Springtime In The Sierra movie cover

Springtime In The Sierra movie cover

MEDFORD, Ore.April 2, 2023PRLog — Spring is in the air – but you wouldn’t know it by looking outside.  For many parts of the country, we are still in many feet of snow.  There are two parts of the country who are suffering with large amounts of snow, the Sierras and the Rockies.  The Sierra’s snowpack grows even deeper.  Combined with the series of winter storms have given the state an above-average snowpack.  Like many parts of the country, it will be late spring before the snowplows can fight through 20-foot snow drifts. Springtime in the Rockies lasts four months. That’s because altitude plays such an important role when plants and wildflowers come out.

Well Roy Rogers and Gene Autry fans, here are two Western movies with Springtime in the title showcasing the colors, songs and stars. Can’t get out to see the colors?  Movies entertain while waiting for the snow to melt:

SPRINGTIME IN THE SIERRAS (1947, IN COLOR & UNCUT) Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee, Stephanie Bachelor, Roy Barcroft, Andy Devine, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. After years of waiting, another uncut, color Rogers film finally surfaces. A gang, headed by a ruthless but beautiful female killer, is slaughtering game out of season. Roy, of course, finds out and sets out to land her and her gang in the slammer. Watch for the big fight scene between Rogers and Barcroft in a big freezer. Bachelor is terrific as a beautiful, sweet-smiling, ruthless killer in this fine Republic western. Unusual to see Devine actually shooting bad guys. An absolute must. Color, 16mm.  https://www.sinistercinema.com/product.asp?specific=35140

SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES (1937, Republic) Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Polly Rowles, George Chesebro. From a gorgeous 16mm original print! Gene is the foreman of a ranch with a new owner—a woman! She decides to bring sheep onto the ranch, much to the chagrin of the local cattle ranchers. Gene tries to make peace before things get out of hand. Gene’s early Republic’s are all pretty good films and this one is no exception.

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