CarGuard Administration Ranks Top In Customer Satisfaction

It takes a lot to make it to the top tier of the Better Business Bureau’s list. The Better Business Bureau is the country’s trusted information resource regarding the trustworthiness of active businesses and companies.

Founded in 1912, the BBB remains the most respected private and non-profit organization that helps improve businesses throughout Canada and the United States.

Through effective implementation of strategies and stellar customer service, CarGuard Administration built a business that offered excellent vehicle protection plans and an exemplary reputation in the industry.

Like many of the world’s best companies, CarGuard started small. It was founded in 2015 with just two employees; now, the company is run by Trevor Smith as the CEO.

The company began offering auto protection plans to clients, later expanding its services to include tiered plans, including popular vehicle protection plans.

CarGuard grew to become the leading provider of vehicle protection plans for clients across the U.S. From Oakland Park in Kansas, CarGuard moved its headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona.

CarGuard Administration’s approach was to avoid the mistakes that other vehicle protection companies made. The company proceeded to re-engineer its processes and create an effective control plan to ensure that any issues were addressed and problems were avoided.

This approach also helped ensure that potential problems, including customer complaints, are immediately resolved. CarGuard Administration vowed never to allow complacency and inferior service to influence their performance from the very start.

To keep their performance at its peak, they continue to implement mechanisms to identify and correct problems accurately and timely.

To obtain a top rating from the BBB, an organization has to earn 97% or higher. BBB’s rating is based on 13 elements that CarGuard had to pass.

These elements include competency licensing, complaint volume, complaint resolution, advertising review, and transparency in business practices.

With CarGuard Administration’s solid track record and focus on providing premier customer service on top of offering the best vehicle protection plans in the industry, the company was granted the highest rating by the BBB – an A+.

CarGuard Administration vows to continue providing the best plans and services to their clients, not just to earn their loyalty but also to become the industry leader. The company is also aware that it’s top rating with the BBB is not a permanent score.

They will have to continue providing excellent services and programs to keep their status. CarGuard Administration intends to keep its position in the industry, so they assure its clients that the company will always be at the forefront of vehicle protection, improving and innovating to ensure that they only offer the best services.

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CarGuard Administration Inc. New Online Service Makes Life Easier

Scottsdale AZ, United States – WEBWIRE

Many things done in the past by driving to a business to make transactions in person are now done online with just a few clicks of the mouse and a couple of taps on a keyboard. Like many other areas, transportation services are now easier to access. CarGuard Administration Inc. is an example of how convenient auto services are now that they offer their services online. 

CarGuard Administration Inc. was founded in 2015 in Overland Park, Kansas. They eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona, for the weather and to be a part of the business climate there. The company’s founders felt that companies like theirs didn’t offer good customer service. To fix this problem, they dedicated themselves to having quality customer service.

To help provide a better experience for not only their customers but also for those that sell their contracts, CarGuard Administration has developed a new online service. If a seller of  CarGuard Administration Inc.’s vehicle service contracts needs to update a customer’s contract, they have made it so a seller can go to their website to update their contracts online. 

This will help those that sell their contracts take better care of their customers using their unique online services. CarGuard Administration Inc. works with its clients and partners to make their lives easier and help provide a better quality of service.

CarGuard Administration Inc. does its best to provide the best vehicle protection plans. They try to be innovative in their services to help stand out from the competition. They offer easy to understand plans written with their customers in mind, for example, their Platinum Plus and Gold Plus plans.

New and used cars can surprise the owner with unexpected breakdowns, and they often happen at the most inconvenient time possible. CarGuard’s protection plans offer different levels of coverage for varying needs. A customer can choose from one of their powertrain plans to cover the basic parts, a prepaid maintenance plan to keep their car running smoothly, or the platinum and gold options.

CarGuard Administration Inc. plans offer roadside assistance and programs to help a customer rent a car easily when it needs repair.

Hong Kong – Administration Wing alerts public to fraudulent email

Administration Wing alerts public to fraudulent email


     The Administration Wing today (January 14) appealed to members of the public to stay alert to a fraudulent email on nomination for honours and awards purporting to be sent by “Honours Section, Administration Wing” under the email account A suspected link to a malicious file is attached in the email, inviting recipients to provide information.  


     The Administration Wing has not sent the email and a report has been made to the Police. Members of the public are reminded not to open any suspicious email. Anyone who has provided his or her personal information to the email sender or clicked the link in the email is strongly advised to contact the Police.

CarGuard Administration Offering 24/7 Claims

CarGuard Claims is now open to make filing a claim quicker and easier. When a client’s car has been in an accident, is severely damaged, or stolen, an auto claim must be filed with an insurance company. This process can be grueling for the employees at the repair center who are already busy enough.

With the new service from CarGuard Administration, ASE-certified repair centers can fill out a short form online regarding the customer’s situation with their vehicle. The process only takes a few minutes, and CarGuard takes care of the rest. This service is open to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s even available on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Helping drivers stay covered since 2011

CarGuard Administration first launched in 2011 in Overland Park, Kansas. Over the past decade, it has become one of the leading companies to offer vehicle protection plans. When the manufacturer warranty runs out on a customer’s vehicle, they can contact their dealership or CarGuard to learn more about these protection plans

A CarGuard vehicle protection plan will cover the cost of repairs when something unexpected happens. The thing about car failure is that it can happen at any time, and if drivers don’t have the funds to cover repairs, they could be out of luck. However, if they have a protection plan, they won’t worry about how much the repairs will cost.

According to CarGuard Trevor Smith: “Drivers are more satisfied with protection plans than the manufacturer’s warranty that came with the vehicle because the CarGuard protection plan covers more aspects of the vehicle than what manufacturer’s warranties provide.”

How CarGuard plans to make a difference

CarGuard wants to make sure every driver is covered on the road. When a driver has an automotive protection plan, they aren’t worried about the cost of visiting a repair shop. Making a huge difference in the well-being of their car. If a minor problem gets ignored, it won’t take long to turn into a major problem.

As CarGuard Administration keeps members protected with a vehicle protection plan while they are on the road, they want more ASE-certified repair centers to know about the new CarGuard Claims website. When they need to file an auto claim on behalf of a client, this will be the easiest and most reliable route to take.


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CarGuard Administration Is Changing The Customer Car Experience

CarGuard Administration provides vehicle protection plans to clients across the country in 48 different states. When it comes to protection plans, it’s no secret that the industry is full of administrators who don’t care. The customer isn’t their first priority, which leads them to provide lousy service.

Customers have a completely different experience when they contact a CarGuard location. Every member of the CarGuard Administration team is fully dedicated to providing their customers with the best quality service. They know every customer has different needs, and they’re prepared to find out what they are so every customer can walk with the right protection plan.

CarGuard’s CEO Trevor Smith had a different vision for CarGuard. He wanted to bring to life a vehicle protection plan service that was able to provide the customer exactly what they wanted. With that in mind, he made sure every CarGuard employee was on the same page and this customer-centric frame of mind has helped them create long-term customer relationships with people all over the country.

For over 5 years, CarGuard Administration has been the leading provider of vehicle protection plans in the industry. Trevor Smith strongly believes that the approach the company takes to building customer relationships is why they continue to be successful year after year.

Customers feel like they are being heard when they contact CarGuard Administration. Each team member takes the initiative to listen to their customers and doesn’t let anyone leave the establishment unless all of their questions have been addressed. They don’t mind putting in extra time on the job to make sure their customers are fully satisfied.

At CarGuard, customers don’t feel overwhelmed by the information placed in front of them. Many vehicle protection plans come with over-the-top contracts that are difficult for the customers to read. CarGuard takes a different approach when setting customers up with a contract. Customers can expect a straightforward contract with important but easy-to-read information.

When people are looking for a new vehicle service contract, they are amazed by what they can find at CarGuard. Not only are there several protection plans designed for different types of vehicle owners, but there are also much fewer restrictions and limits put in place than other companies.

Many customers dread looking for a service vehicle contract because of how pushy and aggressive some of the salespeople can be. They have a completely different experience when they go to CarGuard. Everyone on the CarGuard team is friendly and helpful.

CarGuard employees never push a customer into getting something that isn’t right for them. This approach works well for them because they know each customer leaves with the plan that is best tailored to their needs. Keeping their customers happy is what they do best because they know that is how they get people to return.


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