Texas R&B and soul artist Johnny the Hobby Artist, owner of JRS3 Music LLC, has announced that his fresh new single “Coffee” will be dropping on major streaming platforms today, March 17, 2023.

Johnny experienced a brief hiatus and came back to the studio to create a masterpiece track. “Coffee” is upbeat and lively, steaming up coffee shop vibes with a unique artistic view on coffee. According to Johnny, the beauty of “Coffee” is that everyone can enjoy it. Just like the energizing beverage, “Coffee” has a flavor for everyone.

With lyrics such as “you gotta have this coffee”, the new single is a brilliant melody that listeners will want to hear again and again. The song blends together Johnny’s innate style of soul, hip-hop, and funk. After listeners hear the song, they’ll be wondering if “Coffee” is about something different than the name of the track.

In fact, the goal of Johnny’s music is always to invoke reflection and to inspire listeners to consider major life themes from a brand new perspective. “Coffee” certainly does not disappoint.

“Coffee” was produced by Johnny the Hobby Artist and mixed/mastered by Beau Vallis. The new single will debut on all major streaming platforms on March 17, 2023. See the video when it goes live at https://www.youtube.com/@JRS3SF.  Stay up to date by visiting https://jrs3musicfashion.com/.

About JRS3 Music LLC

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