Amex Helps Get Fans Ready for An Exciting Season of Sports with New Ad Spots


Sports are always in season for American Express Card Members and fans. With the action of the US Open Tennis Championships here and the 2023-24 NBA Season around the corner, Amex has debuted three new ad spots.

The ads tell the story of a mother and daughter as they bond over their shared passion for sports. They follow the duo while attending a US Open tennis match and NBA basketball games together.

Viewers get to share their front-row seat as they experience how sports are made even better when youre with Amex. From exclusive access to event presales, to dedicated venue entryways, to Card Member lounges, Amex can help make sporting events even more epic.*

Sports have the power to connect communities around the world. Were excited to launch these high-energy, contextually relevant ad spots that show a mother and daughter building their connection through a shared love of sports, said Jessica Ling, Senior Vice President of Global Brand Advertising at American Express. We hope by watching these stories, viewers will get a taste of the energy and excitement that comes with experiencing sports with Amex.

Directed by Nicole Ackerman with Merman Pictures, the campaign is now airing during the US Open and across select television networks, streaming services, and Amex social channels.

Watch the ad spot below and click CC for closed captioning.

*Benefits can vary by Card and are only available for select experiences and venues. To view complete details and terms, visit here

141 Productions helps people uncover hidden treasures in new Channel 4 series


Across Britain, behind the doors of homes of all shapes and sizes lay astonishing hoards of potential treasures from extraordinary owners who have filled their homes with items theyve acquired, curated, or obsessively collected. But, as theyre faced with challenging times, will a valuable item amongst their collections unlock a life-changing sum of money?

On Millionaire Hoarders (3×60) 141 Productions and Channel 4 are bringing together four experts in the world of antiques and collectables to sift through homes packed full of potential to unearth items that could raise life- changing sums of cash for their owners.

Guided by their wealth of experience, keen eyes, and contacts, the experts Clive Downham (Antiques Dealer), Paula Sutton (Vintage Fashion and Interiors), Rachel Fox (High-end Pawnbroker) and Ronnie Archer-Morgan (Collectables & Curiosities) – will search through every hidden nook and cranny of these homes to reveal the untold stories behind forgotten possessions and sell them for much needed funds. But will the hoards deliver the goods? And can these fanatical collectors bear to part with their beloved possessions if it means accessing the vital funds they need?

Hannah Brownhill, Joint Creative Director of 141 Productions, said, Theres nothing more exciting than unearthing treasureespecially when its found somewhere completely unexpected.Our experts have loved digging through collections in homes that range from one bed studios to family castles. Weve met some fascinating people and uncovered some incredible finds.

Anna Miralis, Senior Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Factual added,. Everyone dreams of finding hidden treasure that could potentially change their lives. Our team of experts have an extraordinary wealth of experience and offer up the exciting opportunity to make that a reality”

Millionaire Hoarders was commissioned for Channel 4 by Anna Miralis, Senior Commissioning Editor Factual. It is executive produced by Bella Newnham and Hannah Brownhill for 141 Productions. The series will be distributed by All3Media International.

Airpark Inc. Helps Travelers Avoid Huge Price Increases for Parking

 Port Authority Announces Parking Rate Hikes at JFK, LGA, and EWR Airports in Response to Increased Summer Travel.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced an adjustment to parking rates at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), effective from 6/22/2023 The rate hikes come as a response to the significant increase in summer travelers and the subsequent surge in demand for airport parking.

As summer is traditionally a peak travel season, more individuals are choosing to fly, resulting in a corresponding rise in the number of people driving to the airports. The increased demand for airport parking has necessitated a revision in parking rates to ensure adequate parking availability and enhance the overall passenger experience.

The Port Authority acknowledges the importance of balancing affordability and sustainability while meeting the needs of airport visitors. These rate adjustments are intended to support the ongoing maintenance, security, and operational costs, ensuring that the airports can continue to provide world-class facilities and services to the growing number of travelers.

Passengers are encouraged to plan their parking arrangements in advance, allowing for potential fluctuations in availability and considering alternative transportation options such as rideshares, public transit, or drop-off arrangements or off-site parking lots in close proximity to the airports. The Port Authority remains committed to enhancing parking facilities, improving access roads, and providing exceptional customer service to cater to the evolving needs of passengers.

One alternative choice would be for travelers to consider using off-site parking facilities whose pricing will not be affected by the rate hikes for in airport parking. Off-site parking at the airport offers several advantages for travelers.

Here are some key benefits:
1. Cost Savings: Off-site parking facilities typically provide lower rates compared to on-site airport parking options. Travelers can enjoy significant cost savings, especially for long-term parking needs. This allows passengers to allocate their travel budget to other expenses, such as accommodations, activities, or souvenirs.
2. Convenience and Accessibility: Off-site parking facilities are strategically located near the airport, ensuring easy access and efficient transportation to the terminal. Many off-site parking providers offer shuttle services that run frequently, ensuring prompt drop-off and pick-up from the airport. This convenience saves travelers time and reduces stress associated with finding parking spaces and navigating congested airport roads.
3. Ample Parking Availability: Off-site parking facilities often have a larger parking capacity than on-site options. This means travelers are less likely to face parking shortages or overcrowded lots, ensuring a greater likelihood of finding suitable parking spaces even during peak travel periods. The availability of parking spaces provides peace of mind and eliminates the need for last-minute searching or alternative parking arrangements.
4. Enhanced Security: Off-site parking providers understand the importance of security for travelers’ vehicles. They often implement robust security measures, including surveillance cameras, well-lit parking lots, fencing, and regular patrols, to ensure the safety of parked vehicles. Many off-site parking facilities also offer 24/7 staff presence, providing an added layer of security and assistance to travelers.
5. Additional Services and Amenities: Off-site parking facilities often offer additional services and amenities to enhance the overall travel experience. These may include luggage assistance, car washes, oil changes, vehicle maintenance, and even valet parking options. Travelers can take advantage of these conveniences, saving time and allowing them to return to a well-maintained vehicle after their trip.
6. Reservation and Pre-Booking Options: Airpark parking providers typically offer online reservation systems, allowing travelers to secure their parking spaces in advance. This feature eliminates the uncertainty of finding parking upon arrival and guarantees a spot, especially during busy travel seasons. Pre-booking ensures a seamless parking experience, allowing travelers to focus on their journey rather than parking logistics.
7. Loyalty Programs and Discounts: Airpark Inc.parking facilities offer loyalty programs or discounts for frequent travelers. These programs can provide additional savings, perks, and rewards, such as discounted rates, priority parking, or access to exclusive amenities. By utilizing these programs, travelers can further maximize their benefits and enjoy a personalized parking experience.

By considering off-site parking options such as AirPark Inc. travelers can enjoy cost savings, convenience, ample availability, enhanced security, additional services, and the flexibility to plan and book parking in advance. These advantages contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable airport experience for individuals and families alike.

Additionally, AAA members can get a discount at and

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AI Helps Pirate Brewery

 With the help of AI, Jolly Roger Brewery can now generate creative and engaging content in a matter of seconds, which would otherwise take hours to write.

“We are thrilled to incorporate AI technology into our brewery operations,” said Tony Philipp, the veteran owner of Jolly Roger Brewery. It is enabling us to focus more on our core business, which is crafting unique and high-quality beers that our customers love.”

By using AI, customers can expect more creative and entertaining content about their favorite brews, the history behind the pirate theme and their crew mates.

Jolly Roger Brewery’s integration of AI in their operations reflects the growing trend of businesses utilizing technology to streamline their processes and improve their customer experience. With its successful implementation, Jolly Roger Brewery is once again setting the standard for the craft beer breweries to follow.

Fans of craft beers and pirates can check out Jolly Roger Brewery’s website to learn more about their unique brews and the innovative technology they are using to brew them.

Coming soon, back by popular demand, Blimey: Tis a golden ale, as bright as the sun, blended with key lime for a taste that’s second to none.

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SITA helps transform Hong Kong International Airport’s carbon emissions tracking platform

SITA carbon management platform provides a unified view of carbon emissions, supporting HKIAs 2050 Net Zero Carbon Pledge


Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has selected SITA to provide a carbon management platform to monitor data on carbon emissions across the airport environment, helping to track key performance indicators as the airport progresses towards its net zero carbon goal.

SITAs carbon management platform, to be fully deployed by summer 2023, will collect and aggregate data on carbon emissions from a variety of sources within the airport. This will span scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and include data from 29 participating business partners across the airport value chain, overseeing services such as ground handling, aircraft maintenance, air cargo logistics, and catering. The platform will provide accurate, clear, and customizable visualizations of this data, allowing HKIA greater efficiency and precision in its carbon reporting efforts.

HKIA, the busiest airport in the world for cargo and one of the busiest for passenger traffic, is home to one of the worlds largest terminal buildings. In 2012, the Airport Authority Hong Kong pledged to make HKIA the worlds greenest airport, reinforcing this goal in 2021 with the announcement of its 2050 Net Zero Carbon Pledge, a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with a midpoint target of a 55% absolute emissions reduction by 2035 (from a 2018 baseline).

Airport scope 1 and 2 emissions stem largely from fossil fuel energy consumed to operate the terminal building, vehicles, and equipment, while scope 3 emissions indirect emissions originating from the airports value chain and business partners are more difficult to track and represent a significant contributor to overall airport emissions. In the case of HKIA, airport business partners account for more than 50% of airport-wide ground emissions.

HKIA has adopted an airport-wide approach for carbon management, working collaboratively with business partners to set carbon reduction targets and implement measures to accelerate airport-wide carbon reduction. While HKIA already has an online emissions tracking system, it does not unify emissions data collected from the many sources active in the airport environment, requiring more time-consuming manual processes.

SITAs solution, supported by leading net-zero technology partner Envision Digital, aggregates data streams from across the airport environment and participating business partners and consolidates these into a single customizable dashboard. Allowing the tracking of emissions data alongside key performance indicators towards HKIAs Net Zero Carbon Pledge, the dashboard interface facilitates carbon performance tracking, providing the granularity to monitor individual emissions sources against specific targets. Having all available data in one place supports HKIA in aligning its carbon reporting to government and industry measurement standards such as ISO and complying with Airports Council Internationals Airport Carbon Accreditation program for which mapping of greenhouse gas emissions is key.

Peter Lee, General Manager, Sustainability, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), said: We are committed to achieving the HKIA 2050 Net Zero Carbon Pledge with our business partners. The development of this new Carbon Management System will provide comprehensive, accurate carbon emissions tracking against the long term target for both AAHK and each of our pledged business partners, and serves as a foundation for transparent reporting. We are pleased to have found a partner in SITA for this project, who have a firm understanding of the complexities of the airport environment and the ability to tailor their solution to suit our needs.

Sumesh Patel, President, Asia Pacific, SITA, said: As a certified CarbonNeutral company currently setting emissions reduction targets aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative Net-Zero Standard, SITA has an unwavering commitment to meeting sustainability goals within our organization and facilitating such efforts across the air transport industry. We applaud HKIAs proactive efforts towards a net zero goal, and we are proud to apply our expertise and familiarity with HKIAs operating environment to support its sustainability goals with a precise, customizable, and efficient solution.