• Users can enjoy an array of features in the one-stop-shop without switching to other similar platforms.

Cincinnati, Ohio, 25 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, GainPool has launched a one-stop-shop decentralized finance (DeFi) with outstanding features. With the project, startups can secure funds promptly to fund their businesses. Many DeFi projects have been established on blockchain technology to finance businesses in their early phases.

However, the main issue with these projects is that many eligible retail investors can’t access them. Although the programs are on the blockchain platform, they’re centrally controlled and tend to favor individuals and entities well-connected to them. Such persons and entities buy tokens from the DeFi projects at an affordable rate. By the time the tokens are on the market, their prices are too high to be accessed by ordinary traders.

GainPool was established to offer a solution to this significant issue in the market. The platform has multiple features that make it unique. Please keep reading to find the critical elements of GainPool which distinguish it from the competition.

·  Risk mitigation: Security is a significant issue affecting the DeFi environment. Previously, many companies have lost massive sums of money through hacking of their ecosystems. GainPool uses multiple strategies to mitigate the risks inherent in DeFi protocols. The company has hired developers with a comprehensive knowledge of smart contract creation and system auditing. Additionally, GainPool conducts thorough research before determining the best projects to fund. This ensures that $GAIN token holders get high value for their money.

·  Aggregation: Multiple DeFi projects exist on the blockchain ecosystem. GainPool aims to enable its community to effectively participate in these programs. It’s a one-stop-shop allowing members to access all the Launchpad projects that are available.

·  Eligibility: All $GAIN token holders are eligible for an allocation based on their tier level. The protocol doesn’t discriminate against eligible members.

·  Community focus: GainPool is aware that platform development is an ongoing activity. Therefore, the platform’s central aim is to allow token holders to vote on any changes that they want to see in the system.

·  Cross-chain accessibility: Eligible $GAIN token holders can access projects from different blockchains.

·  Revenue sharing:  The company will share revenue annually with long-term stakers and liquidity providers (LPs). This strategy aims at attracting many people to stake/provide liquidity to GainPool.

·   In-house mechanism: GainPool applies an in-house mechanism protocol to offer an assured allocation with affordable staking cost. Unlike similar projects that focus on quantity, the focus on GainPool shifts to the quality that token holders will receive.

·  Compliance: GainPool aims to comply with multiple territorial regulatory environments. The company has hired the services of Gresham International, which is a renowned cryptocurrency firm. The aim of the company is always to remain safe while operating in different countries.

·  Project team: What makes GainPool stand out from others is the quality of the project team. The team has members with knowledge and experience in various finance, IT, Crypto, law, and leadership. With this high-quality team, $GAIN token holders can expect high value for their tokens.

·  Deflationary mechanism:  Unlike fiat currencies that are prone to inflation, crypto is designed to overcome this problem. GainPool will burn 0.125% of $GAIN tokens quarterly for a decade in line with this principle.

·  Locum: The leading role of GainPool is to represent token holders in invested programs.  Once the investors get their tokens, this relationship ceases.

Final words

Blockchain technology has spawned multiple DeFi projects that help in fundraising. While these projects are supposed to align themselves to the decentralized philosophy, most of them are managed centrally and give an upper hand to the well-connected individuals. This is the issue that GainPool has come to fix. With its multiple features, the project aims to offer financial freedom and inclusion to the public via an in-house collective mechanism protocol.

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