Launch of New Leadership Development and Coaching Company

LeadtheGame LLC is excited to announce its launch and for a limited time is offering free Lunch and Learn and Coaching sessions to help you and your team’s growth and development. The official launch date for LeadtheGame LLC is May 22, 2023.

LeadtheGame LLC is a new leadership development and coaching company that uses sports to teach leadership skills and believes you’ve got great potential waiting on the sidelines and is here to help you and your team grow and develop to achieve your most important goals. To celebrate the launch of the company, LeadtheGame is, for a limited time, offering free Lunch and Learn speaking engagements and free coaching sessions. Visit the LeadtheGame website ( to find out more.

“After spending years in corporate management, I couldn’t help but notice the crossover between leadership and sports and I’m so excited to be able to bring leadership development to life for people on and off the playing field with the launch of LeadtheGame.” – Sam Powell, Owner LeadtheGame LLC

LeadtheGame LLC
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