The auditing firm helps medical device manufacturing break into new markets and find new audiences through ISO 13485 certification, which helps them implement effective quality management systems.

Hinkley, OH, 28th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, ISO 13485 is a comprehensive set of standards for medical device manufacturers that help them set up quality management systems that are recognized worldwide. This allows companies to provide their services in overseas markets and form new business alliances. International Quality Certification, or IQC, is an ISO 13485 registering service that helps companies validate their quality management systems.

Medical devices such as CT scanners and pacemakers are some of the most necessary industrial products to meet quality standards because of their consequential impact on human safety. For this reason, medical device manufacturers seek to meet the globally recognized requirements of quality management systems to ensure the safety of their products and greater exposure in the world market.

IQC audits companies that design, develop, and produce medical devices according to the standards set by ISO. The firm doesn’t hold any quotas for nonconformities, ensuring that companies that meet quality standards can get their certification as quickly as possible.

A representative for the firm remarked, “Medical devices are a tricky and sensitive product to navigate in terms of their importance in public health. God forbid, a single batch of faulty products dispatched can wreak havoc in the medical sector. Therefore, the industry’s trusted suppliers have to put strict quality checks in development and production to ensure the soundness of products. We help our clients implement effective quality management systems in compliance with the ISO 13485 set of standards by providing them with auditory services.”

If IQC’s associates find nonconformity in the auditing process, they suggest corrective action. In case a business meets all ISO standards, the firm is accredited by ISO to award them the ISO 13485 certification. Medical device manufacturers can get in touch with the firm using the information given below.

About International Quality Certification

The International Quality Certification is an auditing firm that provides ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, and 45001 certification audits to businesses with effective management systems to maintain the quality of services, reduce environmental impact, and ensure workplace safety. They provide yearly audits to ensure their clients remain eligible for ISO renewals.

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