netElastic, an innovative software company providing high-performance routing solutions, today announced WebSprix is using netElastic vBNG and CGNAT to deliver high-speed residential broadband services in Ethiopia. Based on netElastic’s high-performance virtual router technology, vBNG and CGNAT enable WebSprix to easily scale their network in a cost-effective manner as they offer internet access to greater numbers of people.

Ethiopia has over 117 million people. However, less than 400,000 have fixed broadband internet access and only a fraction of that is fiber-based.

WebSprix launched the first privately-owned broadband internet service in Ethiopia, and has been building a last-mile fiber infrastructure and resilient high-speed backbone across the country. Once the infrastructure is built for a specific community, WebSprix is then able to offer high-speed residential broadband services to community residents.

netElastic virtual BNG uses software to provide critical network functionality, which enables WebSprix to scale up available bandwidth on-demand. vBNG also separates the data plane and control plane so each can be scaled independently, which provides the ability to dynamically adjust the network based on constantly changing requirements.

Initially, WebSprix deployed a single vBNG for one market and has recently added additional vBNGs for new cities. Each vBNG has the capacity to support tens of thousands of customers. As WebSprix continues to grow and scale, the vBNGs will scale with them.

“netElastic vBNG performance has been very good, and it’s really flexible,” said Dawit Birhanu, WebSprix’s Founder and CEO. “netElastic has definitely contributed significantly to our success and is one of the main ingredients in our solution. You can tell from our additional vBNG purchases and our positive experiences. And netElastic support is fantastic.”

“WebSprix’s mission is to help Ethiopia close the digital divide and build a stronger information infrastructure, and netElastic is honored that our products are helping WebSprix bring internet access to more Ethiopians,” said David Williams, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, netElastic. “netElastic’s easy to scale, high-performance, and cost-effective virtual routing solutions are ideal for WebSprix’s growing number of subscribers.”


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