Featuring a patented wood wick and natural ingredients, Aleydin’s Purest offers optimal clean burning candles that are revolutionizing home fragrance

Aleydin’s Purest has launched a clean burning candle collection that solves a common problem posed by traditional candles. Harmful VOCs and other chemicals associated with usual candles are eliminated by the candle technology found at Aleydin’s Purest.

The team at Aleydin’s Purest spent years developing a completely clean burning candle. The finished product includes a special formulation consisting of premium ingredients such as organic coconut oil and organic carnauba wax. The scents are derived from pure essential oils and pure CO2 extracts. These oils are harvested from organic and wildcrafted plant material. Sourcing from wildcrafted plants mean obtaining oils from uncultivated lands which allow Aleydin’s Purest access to some of the purest, rarest and most exotics oils. Even the wick for each candle is specially crafted from organic hemp wood. The patented wicks are technologically designed for clean and complete burns each and every time.

Each Aleydin’s Purest candle is poured into a handcrafted cement vessel with a magnetic wood lid that contains a charcoal filter, allowing the candle to be seamlessly extinguished without compromising candle freshness.

“We are thrilled to introduce a unique sensory experience,” said Aleydin’s Purest founder and CEO, Inolie Ponce. “Instead of combining an array of pre-assembled products that are packaged for sale, everything we produce starts from an ingredient level. Our candles are made from organic coconut oil and organic carnauba wax in their rawest and purest form. They are blended with only essential oils and CO2 extracts that are exclusively 100% pure and unadulterated. We believe that our candles provide a rare and unparalleled experience for candle lovers, and we are excited to share them with the world.”

Take for instance the Aleydin’s Purest luxury premium scent line, which features some of the world’s most precious oils in candles. These oils are difficult to source because of their high price and low quantities, but Aleydin’s Purest formulates pure, clean candles at prices that can’t be beat and cuts the cost of a middleman along the way.

“We are proud of what we have achieved with our new products and what our brand stands for,” said Ponce. “Our goal has always been to provide a safe space for people to purchase products that are clean and free of toxins. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the candle industry, and we look forward to sharing our innovations with the world.”

Find more details on these modern, clean burning candles by visiting https://www.aleydinspurest.com/.

About Aleydin’s Purest

Aleydin’s Purest offers fresh, natural candles using organic coconut oil, organic carnauba wax, organic/wildcrafted essential oils and CO2 extracts, and patented organic hemp wood wicks for optimal clean burns.