Today, Wink is thrilled to announce the launch of a low cost always-on brand awareness tracking platform designed to help companies measure brand performance for a fraction of the price of traditional market research.

Wink is a powerful consumer insights platform that allows businesses of all sizes to track and analyze their brand awareness across multiple categories and competitors. With Wink, companies can monitor their brand’s health and performance, track customer sentiment, and identify opportunities to improve their brand strategy.

“Measuring brand awareness has always been a challenge for medium sized businesses, who have limited budgets compared to enterprise businesses,” said Mike Metelerkamp, CEO of Wink. “That’s why we created Wink – to provide businesses with an affordable, always-on solution that simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing their brand performance for a 10th of the price.”

Key features of Wink include:

Brand health dashboard: A real-time dashboard that provides a quick overview of a brand’s health and performance against category and competitor benchmarks.

Funnel analysis: Companies can view performance from awareness to preference to usage and use the data to improve metrics over time.

Competitor analysis: Wink enables businesses to track competitors’ brand performance and benchmark against industry standards.

Actionable insights: Wink provides businesses with actionable insights and recommendations to improve brand performance.

Easy setup: Companies just need to submit a brand profile and Wink starts collecting survey data, which updates the customer dashboards each month.

Low cost: Traditional enterprise tracking studies can cost over $150,000 per year, which is why Wink can offer similar services for 10x less.

“We believe that Wink will be a game-changer for businesses looking for an affordable way to improve their brand performance,” said Mike Metelerkamp. “By providing low cost insights and actionable insights for a fraction of the price of traditional research agencies, Wink empowers businesses to take control of their brand and stay ahead of the competition.”

Wink is available now for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about Wink and start tracking brand performance, visit the website at today.

Mike Metelerkamp
CEO, Wink
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Director of Marketing

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