten group when we speak of hunger,” Nurijanyan adds.

Student LunchBox solicits and distributes food and other essentials to low-income college students who otherwise cannot afford balanced meals. The organization currently supports community college food pantries by keeping their shelves full with food and supplies. In the future, SLB will offer a food box program available for pick-up for all students in need and offer its delivery services to all students with disabilities who cannot commute to SLB’s facility. All the services provided to students by SLB are entirely free.

“Our services include weekly food boxes and other essentials including bed and bath supplies, and necessities for students with children, including baby wipes, diapers, and everything else that is fundamental to students’ academic success,” Nurijanyan said.

Initially, Student LunchBox will focus on colleges and universities in Los Angeles before expanding to other cities and states.

“Our approach to fighting campus hunger is simple,” Nurijanyan said. “We build partnerships with local businesses and distributors, community retailers, local food growers, farmer markets, and other partners who donate safe and nutritious foods that otherwise end up in landfills. As a charitable food distributor, our prime responsibility is to support environmental sustainability, help reduce waste and support college students who do not have enough to eat.”

Student LunchBox is currently raising money to secure a cargo van and equipment to begin its operations. “We are diligently working to raise seed money that can help us commence our operations. For now, our main priority is to purchase a cargo van for our full-time solicitation purposes. We are currently in a partnership with a large food distributor that will help us rescue thousands of pounds of food every week. In addition, we are also desperately looking to rent a suitable facility, purchase refrigeration, supplies, partner with local businesses and food banks, and invite volunteers to support our fantastic mission,” Karlen Nurijanyan reports.

For more information about Student LunchBox, including how to make a donation or in-kind contribution, please visit


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