KabeElla, a cosmetic brand with fermented coffee green beans as their main ingredients, goes global with a unique ampoule that reduces wrinkles in just 21 days of use

Seoul, Korea, 28th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, KabeElla, is excited to unveil its world’s very first one of kind cosmetics to consumers throughout the world. KabeElla’s self-developed local product lines encourage inner beauty via coffee green beans, and they are dedicated to bringing back each user’s skin to its younger self by including deeply extracted selective ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

KabeElla is making waves in the cosmetics market because of its use of fermented coffee green beans. KabeElla’s unique fermentation technique was achieved by nurturing 100% natural coffee green beans for 504 hours in 21 days. The fermentation process results in bringing beneficial effects like anti-oxidation, anti-aging capacity, and Revitalization of the skin.

KabeElla offers a diverse range of products including toner, serum, and cleansing tissues, but one that stands out the most is KabeElla Green Bean Miracle Ampoule. KabeElla Green Bean Miracle Ample uses encapsulation format technology so that beneficial ingredients are entirely absorbed by the skin. And provides its extraordinary antioxidant effect due to 21 days and 504 hours of fermentation. Green Bean Miracle Ample also offers active ingredients like 7-layer hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide, ceramide, amino acid complex, and centella asiatica extract. 7-layer hyaluronic densely moisturize the skin to keep it moist throughout the day, acetyl hexapeptide improves wrinkle & skin’s firmness and ceramide along with amino acid complex and centella asiatica extract nourishes and soothes the skin

The main benefit of KabeElla Green Bean Miracle Ampoule is anti-aging. The key to the anti-aging effect is to improve the elasticity and hydration of the skin from both internally and externally. Because of its main ingredients like coffee green beans ferment (Green Coffee Bean™) and acetyl hexapeptide, KabeElla Green Bean Miracle Ampoule was able to improve the appearance of wrinkles on both(internal & external) sides upon just only 21 days of use, and keep the skin moisturized for a whole day.

One of the unique qualities of the KabeElla Green Bean Miracle Ample is that this product is very handy and hygienic due to its individual stick packaging. Most of the Ampoule products are made in the form of an eyedropper container, therefore it is inevitable air exposure for each usage. KabeElla Green Bean Miracle Ample not only offers full protection from air exposure but facilitates hygienic carrying by packaging their ampoule individually into a single serving stick form.

About KabeElla

Kabeela is a combination of the Turkish word for coffee, Kabe, and the Spanish word for her, Ella. As their brand name represents, KabeElla harvests green energy from carefully nurtured coffee green beans and creates a miracle by bringing back healthy and younger-looking skin.

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