Ann Marie Puig, Expert Entrepreneur, Unveils the Transformative Evolution of Social Media Marketing in 2023

Expert entrepreneur Ann Marie Puig reveals the transformative evolution of social media marketing in 2023, emphasizing authenticity, video content, social commerce, privacy considerations, and data-driven approaches for businesses to thrive in engaging their audience and driving growth.

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Ann Marie Puig, a highly accomplished entrepreneur and renowned expert in digital marketing, has recently unveiled the dynamic and transformative evolution of social media marketing in 2023. With her deep industry knowledge and foresight, Puig has become a trusted authority for businesses seeking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing and harness its full potential.

In todays fast-paced and interconnected world, social media has revolutionized how businesses connect with their target audiences. However, as consumer behaviors and preferences evolve, staying ahead of the curve has become more crucial. Ann Marie Puig has been at the forefront of these changes, monitoring trends and analyzing data to identify the strategies that yield maximum results.

Puigs insights into the transformative evolution of social media marketing are based on a keen understanding of the shifting dynamics in the digital sphere. As technology advances, consumer expectations rise, and platforms adapt, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to remain relevant and effectively engage their target audiences.

In 2023, Puig observes a significant emphasis on authenticity and meaningful connections in social media marketing. Consumers are becoming more discerning, seeking genuine interactions and purpose-driven brand content. To succeed, businesses must establish a strong brand identity, convey their values, and engage in meaningful conversations with their audience.

Social media marketing has undergone a significant transformation in 2023, said Ann Marie Puig. Businesses must focus on building authentic relationships with their audience, delivering valuable content, and aligning with the values and aspirations of their target market.

Another notable trend highlighted by Puig is the growing importance of video content. In recent years, video has become a powerful medium for storytelling and engaging audiences. With the rise of short-form videos, live streaming, and immersive experiences, businesses must leverage video content to captivate their audience and stand out.

Additionally, the integration of social commerce has become increasingly prevalent in 2023. Social media platforms have recognized the potential of combining content discovery and online shopping, enabling businesses to connect with consumers and seamlessly convert social interactions into sales. Puig advises companies to optimize their social commerce strategies by leveraging features such as shoppable posts, influencer partnerships, and personalized recommendations.

Furthermore, as privacy concerns continue to shape the digital landscape, Puig stresses the importance of transparency and ethical practices in social media marketing. Consumers are becoming more conscious of data privacy, and businesses must prioritize safeguarding customer information while delivering personalized experiences. Adhering to ethical guidelines and building customer trust is paramount in todays social media marketing landscape.

Ann Marie Puig advises businesses to adopt a data-driven approach to navigate these dynamic changes effectively. By leveraging analytics and insights, companies can deeply understand their audiences preferences, behavior patterns, and content preferences. This valuable data allows businesses to tailor their social media marketing strategies for maximum impact and engagement.

Recognizing the need for continued education and professional development in social media marketing, Ann Marie Puig offers consultations and workshops to empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Through her expertise, she guides optimizing social media strategies, enhancing brand presence, and driving tangible business results.

As social media marketing continues to evolve, Ann Marie Puig remains dedicated to helping businesses thrive in this ever-changing landscape. By unveiling the transformative evolution of social media marketing in 2023, Puig equips businesses with the knowledge and strategies they need to engage their audience, drive conversions, and achieve long-term growth.

About Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig is a business consultancy specialist with experience providing exceptional guidance to companies worldwide. Fluent in Spanish and English, she is an expert in technology, eCommerce, and various industries. Her reliable, professional consultancy services have enabled her to become a trusted advisor to many.

Fintech Expert Angelo Babb Unveils the Worst Performing Crypto of May 2023, Shedding Light on Market Insights and Risks

Fintech expert Angelo Babb unveils the worst-performing cryptocurrency of May 2023, providing valuable insights and emphasizing the need for research and risk management in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

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Angelo Babb, a highly esteemed fintech expert, and cryptocurrency analyst, reveals the worst-performing cryptocurrency of May 2023, providing valuable market insights and shedding light on the potential risks associated with digital assets. With his deep understanding of the evolving fintech landscape and extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market, Angelo Babb empowers investors and enthusiasts to make informed decisions in an ever-changing market environment.

The cryptocurrency market has been subject to significant volatility and price fluctuations, making it crucial for investors to stay informed about the performance and risks associated with various digital assets. Angelo Babbs analysis of the worst-performing crypto of May 2023 is a valuable resource for investors, highlighting potential pitfalls and cautionary tales.

While the cryptocurrency market has recently experienced notable growth and popularity, it is not immune to risks and downturns. Angelo Babbs unveiling of the worst-performing crypto of May 2023 serves as a reminder that investing in digital assets carries inherent risks and requires diligent research and risk management.

By shedding light on the worst-performing crypto, Angelo Babb emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough due diligence and understanding the fundamentals of a cryptocurrency before investing. He urges investors to assess factors such as the projects team, technology, adoption, and market demand to gauge its long-term potential and mitigate risks.

Additionally, Angelo Babb provides insights into the market conditions and trends that contributed to the underperformance of the identified cryptocurrency. These insights enable investors to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics at play in the cryptocurrency market, helping them make more informed investment decisions.

Angelo Babbs analysis also highlights the importance of diversification in a cryptocurrency portfolio. By spreading investments across different digital assets, investors can minimize their exposure to the risks associated with any single crypto. Diversification can mitigate the impact of a poorly performing cryptocurrency on the overall portfolio and provide a more balanced investment strategy.

Furthermore, Angelo Babb emphasizes the significance of risk management strategies, such as setting clear investment goals, establishing stop-loss orders, and regularly reassessing investment positions. These risk management practices can help investors protect their capital and minimize potential losses in the face of market volatility.

It is worth noting that Angelo Babbs analysis not only focuses on the worst-performing crypto of May 2023 but also provides broader insights into the factors that influence the cryptocurrency market. By understanding these factors, investors can make more informed decisions, seize growth opportunities, and navigate the risks associated with digital assets.

Angelo Babbs expertise in fintech and cryptocurrencies has established him as a trusted authority. Through his analyses and insights, he helps investors and enthusiasts navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency market and make informed decisions.

Understanding the risks and factors influencing the performance of cryptocurrencies is crucial for investors seeking to navigate the volatile market, says Angelo Babb. By examining the worst-performing crypto of May 2023, we gain valuable insights that can inform our investment strategies and risk management practices.

Angelo Babbs analysis is a valuable resource for investors, providing them with the knowledge and insights to navigate the cryptocurrency market responsibly. By staying informed and adopting a prudent approach, investors can capitalize on opportunities while managing the risks associated with digital assets.

About Angelo Babb

Angelo Babb is a legal cryptocurrency and blockchain consultant who helps new and established organizations strengthen their interaction with digital assets.

Hong Kong – Expert Committee on Clinical Events Assessment Following COVID-19 Immunisation assesses serious adverse events relating to COVID-19 vaccination

Expert Committee on Clinical Events Assessment Following COVID-19 Immunisation assesses serious adverse events relating to COVID-19 vaccination


     The Expert Committee on Clinical Events Assessment Following COVID-19 Immunisation, set up under the Department of Health (DH) to provide independent assessment on the potential causal link between Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFIs) and COVID-19 vaccination in Hong Kong, convened a meeting today (February 27) to assess serious adverse events relating to COVID-19 vaccination.
     According to the World Health Organization, an AEFI is any medical occurrence that follows immunisation and that does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the usage of the vaccine. The DH has put in place a pharmacovigilance system for COVID-19 immunisation, and is partnering with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to conduct an active surveillance programme for Adverse Events of Special Interest (AESI) under the COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events Response and Evaluation Programme (CARE Programme). The main purpose of the pharmacovigilance system is to detect potential signals of possible side effects of the vaccines.
     As of February 26, about 20.7 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered for members of the public in Hong Kong. Around 6.9 million people had received at least one vaccine dose. In the same period, the DH received 8 102 reports of adverse events (0.04 per cent of total vaccine doses administered), including 120 death cases with vaccination within 14 days before they passed away (0.0006 per cent of total vaccine doses administered).
     So far, the Expert Committee had assessed these 120 death cases and concluded that 117 death cases had no causal relationship with vaccination, two cases of which causal relationship with vaccination could not be established (Note), and preliminarily considered that one case was not associated with vaccination. The Expert Committee considered there is no unusual pattern identified so far, and it will continue to closely monitor the situation and collect data for assessment.
     The Expert Committee has also reviewed available clinical data and information for conducting causality assessment of other serious or unexpected AEFIs and AESIs. The results will be included in the updated safety monitoring report (as at February 28) to be published at the Government’s designated website on March 3. In addition, information related to AEFIs of COVID-19 vaccines and relevant statistics will also be released in the “Update on monitoring COVID-19 vaccination” press release and the Government’s designated website regularly.
Note: A death case involved an 83-year-old man who passed away five days after receiving the first dose of CoronaVac vaccine in May 2022. Preliminary autopsy revealed ischaemic heart disease. In the final autopsy report, the cause of death as shown by the autopsy appears to be acute myocarditis. Investigations could not identify the cause of acute myocarditis. From literatures and overseas data so far, there is no evidence indicating that the vaccination could cause acute myocarditis. Moreover, studies conducted by HKU under the CARE Programme also did not find any association between CoronaVac vaccination and myocarditis. Nevertheless, based on the available information, the Expert Committee considered that a causal relationship between the death and vaccination could not be established. Another case was reported in the press release on June 7, 2022 (

Thyroid expert Dr. Amie Hornaman shares wellness advice in preparation for KetoCon 2023

A timely and crucial reminder to focus on self-care, and healthy routines as the holidays approach

AUSTIN, TexasNov. 16, 2022PRLog — During the Holidays, it’s easy to lose track of diets and healthy habits.  January arrives with good intentions and New Year’s fitness resolutions, but they inevitably fail for one reason or another. Nothing seems to work, and the weight gained during the past months becomes impossible to lose. But don’t fret because hope springs eternal and that’s why spring is the perfect time to make healthy changes. It is the best time to begin anew, to reconnect and re-focus our efforts on self-care, on developing healthy routines and gaining deeper insight to the challenging journey that is weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

From April 21 to 23, 2023, the Palmer Event Center in Austin will welcome visitors from all over the world to share their knowledge and experiences in living the ketogenic lifestyle, biohacking, and optimizing their health. Trusted health professional and thyroid expert, Dr. Amy Hornaman will be back on the KetoCon stage to reveal how the thyroid works while following a ketogenic diet.

“Having Dr. Hornaman on stage is an honor for KetoCon as she has become the authority on the thyroid and how it affects your weight loss journey”, said Robin Switzer owner and CEO of Q1 Productions the company that owns KetoCon.

Dr. Amie Hornaman is the founder of the Institute for Thyroid and Hormone Optimization and has advice for those who are seriously thinking of getting their healthier lifestyle back on track: “You can use keto to heal your Hashimoto (an autoimmune disorder involving chronic inflammation of the thyroid), as long as you use high quality ingredients in your meals”, as she explained during the 2022 KetoCon conference.

After her own experience with insufferable symptoms, misdiagnoses and improper treatment, Dr. Hornaman set out to help others who were going through the same medical roller coaster of pain and anxiety. Having the opportunity to engage with Dr. Hornaman during KetoCon is a once in a lifetime experience.

KetoCon offers endless opportunities to meet and greet influencers, get expert advice, immerse in a world of healthy lifestyle alternatives, seek new business opportunities and mingle with the biggest names in the keto world.

KetoCon ticket information can be found at

About KetoCon

KetoCon is a conference series owned and organized by the Florida based Q1 Productions, LLC, focused on the science and stories of the benefits of ketosis, presenting qualified vendors and amazing wellness-centric events designed to empower and optimize the keto lifestyle. Since 2017 the convention has been growing with more speakers and vendors, now arriving in 2023 to its 6th edition.

To become a vendor, speaker, sponsor, or buy tickets in advance, visit or email

Hong Kong – Appointments to Expert Committee on Food Safety

Appointments to Expert Committee on Food Safety


     The Government today (September 19) announced the appointment of six new members and re-appointment of nine incumbent members, including the incumbent Chairman and Vice-Chairman, to the Expert Committee on Food Safety for a term of two years with effect from September 15, 2022.

     The Secretary for Environment and Ecology, Mr Tse Chin-wan, said that food safety was one of the priorities of the Government, and an important livelihood issue. He thanked the six outgoing members, namely Mr Kenneth Chan Kin-nin, Dr Olivia Chan Sinn-kay, Mr Cheng Kit-man, Dr Wendy Ma Lynn, Professor Qiao Xiongwu and Professor Shelly Tse Lap-ah for their invaluable contributions to the work of the Expert Committee in the past. 

     The Expert Committee advises the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene (DFEH) on existing or new food safety operational strategies and measures to protect public health. It also advises the DFEH on standards or guidelines relating to food safety and food composition having regard to international practices, trends and developments.

     Following is the full membership of the Expert Committee with effect from September 15, 2022:



Professor Chen Zhenyu




Professor Wang Wenxiong


Local members


Professor Cai Zongwei

Dr Vicki Fong Lai-ying

Professor Lam Hon-ming

Dr Tse Man-li

Dr Wong Ka-hing

Dr Howard Wong Kai-hay

Dr Leslie Wong Pak-yuen

Dr Samson Wong Sai-yin

Ms Bonnie Yau Man


Members from outside Hong Kong


Dr Scott Crerar

Professor Andreas Hensel

Professor Wu Yongning

Professor Ye Guibiao


Ex-officio members


Representative of the Environment and Ecology Bureau

Representative of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Representative of the Department of Health