CaixaBank creates a diversity advisory committee to harness the vision of leading female corporate executives in its equality initiatives


Koro Castellano, Vanina Farber, Carmina Ganyet, Therese Jamaa and Teresa Sanjurjo make up, together with CaixaBank executives, an advisory body that will offer new perspectives to enhance diversity and inclusion.

The committee will help to reinforce things like female access to executive positions, for which CaixaBank has set a target of 42% before 2024.

Bloombergs Gender Equality Index 2022 ranks CaixaBank as one of the worlds top five companies in this field.

CaixaBank has created a diversity advisory committee whose purpose is to provide new perspectives to encourage diversity and equal opportunity in all of the Banks areas of activity, both internal and external.

The committee consists of leading executives in their respective fields, five of whom are independent of the bank and associated with preeminent companies in their sectors: Koro Castellano, Director of Amazon Prime Video in Spain; Vanina Farber, economist and political scientists who teaches Social Innovation at the Swiss business school IMD; Carmina Ganyet, Corporate General Manager at Colonial; Therese Jamaa, Vice-President of Huawei Spain; and Teresa Sanjurjo, Director of the Princess of Asturias Foundation. Representing CaixaBank on the committee are Juan Alcaraz, Managing Director of Business; David Lpez, Director of Human Resources; and Anna Quirs, Director of Culture and Development.

The creation of an advisory body exclusively dedicated to diversity, a pioneering initiative for a large business in Spain, is part of CaixaBanks commitment to encourage diversity and inclusion in all its activity, both internally, within its organisation and professional teams, and externally, through initiatives directed at its customers and society at large. This commitment boasts significant acclaim; in fact, CaixaBank is among the top five companies in the world in Bloombergs Gender Equality Index 2022.

The committee members will meet every four months to offer CaixaBank their vision and experience on essential matters to promote diversity. The topics they will periodically consider include, for example, strategies to boost the presence of women in managerial posts; initiatives to showcase CaixaBanks diversity policies internally and externally; how to promote an inclusive culture within an organisation; identifying bias; and promoting initiatives for inclusion.

Gender equality: a strategic goal

As the end of FY 2021, 41.3% of executive positions were held by women, one of the highest percentages in the sector, and CaixaBank expects to close out 2022 at 41.6%. As part of its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, the bank has set itself the goal of having women occupy 42% of executive posts in 2024.

In addition to the new advisory committee, the bank has various instruments and initiatives created to boost diversity, such as Wengage, a Group-wide project developed by people from every area of the organisation that relies on meritocracy and on promoting equal opportunity. Wengage includes initiatives to promote diversity, such as women mentoring women, through which the female executives at the Group advise other women on their careers. Wengage also implements external activities for customers and for society intended to promote diversity and equal opportunity in several areas: leadership and entrepreneurship, innovation and education, sport and rural settings.

In addition, CaixaBank has an Equality Plan to promote the principles of equal opportunity and the diversity of work teams, to enhance the presence of women in managerial positions, and to reinforce measures to balance personal and professional life. The plan features the scope of gender in managerial development programmes and in recruitment and training processes, and the fostering of teleworking and flexibility.

The companys Board of Directors also boasts one of the highest ratios on the IBEX35, with 40% of the directors being women.

Acknowledging the commitment to diversity

In addition to being recognised by the Bloomberg Equality Index, CaixaBank has earned significant accolades in the field of equality, such as the Equality in the Company Seal, managed by the Instituto de la Mujer, and the Family-Friendly Certificate presented by the Msfamilia Foundation. It has received recognition elsewhere, such as for the 25th anniversary of the FEDEPE Award (the Spanish Federation of Female Managers, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs). Furthermore, in 2020 the Fundacin para la Diversidad granted CaixaBank the award for the best practice of a major corporation for its diversity programme Wengage. In addition, CaixaBank ranks first in Spain in the 2021 EWoB Gender Diversity index. It is also part of the new IBEX Gender Equality Index.

CaixaBank is associated with the international programme Target Gender Equality and the Womens Empowerment Principles, of the United Nations; and the Diversity Charter, promoting equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory measures. It is also a member of Closingap, the cluster that studies the economic impact of gender gaps in Spain.

It is also one of the entities associated with the STEAM Alliance for Female Talent Girls on the Science Stand, an initiative led by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to promote STEAM careers in girls and young women.

The banks commitment extends to all the Group companies. As a result, CaixaBank Asset Management has been recognised as a European leader in gender diversity for the second year in a row, and as the Asset Manager with the best gender representation for the first time in the category of firms with 20-50 managers at Citywire magazines Gender Diversity Awards.

POPSUGAR Creates New “Condition Center” Hub With Approachable, Accurate Information on Women’s Health

With diverse, inclusive content on both physical and mental health, the new section will speak to 20-somethings about common conditions that impact women


POPSUGAR, the no. 1 most-engaged women’s lifestyle site in the U.S. [source: ComScore, November 2021], today announced the launch of its new “Condition Center,” a go-to hub for 20-somethings to find approachable, accurate and inclusive information about a diverse array of common health conditions that impact women. Condition Center will tackle the conditions and diseases that impact young women in particular, and provide expert-backed advice and guidance as a starting place on how to navigate them.

“POPSUGAR is committed to being a trusted resource for women with medically accurate information that helps them stay informed,” said Sade Strehlke, editor-in-chief of POPSUGAR. “We’re excited to bring Condition Center to our readers so that they have the tools they need to take charge of their health, well-being and happiness.”

”Too often, seeking out information about women’s health can be overwhelming, overly clinical, and stigmatizing,” said Mirel Zaman, POPSUGAR’s wellness director. “Our goal with Condition Center was to ensure our readers had access to factually accurate information about their health and well-being in a place that was friendly, trusted, and approachable.”

The condition center is spearheaded by Zaman and Alexis Jones, senior health editor, who curated a comprehensive list of common health issues including ADHD, anxiety, asthma, coronavirus, depression, diabetes, eating disorders, endometriosis, the flu, HPV, PCOS, and more. More conditions will continually be added every month. Condition Center is part of POPSUGAR’s newly launched wellness channel where women can also find relatable advice, inspiration, and need-to-know news about their general well-being, including fitness, nutrition, health, intimacy and parenting.

To support Condition Center, POPSUGAR is introducing an Advisory Board comprised of trusted medical experts. Each member will regularly review Condition Center content to ensure that the information remains accurate and up-to-date. Condition Center’s Advisory Board members include:

  • Shieva Ghofrany, MD, FACOG, board-certified OB-GYN at Coastal Obstetrics and Gynecology;
  • Jessica Malaty Rivera, MS, infectious disease epidemiologist and senior advisor at Pandemic Prevention Institute;
  • Micaela Bayard, MD, board-certified rheumatologist, assistant professor of medicine at Icahn School of Medicine;
  • Natalie Jones, PsyD, LPCC, owner and licensed psychotherapist of Lifetime Counseling and Consulting, Host of A Date With Darkness Podcast.

*POPSUGAR relied on trusted medical professionals, medical journals and health organizations to create our Condition Center, but the information does not serve as medical advice. Condition Center is meant to be a useful starting point, with answers you can rely on from reputable experts and trustworthy sources. POPSUGAR readers should always consult their doctors regarding their health and any course of medical treatment.


POPSUGAR is the #1 most-engaged with women’s lifestyle site in the U.S. [source: ComScore, November 2021]. The brand reaches young women through its positive and purpose-driven content across multiple platforms, spanning entertainment, fitness, style, and shopping. POPSUGAR is part of Vox Media, the leading modern media company.

MINI USA creates virtual “MINIVERSE” Racing Experience in Meta Horizon Worlds.

MINI is the first automotive brand to collaborate with Meta’s Creative Shop to launch an immersive 3D experience in Horizon Worlds, bringing MINI’s signature fun-to-drive thrill and customization to the virtual space.

Woodcliff, N.J. – WEBWIRE

 MINI USA has teamed up with MetaHorizon Worlds creators to bring a virtual MINI experience called the MINIverse to life. The MINIverse gives fans the virtual thrill of customizing and racing a MINI with others in a whole new way.

This is the first time an automotive brand has teamed up with Meta’s Creative Shop to create a presence in Meta Horizon Worlds, and MINI is currently one of only a handful of global consumer brands to pioneer a virtual brand experience with Horizon Worlds creators.

“The MINIverse is yet another milestone in a journey that the MINI marketing team started about 2,5 years ago in the augmented / virtual reality field” says Sebastian Beuchel, Head of MINI Brand Management. Since then MINI piloted numerous AR effects ranging from fun face filters for the MINI Vision Urbanaut to practical AR effects that showcase the real world scale of a MINI or invite to customization. Additional virtual experiences are currently in development and will be released later in summer 2022.

Debuting at the 2022 Cannes Lions: International Festival of Creativity, the MINIverse experience will be available in Meta Horizon Worlds as of June 21, 2022 to all Meta Quest 2 headset users in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Upon entering the MINIverse, fans can engage with others and select their own unique MINI for competitive head-to-head racing.

Players will have fun customizing their own unique MINI for the track, including changing its colors, adding bonnet stripes, and topping it with a contrast roof – one of MINI’s signature design features. Players can also try on different racing suits just like the ones worn by the MINI John Cooper Works Race Team in real life, and unlock other MINI vehicles, including a special electric model as they win more races in their quest to top the leaderboard and challenge their friends.

Up to four drivers at a time can feel the rush of driving a MINI as they zip around an exhilarating, gravity defying track. To add to the challenge and fun, there is room for spectators to engage and either help or create chaos – press buttons to flick cars off a ramp, or to block them with “whack-a-mole” style pins, or even to help friends with timely speed boosts.

People can also experience the MINIverse on their mobile phone through a new Facebook and Instagram AR effect that brings the racing experience to the palm of their hand.

Launched in 2021, Meta Horizon Worlds is a free social experience that allows people to explore, play and connect in new and extraordinary ways with immersive virtual reality. People can discover new places with friends, compete in action-packed games and interactive experiences, and design worlds of their own or be inspired by others. In Horizon Worlds, people are more than just visitors — they’re part of what makes it great.

NMDC creates history with 40 Million Tonnes (MT) Iron Ore Production

National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. (NMDC), Country’s largest Iron Ore producer, a CPSE under Ministry of Steel became the first company in the country to cross 40 million tonnes (MT) iron ore production in a year. From a production of 4 MTPA in the late 1960s to 40 million tonnes now, the growth trajectory of the largest iron ore producer of the country has been exceptional. Starting from 4 million tonnes in 1969-70, NMDC crossed

10 million tonnes in 1977-78, added another ten million by 2004-05, crossed 30 million tonnes within a decade and has now breached the 40 million mark.

Keeping pace with the constant surge in the domestic iron ore demand,the company has been rolling out ambitious expansion plans and capex outlay in pursuit of enhanced production. In recent times, NMDC has adopted cutting-edge technology and built a transformational digital infrastructure to overcome Covid induced slowdowns and the cyclical volatilities in the sector. Growing from scale to strength, the company has achieved the milestone of 40 million tonnes iron ore production on the back of steady fundamentals and a visionary workforce.

Congratulating the team on the historic achievement, Shri Sumit Deb, Chairman and Managing Director, NMDC said, “NMDC’s ground-breaking achievement of becoming the first iron ore mining company in India to cross 40 MT is an illustrious display of its ability to accept challenges despite all odds. The company’s perseverance and consistency has paid off and I congratulate the team for this historic accomplishment. I am confident that we will continue to cross many more milestones on our way to fulfil Nation’s vision of #AtmanirbharBharat. This achievement also shows that we are on the track to become a 100 MTPA company by 2030.”

It is pertinent to mention that the company has set a target of becoming a 100 MTPA company by 2030. The CPSE also plans to leverage their expertise in moving towards a multi-mineral outlook with coal, diamond, gold and other strategic minerals of national interest in their portfolio.



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Onyx creates a community based high-quality play to earn fight game on BSC

Onyx, an NFT gaming platform has unveiled its game that features several playable characters to wearable armors and usable inventory. It intends to make the playable character customizable with several battle classes that would allow players to navigate through the game’s mission to acquire experience points and levels.

While other platforms don’t require gamers, Onyx is leveraging a reward system that allows players to earn money while having fun. The team behind the project tags the project as the most successful P2E ecosystem in the Cryptocurrency industry. 

Spearheading the project is a team of over 30 experienced members in several fields, including marketing, designers, artists, Devs, and community mods. These members have worked in several projects such as BurningMoon, Fanadise, Football stars, Mustang, MurphyCat, and more. According to Fil, the CMO, “Project Onyx in its final form will be an open-world P2E game with a vast expanse of 7 continents, all of which will be developed in Unreal Engine 4 with cutting edge graphics.”

The success of its private presale and upcoming whitelist presale

Recently, it concluded its private sale of 250 BNB, which was filled within 24 hours without using a website. With no marketing campaign but leveraging the reputation of its team, it achieved this milestone. There are indications that private sellers will receive a 5% discount on the token from its launch price. However, it also plans to begin its whitelist presale with a hard cap of 750 BNB. 

Nighty, the CDO emphasized how “The team will be working tirelessly till launch day and beyond to make Project Onyx a resounding success.” Investors can buy the Onyx token on PancakeSwap.

The project name is an inspiration from the “Gem of Saturn” representing the ruler of the universal law of cause and effect. 

Audited by CertiK and Dessert Finance

Onyx is set to be audited by CertiK, a globally-rated blockchain security audit company. CertiK specializes in auditing the transparency, fairness and security of the smart contracts, in line with ensuring the company fills the rules and regulations.  

Meanwhile, it already has been audited by Dessert Finance, another very respective audited institute, along with getting itself published on the SkyNet Leaderboard as well.

About Onyx

Onyx is a community-driven token that uses the Binance Smart Chain as its blockchain network. It allows users and the community to buy tokens at a minimum fee while trading the token on several networks. Furthermore, it provides utilities essential for its long-term goal of staking and NFTs. Currently, it is working to achieve its Q4 in its roadmap.

The primary utility of the project is to enable players to earn while playing video games on the blockchain. In addition, it also allows users to level up their fantasy and play with friends.