Cynthia J. Giachino Holds a Successful Book Signing Event at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Cynthia J. Giachino Holds a Successful Book Signing Event at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

San Diego, California – WEBWIRE

Cynthia J. Giachino happily signed copies of her autobiographical novel at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Organized Hosted by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet, author and education expert Cynthia J. Giachino had a book signing session for her profound book Quiet. Fear.: An Autobiographical Novel last April 22, 2023 at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. The book festival occurred from April 22 to 23 at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA.

Quiet. Fear. is a poignant autobiographical novel that invites the reader on a harrowing journey of survival from unspeakable acts. The book follows the life of Lilly, a female protagonist who grew up in a tight-knit family. However, her world is divided into twoone filled with love and the other shrouded in darknessas she navigates through her past and present.

Lilly really needed to get back to her regularity, but the quiet fear she carries confines her. She has a reoccurring, painful memory of being abused by Frank, her godfather or uncle. Can Lilly overcome the ghosts of her past? Lilly is about to find out what happens when secrets are given new life.

Giachinos book emphasizes the notion that anyone has the potential to be their own hero, irrespective of how others perceive them. It highlights the adverse impact of abuse in all its manifestations, which can lead to demoralization and inescapable psychological damage. The book intends to increase awareness about childhood trauma that can persist for decades due to the inappropriate behavior of others.

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Quiet. Fear.: An Autobiographical Novel
Author | Cynthia J. Giachino
Genre | Autobiographical novel
Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC
Published date | April 4, 2023

Cynthia J. Giachino was dedicated to teaching children and young teens. She graduated from college with two majors in education and a minor in psychology. Cynthia taught for over 30 years. She was born and raised in Northern Michigan, the Upper Peninsula. It was here where her passion for mother nature began.

Upon retirement and encouraged by a friendship, she began her life-long goal of writing a book to share her personal childhood trauma experiences, hoping to bring awareness of its effects to her readers.

Cynthia Butler Leads Readers Back Toward the Light of the Lord in her Book “Shouting into the Darkness”

Knoxville, TN – WEBWIRE

“Shouting into the Darkness” is an engrossing read that will inspire readers to seek God amid their despair. Cynthia Butler uses a straightforward and strong writing style to deliver a message full of conviction and a passionate warning to everyone.


Cynthia recognized that what made the Dark Ages the Dark Ages was the lack of education and the rampant religious authoritarianism at the period while watching a show about Europe’s Dark Ages. Cynthia recognizes that we are experiencing dark times once again because we are unaware of the truth that God is our light and that we should cling to him as we walk through the darkness. We’re also perplexed because religious dictatorship has taken on a new, deceptive guise: prosperity gospel. Cynthia’s goal is to awaken Christians from their slumber by interspersing the book with hard-hitting, biblically-based realities.


“The WORD was written to bring us out of this darkness, to keep us as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death. To teach us how to throw out a lifeline for others in need. As well as teaching each of us how to stop circling the mountains of fear to cross over to the Promised Land given to them.”—Cynthia writes.


The book is both controversial and educational. It encourages readers to consider the current status of the world and its spiritual deterioration from a different perspective. “Shouting into the Darkness” is a road map to God’s light.


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Shouting Into The Darkness

Author: Cynthia Butler

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: February 2022

Book Genre: Christian Books & Bibles › Christian Living


About the Author:


Author, Speaker, Singer/Songwriter.

Cynthia Butler is Pastor of Universal Deliverance Ministries for 3 years and Co-Pastor for 19 years. She received her call to ministry in 1985. Cynthia holds a certificate in USIDHR Human Rights Education and a member of Christians United with Isreal, a member of NAACP. Cynthia is a mother of two sons Immanuel and Henry, resides in the beautiful state of East Tennessee.