Zoomba Quest is a part of the TVS First Look Original Programming series. The 39 short form episodes are a part of the 500 title new program production schedule for TVS in 2023. The TVS Television Network has been producing national programming since 1960 for broadcast, cable, OTT, mobile, home video, PPV, SVOD, FAST, and AVOD platforms.

Maricela Cornejo, the host of Zoomba Quest, also hosts the Mari! lifestyle interview series for TVS. She is the WBC International Middleweight Champion and is currently ranked #4 in the USA and #8 in the World middleweight rankings. Maricela is also an accomplished TV actress, spokesmodel, and movie actress as well as a world class professional athlete.

Other TVS First Look Original Programs being produced include Transistor TV, Knock Em Sock Em Rock Em, Lift This! Pulling For Glory, Lucha Loco, Basquet Cases, Wild Wheels, TeleSports, Bowlarama, Distant Replay, Hot Pockets, Boomin Reunion, Senior Prom, and One Club Golf.

TVS Television Network was founded in 1960 and is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA.