Farmshare has launched an online marketplace that connects consumers directly with responsible food producers, shepherding a new age in the farm to table movement

Farmshare, an innovative tech startup, has launched a unique online marketplace that connects conscious consumers directly with responsible producers. By creating an authentic relationship between those who grow our food and those who consume it, Farmshare is pioneering a new age in the farm-to-table movement.

Farmshare’s platform is based on a true marketplace model, where producers can list their products and fulfill orders directly from their farms through a third-party logistics network. This hands-off approach means Farmshare never owns or touches the products, a model that greatly differentiates the company in today’s marketplace.

The startup was born out of a recognition of the challenges faced by independent food producers in today’s traditional supply chain. Through its platform, Farmshare aims to empower these producers, who typically make only 14 cents of every dollar spent at the grocery store, by providing them with a more lucrative, direct-to-consumer sales channel.

Farmshare is also addressing consumers’ growing demand for transparency in the food supply chain. The platform allows consumers to directly support small, responsible producers, fostering a strong community built around the shared values of sustainable, conscientious consumption.

“Our mission is to disrupt the current industrial agricultural system,” says Henry Arrowood, CEO and Founder of Farmshare. “By directly linking consumers and producers, we’re helping to build a healthier, more sustainable food system that benefits everyone involved.”

Farmshare’s impressive initial traction has not gone unnoticed. The startup was recently selected as a top-five finalist in Sweater’s Barnburner, the nation’s largest pitch competition, beating out thousands of other startups. Furthermore, Farmshare has recently been backed by notable investors in the space.

Looking forward, Farmshare is excited to continue its growth and further disrupt the food supply chain, while always staying true to its mission of creating a vibrant community of conscious consumers and responsible producers.

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About Farmshare

Farmshare is an online farmers market connecting you with independent farmers and producers throughout the US