Hong Kong – Groundbreaking ceremony for first Light Public Housing project held today (with photos/video)

Groundbreaking ceremony for first Light Public Housing project held today (with photos/video)


     The groundbreaking ceremony for the first Light Public Housing (LPH) project was held this afternoon (February 19) at Yau Pok Road, Yuen Long, showcasing the determination and execution capability of the Government in addressing the housing problem.
     The Yau Pok Road project will provide about 2 100 LPH units, with intake expected to begin in the first quarter of 2025. The Housing Bureau (HB), the Architectural Services Department and the entire construction team are confident in meeting the target to complete the construction of about 30 000 LPH units by 2027-28 to improve the living conditions and quality of life at the soonest for those currently living in inadequate accommodation.
     Before the ceremony, the Deputy Financial Secretary, Mr Michael Wong, accompanied by the Secretary for Housing, Ms Winnie Ho, visited a mock-up unit of the LPH. They also listened to a progress report by the Director of Architectural Services, Mr Michael Li, and Assistant General Manager of Chevalier (Construction) Company Limited Mr John Chow (the representative of the main contractor, Chevalier – China Railway Joint Venture). Through a video conference with a representative of the Mainland manufacturer producing the LPH prefabricated modules, Site Manager of China Railway Construction Group Company Limited Mr Wang Shihao, it was learned that the Modular Integrated Construction approach has become increasingly mature. The smarter manufacturing and installation of modules has led to a better performance in respect of speed, quality and safety, etc.
     Mr Wong said that the Chief Executive proposed the breakthrough LPH in his Policy Address, to make good use of government and private land, of which long-term development plan will not be implemented in the near future to fill the short-term gap of public housing supply. The HB will announce application arrangements for the first phase of LPH in the second quarter of this year. Mr Wong thanked the support by the Legislative Council, members of the local community and Sun Hung Kai Properties, which lent the site at Yau Pok Road for free, as well as the hard work of the construction team and government colleagues. He said that their joint efforts give hope to the public, especially to those families who are living in subdivided units and are waiting for public rental housing.
     Afterwards, Mr Wong; Ms Ho; the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr Chris Sun; the Permanent Secretary for Housing, Miss Rosanna Law; the Under Secretary for Housing, Mr Victor Tai; Mr Li; Executive Director of Sun Hung Kai Properties Mr Adam Kwok; the Chairman and Managing Director of the Chevalier Group, Mr Kuok Hoi-sang; and the Chairman of the China Railway Construction Group Company Limited, Mr Mei Hongliang, officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony and expressed their wishes for a smooth start to the construction work.
     The first batch of LPH, providing a total of about 17 000 LPH units, comprises the four projects located at Yau Pok Road in Yuen Long, Tuen Mun Area 3A, Choi Hing Road in Ngau Tau Kok and Olympic Avenue in Kai Tak, with their construction work having already commenced at full speed. Apart from the Yau Pok Road project, the other three are expected to be completed in phases from the second quarter of 2025 to the third quarter of 2026. A variety of community support offerings, including public transport facilities and routes (such as bus stop and minibus stop in the Yau Pok Road project), daily services (such as retail and social welfare) etc will be available in the projects for residents and the community at large. For grassroots citizens paying high rents for poor living conditions, LPH is definitely more affordable, safer, more comfortable, and is also a good option for a more dignified life.
     Preparatory work for the second batch of about 13 000 LPH units are moving ahead at full steam. The HB will seek funding approval from the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council by the end of this month so that the units’ construction can begin as soon as possible.

Groundbreaking New Book Explores Prophecy, Faith, and the End of Times

Author recently shared his insights on the show Spotlight with Logan Crawford

St Simons Island, Georgia, USA – WEBWIRE

Author recently shared his insights on the show Spotlight with Logan Crawford

In his captivating new book, The Next Medo-Persian Empire, author W. Richard Viall takes readers on a compelling journey through prophecy, faith, and the future. Mr. Viall challenges traditional beliefs about the end of times and offers a fresh perspective on the intersection of prophecy and our contemporary world.

Faith has always been intricately linked with prophecy; a connection explored by Mr. Viall in his thought-provoking analysis. The book delves into biblical prophecies, unraveling their significance and exploring their role in shaping our world. From the birth and suffering of Jesus Christ to predictions of the return of the Messiah, The Next Medo-Persian Empire provides a comprehensive examination of these prophecies.

In his thought-provoking interpretation, Mr. Viall encourages readers to reconsider long-held beliefs about the time of great tribulation. A central focus of his is placed on the rise of the next Medo-Persian Empire as a crucial sign in the unfolding of these prophecies.

Mr. Viall was recently featured on the show Spotlight with Logan Crawford where he discussed the implications of the re-forming of the modern day Medo-Persian Empire. He also shared his insights on the rapture, the prophecies, and delved briefly into the controversial topic of the antichrist. The full interview can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/l3VQGEcrgY8?si=IhCROtKm6WTQBci4

W. Richard Viall, with 39 years in Law Enforcement and 27 years as a law enforcement instructor, brings a unique perspective to the exploration of prophecy. His diverse spiritual journey, from a small country Baptist church in upstate Pennsylvania to embracing Catholicism, coupled with his passion for religion, forms the foundation for his insightful analysis in The Next Medo-Persian Empire.

The Next Medo-Persian Empire
W. Richard Viall
Paperback: $13.95
E-book: $2.99

The book is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores.

Groundbreaking Study Reveals the Effectiveness of New RecoSMA Laser Treatment for Diabetic Foot

LINLINE MEDICAL SYSTEMS, based in Riga, Latvia, has demonstrated the remarkable effectiveness of its distinctive RecoSMA laser technology in treating chronic wounds. The recent study, “Spatially modulated erbium YAG laser as a treatment for diabetic ulcer”, published in the Journal of Wound Care (UK), was conducted using a MULTILINE laser system produced by the company.  

RecoSMA for Chronic Ulcers - Chronic ulcers treatment: a two-step approach
RecoSMA for Chronic Ulcers – Chronic ulcers treatment: a two-step approach

The study, conducted by a team of esteemed researchers, aimed to address the pressing issue of diabetic foot complications, which affect a substantial portion of the global population. According to the International Diabetes Federation, an alarming 463 million people are currently diagnosed with diabetes, projected to surge by 50% within the next three decades.

Diabetic foot ulcers are one of the most debilitating consequences of diabetes, often leading to severe complications, including amputations and significant financial burdens on patients and healthcare systems.

The dire reality is that individuals with diabetes face a 15-fold higher likelihood of undergoing lower extremity amputations than those without diabetes. Statistics indicate that, globally, a major amputation (above or below the knee) is performed on a person with diabetes every 20-30 seconds.

In this landmark study, researchers explored the use of a novel laser treatment for diabetic foot ulcers designed to revolutionize how we approach this chronic problem. By employing the spatially modulated high-power Erbium YAG (Er-YAG) laser technology, the team aimed to tackle diabetic foot ulcers in a two-step process that involved laser wound debridement and deep tissue biostimulation using the RecoSMA technology (implemented in “MULTILINE” laser system, produced by LINLINE MS).

The study included 59 patients with hard-to-heal diabetic foot ulcers and documented remarkable results.

The mean wound surface area at baseline was 25.7 cm2. The average number of laser treatment sessions required was 4.41, ranging from 1-11. The ulcers gradually reduced in size with each session, ultimately leading to complete wound closure in 100% of cases.

Laser treatment made it possible to clear wounds of necrotic tissue and microbial bioburden without damaging viable tissue. The procedures were painless on an outpatient basis.

The RecoSMA laser operates by activating the body’s innate healing processes, fostering neovascularization, and expediting tissue regeneration. This mechanism facilitates wound healing through re-epithelialization originating from the wound’s edges and granulation emerging from the wound bed’s depths, all without the formation of fibrosis. This unique approach promotes scar-free and unimpeded wound healing, a pivotal factor in effective rehabilitation.

The impact of this research is profound. It suggests a potential paradigm shift in the way we approach diabetic foot ulcers, offering a beacon of hope for those affected by this debilitating condition. By harnessing the power of innovative laser therapy, we have the opportunity to enhance the quality of life for individuals suffering from diabetic foot complications and to reduce the economic strain on healthcare systems.

For more details about the technology, please visit the website:


The link to the study: https://doi.org/10.12968/jowc.2023.32.Sup10a.S21

About us: LINLINE Medical Systems SIA (Riga, Latvia) is a world-leading company specialising in developing and manufacturing advanced medical lasers designed to treat various conditions in surgery, endoscopy, dermatology, gynaecology, wound healing and aesthetic medicine.

Company’s website: https://linline-ms.com/.

Contact Information
Alex Troshkin, Co-founder, board member, at@linline-ms.com, +37122453227

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Japan – Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for TOKYO A-ARENA (Tentative Name) in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Toyota Fudosan Co., Ltd. (Toyota Fudosan), and Toyota Alvark Tokyo Corporation (Toyota Alvark Tokyo) have announced a groundbreaking ceremony held today by Toyota Fudosan to celebrate the start of construction on the TOKYO A-ARENA (tentative name), part of the TOKYO A-ARENA PROJECT developed by the three companies. Construction is slated for completion in June 2025 and will commence operations in autumn of the same year.

The Project site is located on the east side of the former site of Palette Town, a large-scale commercial facility that closed August 31, 2022, within walking distance from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line and Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line and with easy access from Haneda Airport and Shinagawa Station.

After its opening, the arena will be operated by Toyota Alvark Tokyo. It will serve as the home court of the Toyota Alvark Tokyo, a member of the professional basketball B. League and accommodate a variety of sports and other events. Built under the concept of “discovering potential together!”, the Project is intended as a place where a wide range of potentials are integrated and unleashed, particularly in the areas of sports, mobility, and sustainability, in cooperation with various partners.

Speech by Tomohide Yamamura, President of Toyota Fudosan Co., Ltd. (excerpt)
“Under the TOKYO A-ARENA PROJECT’s concept of ‘discovering potential together!’ Toyota Fudosan will work hand in hand with Toyota and Toyota Alvark Tokyo to build a venue that can accommodate a wide range of potential. We will also work with the local community to create vitality in here in Aomi, Odaiba.”

Core Themes of the Project (From the release on August 29, 2022)
Next-Generation Sports Experiences: Making people want to watch and play more
The new arena will serve as the home court for the Toyota Alvark Tokyo, a member of the B. League First Division. The arena will also stage indoor sports such as volleyball and table tennis, urban sports, parasports, e-sports, and more to spread the appeal of sports.

The project also aims to create the next generation of sports experiences by introducing a variety of new ways to enjoy spectating, as well as cutting-edge technology. In sharing the passion and drive of athletes pushing the limits of their potential, the project hopes to bring courage and joy to as many people as possible.

Future Mobility Services: More convenient and enjoyable
Using Toyota’s mobility technology, the companies will combine their services and technologies to make the arena experience even more convenient and fun. The goal is to both pioneer the possibilities of mobility technology and create an unprecedented arena experience.

Sustainable Lifestyle Designs: More connected, continuously changing
In addition to reducing waste within the arena and contributing to the vitality of the community with two on-site parks, the arena is currently the first in Japan under review for LEED* certification. “Aomi” in Japanese means “blue sea” and this arena will be designed together with the community and visitors for a sustainable lifestyle that includes recycling and reuse to help restore the blue sea.

*LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an environmental performance assessment system for buildings and cities operated by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Website for the new project

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ValutECO is the New Groundbreaking ESG Tool for Sustainable Business Valuations

Leading the way in sustainable finance, Valutico has launched ValutECO, an advanced tool that assesses the value of companies based on their environmental impact. With this groundbreaking announcement, the valuation platform Valutico has made a significant step into integrating sustainability into the widespread practice of valuing businesses.

ValutECO – New ESG Tool

Valutico’s newly launched tool, currently in an ‘alpha’ trial phase, allows accountants, M&A consultants, investment managers, private equity professionals, and those in corporate finance to consider the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors on a company’s value. By addressing the potential links between ESG and financial performance, ValutECO is leading the way towards incorporating sustainability into financial theory and practice.

ValutECO Explained

With ValutECO, financial professionals use a streamlined ESG assessment, specifically designed with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mind and simplified to facilitate easier reporting. Analysts can identify priority areas for improvement, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing water usage, and increasing recycling rates.

Valutico’s pioneering new tool integrates ESG scores into the ‘Cost of Capital’ component of a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation. This revolutionary feature allows companies with positive ESG scores to be valued higher, making them more attractive to potential buyers and investors seeking sustainability and long-term growth.

ValutECO was developed following a grant by Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, and follows research into the impacts of ESG criteria on the valuations of businesses across multiple industries, alongside validation that the condensed ESG assessment reflects more exhaustive assessments on the market.

Impact on Sustainability

The widespread adoption of a tool like ValutECO has the potential to be a game-changer for sustainability in industries all around the world. It would financially incentivize companies to prioritize sustainability and embed environmental factors as a key component of their everyday operations. This would result in one way in which companies’ impact on the planet becomes a crucial aspect of buying, selling, and investing decisions.

Valutico acknowledge that the integration of ESG into financial analyses is an ongoing conversation requiring further academic study, but they’re optimistic that their new tool ValutECO will contribute to steering the conversation in the direction of a more sustainable future.

Valutico’s CEO, Paul Resch states: “Leading the way in integrating sustainability into financial practices is a significant accomplishment for Valutico. We recognize the importance of ValutECO as an initial step towards achieving this goal, and we’re grateful for the grant provided by Wirtschaftsagentur Wien that made this possible. We’re looking forward to receiving feedback from financial professionals on how this innovative tool can enable sustainable growth and we’re excited for what lies ahead.”

About Valutico

Valutico is the world’s leading valuation platform. Valutico’s all-in-one software allows finance professionals to value a company in minutes by providing data-driven tools to conduct analyses faster and more accurately.

Used by more than 600 financial firms in 80 countries, the powerful platform is popular amongst professionals in advisory roles such as in Corporate Finance, M&A, and Tax and Audit, as well as Investment Managers, Venture Capitalists, and Family Offices.

Founded in 2017, and headquartered in Vienna with subsidiaries in the U.S. and U.K., Valutico operates worldwide with an ever-expanding network of valuation practitioners using its platform, consultancy services, and valuation training.

Contact Information:
Alexandra Allason
PR Manager
+43 677 62917816

Alex Harris
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