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Many things done in the past by driving to a business to make transactions in person are now done online with just a few clicks of the mouse and a couple of taps on a keyboard. Like many other areas, transportation services are now easier to access. CarGuard Administration Inc. is an example of how convenient auto services are now that they offer their services online. 

CarGuard Administration Inc. was founded in 2015 in Overland Park, Kansas. They eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona, for the weather and to be a part of the business climate there. The company’s founders felt that companies like theirs didn’t offer good customer service. To fix this problem, they dedicated themselves to having quality customer service.

To help provide a better experience for not only their customers but also for those that sell their contracts, CarGuard Administration has developed a new online service. If a seller of  CarGuard Administration Inc.’s vehicle service contracts needs to update a customer’s contract, they have made it so a seller can go to their website to update their contracts online. 

This will help those that sell their contracts take better care of their customers using their unique online services. CarGuard Administration Inc. works with its clients and partners to make their lives easier and help provide a better quality of service.

CarGuard Administration Inc. does its best to provide the best vehicle protection plans. They try to be innovative in their services to help stand out from the competition. They offer easy to understand plans written with their customers in mind, for example, their Platinum Plus and Gold Plus plans.

New and used cars can surprise the owner with unexpected breakdowns, and they often happen at the most inconvenient time possible. CarGuard’s protection plans offer different levels of coverage for varying needs. A customer can choose from one of their powertrain plans to cover the basic parts, a prepaid maintenance plan to keep their car running smoothly, or the platinum and gold options.

CarGuard Administration Inc. plans offer roadside assistance and programs to help a customer rent a car easily when it needs repair.