Galaxy Survivor, a New 3D NFT Game, Aims to Foster the Next Blockchain Gaming Generation

HANOI, VIETNAM, June 30, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Virtual Game Studio, one of the renowned game studios in the billion-dollar industry, has introduced a highly anticipated NFT game, Galaxy Survivor.

Galaxy Survivor is a real-time strategy game that combines the competitive play-to-earn [P2E] model, well-thought-out role-playing, and NFT gaming technology. Leveraging blockchain technology, Galaxy Survivor allows gamers to enjoy an immersive, truly satisfying, and competitive game while completing missions, joining battles, and after that, receiving colossal and tradeable rewards.

Galaxy Survivor aims to introduce a stable NFT gaming economy. Many NFT games are unsustainable and shallow – excess supply of tokens, unrealistic mint ratios, and the current fad of pumping and dumping tokens. Galaxy Survivor hopes to solve these sticking points and NFT devaluation by creating a brand-new NFT system called NFTism Balancing system includes NFT Recycle System, Rental Mechanism and NFT Quantity Limit System with DAO voting.

Galaxy Survivor NFT Game

Integrating a unique theme bordering galaxies and warships, all Galaxy Survivor NFTs are designed by strong in-house team from sketch to finish. The team’s decision to undertake this task aligns with Galaxy Survivor’s greater goal to showcase creativity and enthusiasm.

One standout feature of the Galaxy Survivor NFT is the well-crafted, smooth 3D designs that deliver an unreal viewing experience for players. Galaxy Survivor employs different cinematic angles, giving players an unprecedented visual experience. Augmented Reality [AR] technology enhances the game visuals, allowing players to interact with game characters and artifacts, indirectly increasing NFT value.

To curb the ongoing devaluation of NFTs, Galaxy Survivor presents NFT rental, voting, and recycling mechanisms.

Galaxy Survivor NFT Types

Galaxy Survivor integrates a divergent NFT system. There are 78 unique models of warships and over 300 models of wargears and gems. These idiosyncratic ranges of NFTs enable players to equip warships seamlessly.

The varying NFTs in the Galaxy Survivor universe are – NFT Blueprints, NFT Warships, NFT Wargear, and NFT Legacy Gems.

The NFT Warships are specifically for building the strongest team. This NFT type will have five unique rarity levels; Normal, Rare, Super-rare (SR), Super SR, and Ultra rare. NFT Blueprints will comprise a mysterious box containing a variety of NFT Warships that players can either buy or win by participating in several events. NFT Wargears are tiny parts of warships. Each will have individual stats and skill sets capable of boosting the power of the warships. The Wargear NFT type has three levels of uniqueness – Iron, Silver, and Gold.

The NFT Legacy Gems, on the other hand, will have a direct attachment to warships. Gamers can utilize Legacy Gems to equip and strengthen their warships, dispelling the need to buy a new Warship NFT.

The distinctive nature of the Galaxy Survivor NFT allows gamers to customize NFT holdings conveniently. By personalizing the Warship NFTs, these tokens will have more real value besides the obvious one – in-game character.

Galaxy Survivor Solutions to prevent NFT devaluation

As part of its long-term plans to address NFT devaluation, Galaxy Survivor incorporates an NFT recycling system, voting mechanism, NFT quantity limit, and a rental mechanism.

In the Galaxy Survivor Universe, all NFTs such as Warships, Wargears and Legacy Gem will have a fixed-durability stat which will be burn down when being used. Along with that, each NFT also has a maximum number of times to be repaired (Warships, Wargears) or recharged (Legacy Gems). When those resources are used up, NFTs will be converted into “Broken NFTs” which only have collectible value and can no longer be used in the Game, except in NFT Recycle System. The NFT recycling system is where players can combine broken NFTs into a new NFT with a higher rarity and strength than the old NFT. This Gacha mechanism will attract many players to buy broken NFTs to try their luck and the marketplace will become more vibrant and create liquidity for broken NFTs.

Galaxy Survivor aims to build a thrilling gaming universe where players can enjoy genuinely satisfying gameplay in a balanced game economy. To improve the game quality and the experience of gamers, the team constantly releases new versions and attracts thousands of registered accounts. Players can play the game HERE. That’s not all: Galaxy Survivor has launched strategic marketing campaigns that will keep gamers engaged with the project as well as share more about their diverse NFT system and innovative methods that make them one of the leading projects for the new generation of blockchain games.

To fully experience the features and the well-designed NFT items, Galaxy Survivor will soon announce INO rounds in which the community can purchase their favorite NFTs for a strong formation when taking part in the battles. If users want to sign up for early participation, go to Galaxy Survivor Marketplace and purchase Ticket Sale to reserve whitelist slots and get discounts for the INO rounds with many other rewards: Special NFT items valued $2000, various kinds of NFT and in-game items, Oculus VR Headset, stable coins, and so on.

About Galaxy Survivor

Galaxy Survivor is the brainchild of Virtual Game Studio. It was designed to provide a fantastic gaming experience where players can enjoy exciting, strategic P2E-based, competitive battles and embark on adventurous missions. Employing advanced technology, Galaxy Survivor introduces a new concept capable of abating NFT devaluation in the P2E gaming industry.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra Brings to Life Millie Bobby Brown’s Inspiring Coming-of-Age Story

Millie Bobby Brown teams up with Samsung for her directorial debut


Samsung Electronics has teamed up with actress Millie Bobby Brown to help realize her career goal of going behind the camera as a director. Using the newly released Galaxy S22 Ultra, which features Samsung’s most advanced camera technology to date, Millie wrote, directed and produced her very own short film to tell a deeply personal and uplifting story about resilience, growth and self-discovery.

Following the release of its trailer on March 8th, the full film is unveiled on March 22nd 2022. While Millie’s story is unique, the film sheds light on feelings of self-consciousness, low self-esteem and insecurity that many women struggle with every day.

“We are so proud to have Millie on Team Galaxy and are honored to have had a chance to follow her throughout her journey, which in many respects we can all relate to. We can’t wait for you to see what she has in store for you with her directorial debut,” says Stephanie Choi, Head of Marketing for Samsung Electronics’ MX Business. “We’re so happy we were able to help her bring this story to life for the very first time using some of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s unique AI-powered features. We hope it will inspire and empower other young women to share their journeys and make their voices heard, because anyone can tell amazing stories if given the right tools.”

“I’ve always had ambitions of sitting in the director’s chair,” says Millie Bobby Brown, “I’m grateful to Samsung for giving me the opportunity to make my dream of directing into a reality. They invited me to take on this challenge and bring my vision to life. Plus, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was so fun to use — the video quality and nature of shooting on mobile made it easy to bring my ideas to life. This short film tells a deeply personal story, but it’s also a message for other young girls out there. I hope it empowers them to have the courage to express themselves and chase down their dreams.”

To create the film, Millie shot all footage using the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Built with Samsung’s largest pixel sensor ever — the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera lenses capture more light and data, to optimize the lighting and catch intricate details in video clips day or night. Plus, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s advanced Super Clear Glass lens, shots taken in low lighting conditions — like those shown at the beginning of the film — are smooth, clear and without flares. It really empowers anyone to take incredible shots, unleash their creativity and share their story.

The full film is unveiled on March 22nd 2022 at 6 PM KST on Samsung’s YouTube channel and Millie Bobby Brown’s Instagram account, @milliebobbybrown.

To find out more about how you too can bring your story to life with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, visit:

Galaxy Heroes Launches an NFT Marketplace for Heroes

Galaxy Heroes, a superhero-based gaming and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) protocol which is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has launched the Galaxy Heroes Coin’s NFT marketplace where it opens up access for everyone who wants to mint and sell their NFTs.

Brian Sumner, Founder and CEO of Galaxy Heroes, said: “Over 100 Heroes from the collection were listed within a few days of the Marketplace’s launching, ranging between 1�100 BNB. Just days after the NFT marketplace launched, the second GHC collection of villains was released, selling out the 2500 mint collection in less than an hour. The Galaxy Heroes Coin marketplace is now filled with almost 350 epic heroes and villains.”

Galaxy Heroes is a utility-centric project including farm staking, NFT, NFT marketplace, P2E, GameFi and soon, a Metaverse. The first launch of Galaxy Heroes NFTs offered 2500 randomly generated superheroes, followed by collections of 2500 villain NFTs, both comprising common, rare and ultra-rare NFTs. Users can obtain these unique NFT collections by participating in auctions in the Galaxy NFT marketplace. Holders can stake their Galaxy Heroes NFTs or Villain NFTs and get heroically rewarded with all listings and transaction fees in the BNB passive income market. The reward potential for staking one’s GHC NFTs will vary based on the scarcity of the NFTs staked, with ultra-rares generating the highest reward outcomes.

To provide a more user-friendly experience, the development team has improved the functionality of its marketplace. Users can now view aesthetic and attribute details without having to begin in a new page list of NFTs. Instead, they can continue to browse from where they had stopped.

The marketplace also has a filter system with several options to enable anyone to search for NFTs more directly. When it comes to price, users have two options: high-low or low-high, with an additional filter for a minimum or maximum price in BNB. Plus, users are allowed to search for NFTs currently being bid on, thus ensuring that any current live auctions aren’t missed.

A significant upgrade is the listing cost for users to list their NFTs on the marketplace. Initially set at 0.1 BNB, the team cut down the listing fee to 0.01 BNB. This way, there’s an increased number of NFTs being listed in the marketplace. Aside from the listing fee, there is a 2% selling fee upon the completion of a sale on the Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces where the listing and/or selling fees go directly to the developers, they are instead used to reward GHC community, specifically the buyers and collectors of GHC NFTs.

The native token, Galaxy Heroes Coin ($GHC), is a community-driven Binance blockchain token with unique superheroes and galaxy NFTs. GHC utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network due to its low transaction fees. This makes it possible for users to execute trades at low rates.

The $GHC token is listed on more than twenty-five leading Centralized Exchanges (CEX) like MEXC Global, Hotbit, BitMart, Bkex, and so on. More so, the token is a smart contract code that is audited by Certik and has 50K plus holders. In the near future, GHC will be listed on other CEXes like Binance, Kucoin,, Huobi, and amongst others.

Users can stake $GHC and farm tokens in different pools with high Annual Percentage Rates (APR). Holders can choose single or dual-token staking to farm the Galaxy Heroes Earn (GHE) token. In addition, the seasoned team recently developed a PVP and PVE-based NFT play-to-earn game (Galaxy Heroes X) to add to the Galaxy Hero arsenal. The Galaxy Heroes Earn ($GHE) will be utilized as the in-game NFT currency. The token can also be sold/traded via the GHC exchange and earned by staking $GHC for $GHE. It can equally be earned through both PVE and PVP Galaxy Play-to-Earn game modes.

In total, there will be 5000 hero/villain avatars to purchase from the first Metaverse (sandbox) marketplace. With one of the NFTs, one will be able to participate in multiple quests on the 9 parcels of land to win prizes such as GHC, BNB, and ETH tokens. Moving forward, other artists will be able to sell their NFTs through the marketplace as well for a cheap fee.


  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • 9% Buy/Sell
  • 3% Liquidity
  • 2% Marketing Wallet
  • 2% Buyback Wallet
  • 2% Developer wallet

About Galaxy Heroes

Galaxy Heroes is a utility-centric project built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) including farm staking, NFT, NFT marketplace, P2E, GameFi, and soon, a Metaverse.

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Every Galaxy Has an Underworld – Boba Fett Navigates His Way into Fortnite

Once regarded as one of the most fearsome and capable bounty hunters in the galaxy, Boba Fett seemingly met his demise in the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine. Fett has survived the beast and has now reclaimed his distinctive Mandalorian armor.

As announced during Disney+ Day as part of The Book of Boba Fett series, the titular bounty hunter has arrived in Fortnite!

Available in the Item Shop now:

  • Boba Fett Outfit with the Z-6 Jetpack Back Bling: A simple man making his way through the galaxy like his father before him.


  • Gaffi Stick Pickaxe: Used by the Tusken Raiders on Tatooine, a planet Boba has spent much time on.

  • Boba Fett’s Starship Glider: Boba Fett’s distinctive Firespray-class ship, inherited from his father Jango Fett.

  • Targeting Computer Online Emote: Scan the horizon for your target.

All of these items will also be available in a bundle so you can grab the whole Boba Fett Set!

Channel your inner Bounty Hunter and explore the new Island with Boba Fett!