Empowering Growth Coach Helps Recovered Addicts & Others Overcome Destructive Behaviors

Rachel West Empowering Growth Coach

Rachel West Empowering Growth Coach

LAS VEGASOct. 26, 2022PRLog — Empowering Growth Coach Rachel West started her business in a somewhat unconventional way. After studying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to improve her communications skills, she discovered that she could also use the modalities to help people overcome addictions and mental health issues.

“Many of my family members suffer with alcohol and drug addiction, mental health problems and other destructive behaviors,” Rachel said. “My passion is coaching people who are really stuck and struggling. The business that I have developed allows me to help them change how they store the emotions within their body which in turn, improves their emotional state.”

“Together, we explore their triggers and negative thought patterns and create something new and better.”

Much of Rachel’s work focuses on helping her clients overcome negative self-talk.

“People get stuck in their stories and internal self-talk,” she said. “That negative self-talk eventually becomes their reality. We work together to change their perceptions. They can release their limiting beliefs.  Their lives improve because they are more self-aware. The shift in mindset causes them to think and act differently.”

“They become more aware of the things they are telling themselves on a daily basis.”

Rachel goes far beyond putting a superficial band aid on the traumatic issues that her clients face.

“My technique is unique because I help them get to the root of the problem,” she said. “Its deep emotional work. We peel the layers of the onion away and create new habits of thought. The change that we achieve is dependent on their willingness to do the work.”

“I help people to see the good in themselves.”

Rachel credits her high level of empathy as a driving force for the success of her business.

“I have a lot of empathy for those who are struggling with addiction and trauma,” she said. “I see the good in people despite how they might have behaved in the past. Everyone deserves a chance to change.”

“People who work with me can sense that I am on their side.”

In addition to working with clients who have completed addiction and mental health programs, Rachel also provides coaching services for first responders, military veterans, and others.

“My work with clients is focused on helping them stay accountable to their goals and new behavior patterns to prevent a falling back into old ways,” she said. “They start to learn how to respond rather than react to things. I help them reframe their experiences and increase their awareness of potential emotional triggers.”

Rachel offers coaching programs that can fit any budget. She highly recommends her yearlong program because it can take a few months for her clients to start to see change in themselves.

“I work with clients where they are,” she said. “I can also assist their family members.”

For more information about Rachel West’s coaching services, please visit Home – Empowering Growth (empoweringgrowthcoach.com) (https://www.empoweringgrowthcoach.com/)

Live Out Loud & Take Up Space is more than an empowering book title —It’s a way of life!

Tampa Bay-based entreprenuer and author releases a new book to help others amplify their voices and pursue their passion with boldness

Live Out Loud & Take Up Space!

Live Out Loud & Take Up Space!

TAMPA, Fla.July 27, 2022PRLog — Author and PR professional, Tawanna Chamberlain, has a new book out which was written to offer inspiration and motivation to those who are striving towards next-level success, personally and professionally. In her book, Live Out Loud and Take Up Space, Chamberlain provides a plethora of practical tips and unique techniques that can be used to help the reader achieve substantive success in their lives by making small changes to their day-to-day routines.

“This book was truly a labor of love. There were so many obstacles thrown my way as I was trying to complete it—and there were many times when I just wanted to halt the process altogether; But I knew that if I wanted to truly inspire people, I would have to be able to practice what I preached. So, in spite of encountering many challenges along the way, I stayed the course. I finished my book, and I accomplished my goal! My sincere hope is that someone will read this book and be inspired to stand taller, live bolder and dream bigger!”, stated Tawanna.

Live Out Loud & Take Up Space is a guidebook for anyone who is seeking to approach life in a more intentional, purposeful way. The salient purpose of this book is to provide the reader with practical tips regarding how to become a more effective communicator–and how to pursue their passion with boldness. It’s time out for playing small!This book is not for people who are accustomed to playing it safe, coloring in the lines or staying in their comfort zones. “Live Out Loud & Take Up Space” was written for people who are ready to emerge from the status quo in a powerfully bold way.

Not to be confused with your typical ‘self-help’ book, Live Out Loud & Take Up Space is chock full of unique techniques, proven strategies, and motivational methods that will teach you how to leverage your value and get what you want out of life.That being said, it’s time for YOU to Live Out Loud and Take Up Space!

“At the end of the day, I want the reader to feel empowered to step out into the world in a more prominent way. If one person out there—just one— is inspired to [unapologetically] advocate for themselves then my mission has been accomplished. My intention for writing this book was to create a spark in someone, that would ultimately ignite a fire—which would propel them to emerge as the best, most expansive version of themselves!”, said Tawanna.

You can order your very own copy of “Live Out Loud and Take Up Space” via Amazon. Click this link https://a.co/d/5RZ4wdR  to snag the paperback version of this small, yet impactful gem today!

For general information about this transformative book, visit www.ThePoshPublicist.com. You can also order a digital copy of the book on the website. Connect with Tawanna on IG: @ThePoshPublicist.

Empowering Nari Shakti of North East India on Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakram, under the aegis of NEC, Ministry of DoNER.

Menstruation and menstrual practises still face major socio-cultural restrictions, resulting in women as well as adolescent girls, which pose a significant barrier in the path of hygienic health practices. Young adolescent girls tend to be less prepared for menstrual hygiene management and suffer from apprehensions, fear, and shame during their menses. In rural areas, women do not have access to sanitary products, or they have very little knowledge about the types and methods of use, or they simply can’t afford them owing to the high cost.


Awareness Campaign on Female Hygiene & Care Products was successfully conducted across District Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh under the North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Society (NERCRMS), Shillong and Changlang Community Resource Management Society (CCRMS) in collaboration with the District Administration, supported by the North Eastern Council & Ministry of DoNER, Govt. of India.


It is a convergence of the Chief Minister’s flagship program-promoting girls’ health and hygiene scheme and waste management awareness.


Under NERCRMSS and CCRMS, self-help groups are producing low-cost biodegradable and re-usable sanitary napkins with a focus on rural women and girls.




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By Empowering Black Creatives, Converse Positions the Future Now


A brand must stand for more than its product to be relevant, engaging and true to the people it serves. Converse, at 114-plus years old, is a prime example — the brand has a deep history of showing up in moments of progress and change, most recently with its commitments to the Black community.

Since 2015, Converse has pledged and donated nearly $3 million in grants to support the Black community in the United States and the United Kingdom, says Ilana Finley, VP, Social & Community Impact. This sits next to the collective contribution of $40 million from the NIKE, Inc. family, which is dedicated to ending systemic racism. The brand is also sharpening how it engages with Black Americans, specifically to break down barriers for young people via social justice partnerships and youth creativity in Boston, the brand’s hometown, by enabling the transformative work of community partners who are doing great things through mentorship, access and creative. Last, and equally important, says Finley, Converse is passionate about seeking new ways to empower Black creatives, inside and outside the company, 365 days a year.

These efforts are points of pride, professionally and personally, she says. “I’ve been with this company for 20 years, and I think that we’ve always had a commitment to doing this work,” says Finley. “But it is exciting to see the conversations we’re having now. The tone is more urgent and the actions more intentional than ever to drive lasting change and impact.”

Here, Finley highlights five ways Converse is strengthening its relationships with the Black community — now and for the future.

Empowering a Worldwide Creative Community

’’Creativity is core to who we are, so it’s a natural connection point for us to look at how we can support creativity in our community in general, and specifically within the Black community. Yes, the money is important. Partners need money to do powerful work. Equally, we want to look at how we’re partnering with Black creatives to design programming that celebrates creativity in new and different ways and ultimately encourages future careers. We want young Black creatives to think of Converse as a place to work and a brand to work with. To that end, we have a powerful engagement program called the Converse All Stars, a group of more than 2,000 creatives from across the globe who we’re committed to putting both in front of and behind the camera to develop our brand campaigns and assets.

Our success in engaging Black creatives is clear. Since January 2021, more than 50 percent of independent creative partners who supported the production of our brand campaigns and content in North America were BIPOC creatives: photographers, stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists, post-production, digital tech, sound design and in-front-of-camera talent.” 

Investing in Local Black Artists

’’In 2021, we partnered with For Freedoms, an artist-led collective organization in Los Angeles, to celebrate Black joy through a grassroots campaign – Hear, Her, Here, centered on art and creativity. Together, we’ve launched a salon series for young Black women, and sponsored public activations in historically Black L.A. neighborhoods. One example: collaborating with the Black Image Center on The Black Family Archives, a three-day activation providing equipment for Black families to catalog their photos and preserve their memories. This collective of young, Black L.A. image makers — all part of the Converse All Star Community — aims to cultivate imagination and economically empower Black storytellers and image makers.

Our teams also directly commission Black creatives to enrich neighborhoods in our key cities. For example, we’ve sponsored the creation of nine community murals by Black artists across L.A., Toronto and Boston, and more around the world. My team uses the murals as Zoom backgrounds — a small but meaningful way for us to celebrate the work internally.”

Bringing the Next Generation In

’’Careers can begin in the most unlikely places. As I’ve moved into the current phase of my career, I feel a strong desire and responsibility to build a new legacy. 

We have the opportunity to do that with our 34 community partners in Boston, L.A. and New York that are just as passionate as we are about driving positive youth development. More than 80 percent of the individuals served by that programming in our fiscal year 2021 [June 2020 through May 2021] were from Black and Brown communities.

Take our partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. We sponsor their teen curatorial studies program, which taps high school students to research and put on an exhibition in the museum, encouraging them to seek a career in the curatorial arts.

Another incredible partner is The Possible Zone, a nonprofit that advances economic equity by teaching kids entrepreneurial skills. We’ve actually created a new engagement model with The Possible Zone, where we invite kids into Converse’s process and teach them how to build, design and develop footwear and apparel, opening up the pipelines for a potential career within our company.”

Using Product as a Ready-Made Canvas

’’For years, we’ve been looking at every opportunity to bring Black stories to life through our product. We are a brand that is uniquely welcomed by so many communities around the world; how can our canvas sneaker help reflect back their stories? Earlier this year, we partnered with two of our social impact partners, The Possible Zone here in Boston and the Boyle Heights Art Conservatory in L.A., to have young Black and Brown designers help create jerseys for the Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. That was a huge win to bring youth into the design process for such an important and visible moment in the NBA calendar. Can you imagine, as a kid who loves design, getting to actually create a jersey for All Star weekend? It’s insane.

We’ve had a series of collections and collaborations during the years with prominent Black creatives, including Shaniqwa Jarvis and Sheila Bridges, who, if you love wallpaper design like I do, you have to check out. We’re also superexcited about an upcoming collection, which shares the journey of progress from three of Converse’s own: WNBA athlete Natasha Cloud, Converse designer Marissa Bynoe, and Converse product merchandiser Javon Martin.”

Focusing Inside the Company as Much as Outside

’’Internally, we have been really intentional about driving more representation and creating access. A recent example is our All Star Design Team Apprenticeship Program. Our first cohort — six creatives from diverse backgrounds who spent six months working with more than 20 members of the Converse team to learn all aspects of design — came in last year, and we hired two of those creatives for full-time positions. We’re pumped to kick off cohort number two in June. This Converse program and others are an opportunity to shift paradigms, build a new legacy, and have a direct hand in creating opportunities for the Black community.”

Empowering Indian youth through various skill development courses

Skill India Mission aims to empower the Indian youth through skill development. Under Skill India Mission, the Government through 21 central ministries/departments is implementing various schemes and programmes for short term trainings. Under Skill India Mission, Ministry of Education is implementing SamagaraShiksha Scheme with an aim to impart vocational courses to the students of Class 9th to 12th.

The scheme comprises of 55 job roles in 19 sectors, i.e., Agriculture, Apparel Made ups & Home Furnishing, Automotive, Banking Finance and Insurance Services (BFSI), Beauty and Wellness, Construction, Electronics & Hardware, Healthcare, Information Technology / Information Technology Enabled Services (IT/ITeS), Media & Entertainment, Multi Skilling, Physical Education & Sports, Plumber, Power, Retail, Security, Telecom, Tourism & Hospitality, Transportation Logistics & Warehousing.

Till March 2021; 13,50,175 students benefitted under the scheme.

Under SamagraShiksha scheme, provision has been made for basic facilities to students and trainers in the Government schools.

Under SamagraShiksha scheme, basic facilities to the student and trainers are provided, namely; tools & equipment for vocational lab, engaging guest lecturers, resource persons, raw materials, maintenance of tools and equipment, books, software, e- learning material, hands-on skill training/on the job training in industrial set up, office expenses/contingencies (including expenditure on awareness & publicity, guidance and counseling), field visits, etc.

The scheme is reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that adequate facilities and trainers are provided to students.

The information was given by the Union Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, ShriDharmendraPradhan in a written reply in the LokSabha today.



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