This well-crafted collection of nine short stories will grab your attention, hold it, and leave you wanting more. Covering a wide range of topics from lottery tickets, to organized crime, to the supernatural. Yet there is a common thread between them. You might see the impact and importance of free will and choice in our imperfect world.

Stories can teach us a lot about our beliefs, moral compass, fears, and feelings. The more we reflect on stories, the more we discover about ourselves. How we feel about a characters behavior often reflects our own state of mind, opinions, and biases.

Short Stories for Thinkers provokes a lot of questions and will get you thinking. It conjures images of relatable characters, scenes, emotions, and the dilemmas they confront. Embedded within each story are esoteric messages that ask you to dig deeper into the storyline, use your investigative skills for clues, and stretch your imagination.

These short stories make you think about life’s intricacies and complexities.

Book Information:
Hope Verdad Presents: Short Stories for Thinkers
By Francesca Flood, Ed.D.
Publisher: Hope Verdad, LLC
Published: March 2, 2023
ISBN: 9798385558193
Genres: Short Stories, Anthologies, Philosophical Fiction, Suspense

About the Author:
Francesca Flood was born in Brooklyn, New York. Forged through a blazing fire of life experiences, her key strengths include tenacity, resiliency, compassion and a wickedly good creative streak. From business advisor to spiritual counselor to justice advocate, she has a voracious curiosity and a really good sense of humor.

Dr. Flood has been published in multiple peer-review journals, has served as editor/author in a compendium on entrepreneurship with Springer-Meteor, and editor/author for the American Bar Association’s book on suicide.

Her company, Hope Verdad, which means Hope for Truth serves as a strategic advisor for new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Francesca holds a Masters in Pastoral Theology and a Doctor of Education. She is a researcher, speaker, life coach, and activist who hopes to change reality one person at a time.

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Hope Verdad Presents: Short Stories for out now, and available on Amazon in print and kindle unlimited.