Multi-talented author Jennifer Recio Lebedev shares her insightful reflections on building and sustaining a YouTube following.

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” I found it hard to put down. A book I would advise to all content creators online and offline and all those who use creativity in their job.

Jennifer Recio Lebedevs book Being a YouTuber: One Creators Bumpy Road to 1M Subscribers will be exhibited by ReadersMagnet, a self-publishing and book-marketing company, at The London Book Fair 2023. The event will take place April 18-20, 2023, at Olympia London, also known as the Olympia Exhibition Centre, in London, UK.

Being a YouTuber: One Creators Bumpy Road to 1M Subscribers shares the authors fifteen-year journey to achieving the one-million milestone. This book compiles the creators honest thoughts about setting personal and professional goals in life.

Jennifer challenges the idea that ones online presence and success must be measured in numbers through metrics such as likes, views, watch time, subscribers, and revenue. Instead, she invites her readers to see the positive impact of YouTube on peoples lives by sharing how it changed her life completely. She has gained work without showing a resume; she has also met and collaborated with colleagues, learned new skills, and became a better version of herself.

The platform that YouTube gives to its users is undeniably impressive. Ordinary people can post their videos and become experts in the eyes of the viewers. Talents are shared, and careers are launched. Although it offers a promising opportunity, YouTube also has its potentially darker side. Creators can become overly focused on gaining subscribers, views, likes, and channel members. The demands from ones following can create additional pressure. Is the investment worth it? The book Being a YouTuber will make readers realize all that glitters isnt goldand yet the upside of the online world is that everyone one of us can be both a teacher and a learner. Jennifers message is clear: life is one big classroom, and each of us is capable of inspiring and being inspired

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Being a YouTuber: One Creators Bumpy Road to 1M Subscribers
Author | Jennifer Recio Lebedev
Published Date | November 14, 2022
Publisher | Self-Published
Genre | Non-Fiction

Author Bio

Jennifer Recio Lebedev is an English language teacher with over twenty-five years of experience. Her YouTube channel, English with Jennifer, has over 1 million subscribers and 90 million views to date. She is also an award-winning blogger, a frequent conference presenter, and a published author. Her goal is to help learners communicate confidently and effectively in English.