Enlaza Conmigo aims to empower the Latino and Hispanic workforce by serving as the liaison between companies, employees and the Latino community. The company strives to foster support, stability and job retention through innovative solutions for Latino and Hispanic community members in partnership with local businesses.

There is a significant gap in available resources for Latino and Hispanic workers adjusting to new life challenges in the U.S., and Enlaza Conmigo was founded to provide comprehensive support tailored to their unique needs, said Enlaza Conmigo CEO Vernica Villarreal. By providing accessible and affordable resources, we help bridge the gap between their current circumstances and the opportunities available in the U.S., cultivating a sense of belonging and security.

Enlaza Conmigo has identified funeral and repatriation services as among the most vital components of its service offerings. This reflects the deep cultural and emotional significance these services hold for Latino and Hispanic communities, ensuring families can honor their loved ones according to their traditions and wishes.

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