Main features of H10 series:

Ultra-high efficiency: With an ultra-high efficiency of 135 lumens/watt, the H10 series far exceeds traditional HID lamps in performance, providing brighter and more uniform lighting effects.

Durable: Compared with metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps, the H10 series has a lifespan up to three times, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Energy-saving design: By connecting directly to the mains voltage via a bypass ballast, the H10 Series saves up to 80% energy.

Sturdy and reliable: Solid-state design with no fans and moving parts ensures stable operation and reduces the risk of failure.

Quick start: lights up instantly, no warm-up time required, easy to use.

Compliance certification: Passed DLC certification, providing 5-year warranty to ensure product quality and reliability.

Multifunctional interface: Intelligent interface design supports plug-and-play sensors (such as microwave sensors, infrared sensors, WIFI sensors, etc.).

Environmentally friendly design: Suitable for completely enclosed lamps, providing uplighting to eliminate shadows on ceilings and walls, improving the overall lighting environment.

Multiple power options: The H10 series provides three power options of 60W, 80W and 115W, perfectly replacing traditional lamps from 200W to 400W to meet different application needs.

Patented design: The H10 series has patented designs from the United States and China, ensuring technological leadership and unique market competitiveness.

The H10 series is not only a leap in lighting technology, but also a commitment to sustainable development. Its excellent energy efficiency and durability can not only significantly reduce operating costs, but also significantly reduce carbon emissions and make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

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