Debuts Real-Time Performance Tracking & Analytics for Outreach Campaigns

 Following its December 2021 announcement of the launch of Outreach Campaigns,, a leading virtual receptionist service, today, released real-time performance tracking, analytics and management tools for campaigns.

Busy business owners and operators can now execute high-volume, enterprise-class outbound calling initiatives with help from’s 24/7 professional live agents and AI technology. With setup taking just days compared to competing services that require weeks or months to launch, has already established itself as a rapid-response partner to businesses needing repeated phone outreach to leads, clients and other parties.

Now, with real-time metrics, businesses’ customer support and sales teams — along with their marketing agencies — can view campaign activities and outcomes just as rapidly as the calls are made.’s new campaign performance tracking enables clients to easily evaluate current and past Outreach Campaigns at both a macro and micro level: From a bird’s-eye view, clients see metrics visualized in a helpful graph of the complete conversion funnel including how many recipients have been called, reached and converted. For each campaign, a conversion event is uniquely defined to ensure metrics remain meaningful across myriad use cases (e.g., a conversion may be a new client consultation, event registration or applicant screening interview).

Details are also available for each call, including the recipient’s status, the number of call attempts already made and upcoming, whether the call resulted in a desired outcome, the call summary notes from the live agent, and many more details, which are provided in an easy-to-read format in the campaign performance dashboard as well as an exportable CSV. Access to the raw data makes way for powerful insights to determine what’s working and to refine campaign tactics, such as the optimal time of day to reach a particular list of recipients.

For adjustments to call cadence, messaging and more, clients engage with’s expert account managers to make adjustments. A client may wish to add appointment bookings for a lead-nurturing campaign or layer on email and SMS follow-up messages to increase touchpoints with home buyers for a Realtor’s campaign.

Thanks to API and Zapier integrations, clients can also add recipients to the call queue on a regular schedule or instantaneously — particularly useful for online form leads requiring rapid and repeated follow-up (a CSV upload option also exists).

“We’re leveling the playing field for small and mid-size businesses that are challenged by everything from the Great Resignation to sky-high marketing costs by providing a highly customized and automated outbound calling service that makes it possible for them to achieve their lead-generation, revenue, and retention goals,” said Aaron Lee, CEO and co-founder of “Our new campaign performance features give business owners unprecedented access to clear and actionable intelligence, at no extra cost and with no training necessary.”

Until today’s introduction of’s campaign performance and management tools, there didn’t exist a platform for outbound calling campaigns that provided SDRs-as-a-service with real-time data at a price point palatable for small to mid-size businesses. With a low cost of entry, flexible monthly plans, AI-driven workflows, and personable North America-based agents, is democratizing access to sophisticated outreach teams through outsourcing, reducing the risk and overhead traditionally associated with BPOs, lead generation outfits and prospecting firms.’s Outreach Campaigns service and performance dashboard are also available to agency partners, resellers and SaaS providers looking to add innovative, impactful solutions for their small business clients.

To learn more about Outreach Campaigns and other solutions provided by, visit

About is a superior virtual receptionist service for businesses, many of which are small to mid-size service-based operations in the U.S. and Canada. Our live, North America-based receptionists handle calls, texts, website chats and social messages; qualify leads; intake new clients; book appointments; and accept payments, for improved responsiveness, happier clients and better marketing results, 24/7. To learn more, visit

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SOM Talk Live Debuts On Cable Television in Over 33 Countries.

The SOM Talk Live show focuses on entertainment and business with some of today’s leading influencers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and musicians. The show also has a strong focus on the happenings in local communities and enriching the next generation with the importance of opportunities for continued education.

The first episode featured Atlanta natives Travis Porter, an American hip hop trio from Atlanta, Georgia. The group consists of stepbrothers Ali and Quez, and their friend Strap who they met in middle school. Upcoming episodes feature established music artists, celebrities, entertainers, and more! Now viewers can catch new episodes every Wednesday night at 10pm EST. Via Verizon Fios Channel 269, Optimum Channel 1100, & Digicel Channel 564 & 714.

Rueben Wood has been in the music and entertainment industry for 10 years starting out in 2010 as a journalist and hip hop enthusiast. Creating the SOM brand in 2011 became a focal point for the entrepreneur after a magazine idea, formerly known as Spaced Out Magazine, was published.

Rueben has also helped several businesses grow and reach new customers over the years from marketing and branding techniques. With no stopping in sight, the young entrepreneur has set his mind to creating one of the biggest platforms for media and content in the entertainment industry, and Rueben understands exactly what it takes to build strong marketing relations & partnerships in the digital space.

SOM Talk Live Reaches over 4.9 million listeners each week. With Syndication, SOM Talk Live is apart of the Pacifica Radio Network across the US on several Non-Commercial community based FM Stations.

SOM Talk Live’s target audience is a fast growing segment of the population known as Global Black, since its partnership with Noire TV. This addressable audience constitutes all geographically dispersed people of African descent and is anchored by the 43M+ people of African descent in the US. The Global Black population is synonymous with the African Diaspora and exists on every major continent.

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The One Enterprise (SET: ONEE) debuts ONEE shares on first trading day

The One Enterprise PCL (SET: ONEE), the leader in Thailand’s integrated media and entertainment business with over 30 years’ expertise and experience has chosen today (November 5, 2021) as the auspicious day to begin trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) with the ticker name ONEE.

The Company will effectively become the highest-value IPO in the Media and Publishing sector in Thailand’s capital market history, with the total offering value of 4.218 billion baht and a market capitalization of approximately 20.241 billion baht. These facts reinforced the Company’s strong fundamentals derived from its leadership in the creation and production of quality and diverse contents catering to all market segment, as well as having multi distribution channels both offline and online which can generate revenue in anyplace at all times.

The Company is ready to build on the success to date after being listed on the SET with new investment plans to enhance the production and creation of quality contents, and the ability to create new and uniquely different content to cater to the ever-changing tastes and behavior of the audience. Also in the pipeline are investments on the enhancement of competitive skills and service efficiency through the development of artistes and other professionals, the development of online channels or OTT platforms, as well as the commitment to uplift Thai contents to the international areana in order to create new opportunities for stable and sustainable growth in the long run amidst the Digital disruption era.

Mr. Takonkiet Viravan, Group Chief Executive Officer of The One Enterprise Public Company Limited (ONEE), stated, “I’m honored and very happy on this occasion that ‘The One Enterprise’ is listing ONEE shares for trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in the Media and Publishing sector today. This is a very significant step and an overwhelming pride of the executives, team members and all related parties who have played important roles in the success of the IPO offering and the listing on the SET today. At The One Enterprise, we have conducted the business with the determination to become the leader in Thailand’s integrated media and entertainment business, with thorough outstanding and distinctive business models comprehensively covering all aspects from upstream to downstream. Thanks to our strong foundation as a content creator, we have extensive experience and expertise in producing and creating diverse quality content including dramas, sitcoms, series, variety shows, game shows and news programs that cover all targeted market segments, including premium mass, family, new generation and the ‘edgy’ group to produce popular and extraordinary experiences.

“We also operate comprehensive distribution channels both offline and online, such as Company-owned ONE31 Channel, GMM25 channel that we act as marketing agent, along with radio, social media and OTT platforms of leading partners both at home and abroad. We also provide other related services such as organizing events and concerts, managing and developing artistes and performers under contract, souvenir sales and rental of filming studios. All these can strengthen the Company’s ability to earn revenue from anything at any time as managed by an experienced management team and the new-generation team with a versatile group of actors and artistes who play important roles in driving The One Enterprise to overcome the Digital disruption trend and to create opportunities for continuous, stable and sustainable growth in the long run.”

The One Enterprise operates under the vision: “To be the leader in the creation of entertainment, knowledge and inspiration to deliver happiness to audiences of all genders and ages with international quality that incorporates Thainess onto the world stage”, by focusing on creating quality contents that are popular and producing a unique viewing experience to suit every taste in every era, through leveraging data analysis and in depth understanding of audience behavior, allowing the Company to win the hearts and minds of Thai audiences for a long time. This also includes the continuous increase in the market share of advertising spending through TV channels, as well as developing and expanding to online channels, both social media and OTT platforms, both domestically and internationally, such as Netflix, LineTV, Viu, WeTV, iQiYi, Disney+ Hotstar, etc., to promote quality Thai contents to international audiences in all parts of the world.

The Company’s overall performance in the years 2018 to 2020 has seen exponential growth with total revenues of 4.199 billion baht, 4.818 billion baht and 4.875 billion baht, respectively, representing an average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7 percent and a net profits of 73 million baht, 228 million baht and 658 million baht, respectively, representing an average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 201.0 percent, driven by an integrated business model that can generate revenue from all channels, as well as the efficient management of costs and expenses. This underscores the strength and success of The One Enterprise that has overcome Digital disruption which have chance the audience behavior that switched from watching programs on television to online channels.

Meanwhile, revenue in the first 6 months of this year was topped 2.783 billion baht, a 29.8 percent increase from the same period last year, while net profits total 455 million baht, representing more than 151.4 percent increase compared to the same period last year. The impressive financial performance has resulted from revenue growth, high profit margin through the effective management of sales and administrative expenses amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The initial public offering (IPO) of The One Enterprise is considered to be the highest-value IPO in the Media and Publishing sector in the history of the Thai capital market. With a total IPO value of 4.218 billion baht and a market capitalization at the IPO price of approximately 20.241 billion baht, The One Enterprise have received overwhelming interest from both local and international institutional investors as well as retail investors, which reflect investor confident in the company strong fundamental and growth potential in the long run.

ONEE plans to utilize proceeds from the IPO to improve competitiveness and further develop efficiency in future services, with plans to increase production capacity and to create international-quality contents by increasing the capability of the production department including that of the script-writing team, the production team, the editing team, and the computer graphic team to become high-quality professional. The Company also plans to develop staff performance both on-stage and back-stage, filming locations as well as related systems and equipment.

In addition, the Company will invest in developing the potential in program production to enhance the viewing experience and attract audiences of all genders and ages with the investment budget of about 500 million baht within 2024. Another plan is to develop information technology capabilities to build a strong technology base that will support the adoption of Big Data to help analyze viewing behavior so that content can be created to suit particular tastes as well as enhancing the potential of providing the Company’s own online channels to become the center of viewing services for a variety of programs that respond to viewing in all time slots with an investment budget of approximately 130 million baht within 2023. Proceeds from the IPO will also be used to restructure the capital based relating to the acquisition of GMM Channel Holding worth approximately 2,200 million baht, while the remaining fund will be retained as working capital to support the opportunity to create future growth.

“We firmly believe that today The One Enterprise is fully ready to become a leading listed companies in the SET through our determination to manage our business efficiently under strict adherence to good corporate governance so that ONEE will become an outstanding stock with strong fundamental having the potential to grow continuously and sustainably for the best interest of all shareholders and other stakeholders who are joining us in our journey to grow continuously and sustainably in the long run,” Mr. Takonkiet concluded.

This information is to be disseminated to investors in Thailand. Please study the product carefully, the conditions, returns and all risks before deciding to invest.
For additional information, please visit:

Released by Public Relations Dept., MT Multimedia Co. Ltd. for The One Enterprise Plc.
For additional information, please contact: Thiyaporn (Dah) Sriadunphan
Tel: +66 87 556 6974, Email:

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CEKD Berhad Debuts on ACE Market at 12 sen premium, 25% above IPO price

CEKD BERHAD (“CEKD”; KLSE stock code: 0238), a die-cutting solutions provider as well as manufacturer of die-cutting moulds and trader of related consumables, tools and accessories successfully listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Securities) today.

Gary Ting, Head of Corporate Finance, M&A Securities Sdn Bhd; Chong Chin Look, Independent Non-Executive Director, CEKD; Datuk Mak Foo Wei, Independent Non-Executive Director, CEKD; Dato’ Zulkifli Bin Adnan, Independent Non-Executive Chairman, CEKD; Yap Kai Ning, Managing Director, CEKD; Yap Kai Min, Chief Operation Officer, CEKD; Yap Tian Tion, Deputy Executive Chairman, CEKD; Datuk Bill Tan, Managing Director of Corporate Finance, M&A Securities Sdn Bhd [L-R]

CEKD opened at 60 sen, which is a 12 sen premium or 25% higher than its initial public offering (IPO) price of 48 sen per share, with the first traded volume recorded at 6,286,100 shares.

“We are extremely pleased with today’s listing debut on the ACE Market and are humbled by the reception to our IPO from the investing public. We are a leading provider of die-cutting mould solutions in Malaysia, and we believe this IPO will give the Group more visibility and aid in the expansion of the business. This will help us to not only retain our customers in Malaysia but help capitalise on other markets such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East,” Independent Non-Executive Chairman of CEKD Berhad, Dato’ Zulkifli bin Adnan said.

“As the only die-cutting mould specialist in Southeast Asia to be certified by Bobst Mex SA, a leading global supplier of machinery and services to the packaging industry from Switzerland, we have plans in the pipeline post-listing to expand our operations and manufacturing services in our existing markets as well as solidify our position in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We believe that there are plenty of opportunities that we can tap into in these markets due to the growth in the E&E, plastic and packaging, automotive as well as textile and leather industries.”

While CEKD distributes to markets in Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and the Middle East, Malaysia makes up 85.0% of the overall revenue in the financial period ended 31 March 2021. The Group’s customers are mainly from the printing and packaging, electrical and electronics, automotive, plastic packaging, textile, and leather industries.

Today’s listing follows from the Balloting Ceremony on 21 September 2021 where CEKD recorded an oversubscription rate of 131.61 from the new shares made available to the Malaysian public.

M&A Securities Holdings Berhad is the Adviser, Sponsor, Sole Underwriter and Placement Agent for the IPO exercise.

Please contact the below for more information:
Hakim Juraimi

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Bluebik (SET: BBIK) debuts September 16 trading on SET

Bluebik Group Pcl (SET: BBIK) debuted September 16 on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) MAI (Market for Alternative Investments), highlighting its strength as the first digitalization consultancy stock to be listed and its intention to expand the business in every dimension – to strengthen personnel, advance technology and improve software – to empower organizations and to reinforce its outstanding performance.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group (SET: BBIK), speaking on First Trading Day | Sept 16 (MAI/SET).

Mr Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Pcl (BBIK), said that the Company was offering its shares on the SET’s MAI under the symbol “BBIK” after offering 25 million shares for subscription in the initial public offering (IPO), enthusiastically received beyond expectation. This fund-raising will help to promote financial strength to support business expansion in many dimensions and generate even stronger growth.

The plan to expand the business will be carried out in six dimensions, namely:

1. To enlarge personnel and enhance technological skills as well as establish the Learning Academy Center;
2. To provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) over the Internet and establish a Research and Development Center;
3. To enhance internal management through upgrading the software system to support organizational growth;
4. To expand office space to accommodate the additional personnel;
5. To invest in other related and high-potential businesses to build growth and to cope with market volatility; and
6. To enhance working capital potential.

The Company aims to be a leading integrated digital transformation consulting organization. It brings together the strengths of experience and expertise of executives and personnel who have worked with the world’s leading consulting firms, providing innovation and technology consulting services that meet the demand of customers who want to upgrade their organizations to keep pace with the changes in the digital era, unlock growth potential and build business advantage. This covers strategic planning and management (Management Consulting) to identify success factors that will create growth; Strategic Project Management Office (PMO); Digital Excellence and Delivery; Big Data & Advanced Analytics consulting; and offering IT Staff for customers to complete their projects.

As for BBIK’s 2018-2020 performance, revenue from sales and services were THB 132.76 million, 184.94 million and 200.53 million, respectively. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was 22.90%, and the net profits were THB 19.22 million, 31.71 million and 44.29 million, with the CAGR of 51.8% for the first six months of this year. Revenue from sales and services was THB 126.92 million, an increase of 39.47% from the same period of the previous year, and a net profit of THB 30.06 million, representing a net profit margin of 23.67%.

From the end of 2021, the Company will recognize revenue from Orbit Digital Co Ltd (ORBIT), a joint venture between PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc. (OR), with a 40% share held through a subsidiary, and the Company, with a 60% share, to leverage the digital innovation and potential to create the optimum experience for customers, as well as to enhance the organization’s technological and innovative capabilities to add value and create new business opportunities and to become the digital leader in the retail industry.

Mr. Payupat Mahabhol, Managing Director for Investment Banking, Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Co Ltd, as financial advisor and lead underwriter, said Bluebik Group Plc. is an IPO with outstanding potential. The Company offers a wide range of services covering strategy, and technological and digital management, thus can meet the needs of corporate customers who want to engage in digital transformation in order to increase competitiveness and unlock the growth potential. In the past, the Company has gained the trust of many leading companies in various industries to avail of the services and have attained rapid growth performances. This also includes the opportunity to expand the customer base into the future, in line with the digital transformation occurring around the world.

Mr. Pongsak Phrukpaisal, Managing Director of Kasikorn Securities Pcl, joint lead underwriter, said that Bluebik Group Plc. is considered to be a leading company in the digital transformation consultancy business in Thailand which will benefit from the new era of digital-driven businesses. The strength of the Company is that it has an experienced management team with expertise in consultancy and strategic planning while possessing modern digital technology to provide services to customers and the ability to compete with foreign consultancy companies. The operating results have shown outstanding growth in both revenue and profit reinforcing the strong business potential. In addition, the partnership with OR through a joint venture company will support Company growth.

Released by Public Relations Dept., MT Multimedia Co., Ltd. for Bluebik Group Plc.
For additional information, please contact: Thiyaporn (Dah) Sriadunphan.
Tel: +66 87 556 6974, Email:

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